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Judith Owen, wow!! Nicole’s musical guests are all fantastic, and Judith Owen brought laughter and tears to my eyes. In these crazy times, Nicole helps us through. I hope Nicole gets some small bit of help from us in return!
Loved your interview with Lawrence ODonnell. I also agreed with you regarding the bias on MSNBC against Bernie generally. However, I believe that Chris Hayes is a Bernie supporter. Not sure about anyone else. Rachel rarely had Bernie on her show while Amy Klobuchar was on constantly and Elizabeth Warren so it seems like she wanted a woman President. Amy and Elizabeth are very different, though, with very different policies. I watch it and take what I like and leave the rest. It is full of Never Trumpers especially during the day. That’s where I hear the ridicule of Bernie. Unfortunately, many voters have been influenced by the MSM push toward Joe Biden. I fear this will be a repeat of 2016. I don’t see Joe being able to debate a bully like Trump in a way that is helpful to the Party. I feel like we have to get rid of Trump, for sure, but if we again settle for the candidate that the establishment has chosen, once again, how will that change the process going forward? The establishment will keep doing this and we will be forced, again, to vote the establishment candidate. We have lost our power of the vote. That will leave voters disillusioned and Trump will probably win anyway. I’m sick of this! Thanks again for that great interview.
I’ve learned so much from Nicole during the last 15 years. I’m grateful for all of her hard work and dedication to progressive radio and our shared values. I love hearing her voice everyday.
This is one of the first podcasts I listen to each day. Nicole isn't afraid to take on people who spout bovine excrement. She also makes me laugh! Love her!
.... but I am not entertained by a depressed person who is always breaking down in tears. Of course I feel bad for Nicole and I wish her the best, but I can’t listen to the crying and perpetual sadness from her when I’m just trying to get through the day myself.
I enjoy this show most every episode. Straight talking gal, well informed (trained by Randi Woods for all intent and purposes). striaght on opinion and no punches pulled. Explicit or not, one of the best progressive shows around!!
Typical Democratic Party apologist perpetuating the false "left vs. right" paradigm. We need real progressives, not defenders of the status quo and Democratic Party talking point stenographers. Garbage.
Nicole Sandler speaks truth to power. She has the most wonderful knowledgable guests each day. Life in this oligarchy we call America is made only made possible for me when I listen to Nicole!!!!!
I’ve been listening to Nicole Sandler for years, since her days filling in for Randi Rhodes. She covers the latest news and topics from a progressive perspective. Very entertaining and hones! Thank you, Nicole for what you do!
Nicole Sandler is a consummate professional radio personality who is devoting her energies to educating us and keeping us informed and I so appreciate her efforts. She always has great interviews- how she coordinates all these is a wonder- to reinforce the message. It probably goes without saying many of us miss Randi Rhodes tremendously (and her humor when things look very dark) and Nicole, to me, is part of her- and our- extended family.
Nicole Sandler has a great voice for justice and intelligence. And I love her taste in music … OK, Randy Newman not so much :-) More Jackson Browne! She is outraged at injustice and isn’t afraid to let you know! For a West Coast resident, her live show is a little too early for me so I love to have her podcast! Radio Or Not!
Nicole is always passionate to say the least. Her show is filled with interesting interviews, mini updates like the Green News Report and Media Matters Minutes, and of course the ever outspoken Nicole Sandler. We are lucky to have her speaking loud and proud for the progressives out here who feel ignored and cast aside. Don’t ever stop Nicole. We need you!
Nicole Sandler is one of the best progressive voice on the radio today. She's a straight shooter doesn't hold back says it like it is. She's smart funny quite informative and gives all the inside information. I listen to her podcast every day and think she's amazing.
Loyal podcast listener for a few don't walk and check her out. Nicole is just REAL and down-to-earth and tells it like it is. You will learn something everytime you listen. Highly highly recommended.
Nicole Sandler is the real deal, smart, edgy, compassionate and she takes no prisoners. These days a liberal talk show host is akin to an albino rhino in that they're rarer to find. Nicole has the courage to say what she feels and she walks her talk. A must listen to for any liberal who cares about the world we live in today. Go on girl, you rock!!
My new favorite. Thx Randy for introducing us!
a great show thats always there and what i'm craving to hear when i listen. i've never left disappointed. i discovered 'radio or not' about a year ago now? i can't exactly remember when? it's one of those podcasts that seems that its always been there, kind of like my political base if that makes sense
I listen to Nicole almost every day. She's informed, funny and not afraid to talk about the corporatists, banksters or even criticize the Obama administration when they're wrong. Since she's on the web she can even cuss and she does! I think she's great!
Nicole Sandler has helped fill the tremendous hole left in Straight-Talk Progressive Radio, after Randi Rhodes' retirement. SO GLAD To have her show, and the easiest way to keep it going, is to SHARE/SUPPORT it! (Just the click of a button, people)
TNSS is fantastic. Nicole does a great job informing on issues the Main Stream media hasn't picked up yet. I have been listening to this show for almost a year now and I'm always ahead (and more informed) on the issues that effect the future of this country. Without a producer on set... Nicole's ability to multi-task is impressive. @catchthegerm
I never thought I would quote Tina Turner, but " You're simply the best, better than all the rest!"
I first heard Nicole Sandler when she was filling in for Thom Hartmann and have been listening ever since. If you like Thom, you'll her, she is one of the best progressive voices I've heard so far. I appreciated her sacrifice to stays true to herself and her belief, she is very knowledgeable, well informed and talented. She doesn't beat around the bush or try to fake it, I was very impressed and I see big things in her future. I will donate when I am able, because her voice should and needs to heard all around the country. My only concern is that there are so many old shows in her iTunes list, and I had to scroll down so Far on my IPad I almost didn't fine the place to write this review. Keep up the excellent work.
Formerly of numerous, now defunkt, radio stations; with experience in both Talk Radio AND, some of the BEST Musical interviews; Nicole Sandler, most recently of Air America, produces her own professional show with a flair unique to her, and a style her competitors will never match. She informs, educates, and entertains her listeners each night, live, on her own video feed as well as audio carried by TalkRadioOne. The ONLY way we will straighten this Country out is with the FACTS, the Truth; something Nicole does each evening along with her MANY noted guests. Tune In, Learn, and Enjoy a personal experience with one of Progressives Best!!
An enoyable little podcast that's worth a listen, especially if you're interested in music interviews. The interviews took place mainly in the 1990's, and mostly involve classic rock artists and performers that were just hitting it big at that time. Brings back a lot of fond memories for me - keep it up, Nicole!