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I miss this podcast and Ricky. I couldn't wait for the next episode to come out. When it did I would be so happy and my week would be so much better. I'm still subscribed to the show. Even now that episodes don't come out I always check back every month to see if maybe the new episode didn't download. Please come back Ricky. I hope your doing well.
Ricky, By now you have to know that your podcasts are missed. We appreciate the work of those who continue to populate the website and Facebook…but it just isn’t the same. If it is your intention to cease all podcasts, please let us know so we can remove it from our devices which are endlessly checking for a new show. Thanks!
I have listened to this podcast for almost 10 years. I found it in 2006 after moving away from Florida and it really helped fill a void caused by homesickness. I always enjoyed listening to Ricky, and looked forward to hearing his reviews on events or whatever was new. I understand that people outgrown things, things change, but I just can't understand why he felt the need to disappear off the face of the earth to people who had followed him for so long. Stopped using his Facebook (got a new one) and just dropped the show like yesterday's news, turned the website into a walking advertisement for Zulily and Hot topic, turning it over to others to run. If he was done, I'm sure he could have found a way to tell us that in a last show with an official goodbye, see ya real soon, I would have understood that. But I honestly feel so disrespected after almost a decade of loyalty.
Back on October 22, 2015, I wrote: "At this point I think I’m only continuing to listen because I followed it for so long and it was once the best Disney podcast and, well, sentimentality and longing for what used to be still rule. If the current episodes had been my introduction to the podcast I would have dropped my subscription after two or three episodes. I am hanging on only in hope that the podcast might return to the level of excellence it once had. The newscasts and segments by and featuring Ricky and which are of high audio quality are great and I love to listen to them, but the “live interviews” which are now the bulk of most shows have HORRIBLE audio quality and often lack interesting content. I find myself fast-forwarding through 95% of most shows these days. I really don’t care about the life stories of old farts (interviewees) just because they were remotely connected with Disney or some obscure Marvel comic sometime in the last 50 years. I miss the current segments about the current magic, complete with excellent audio quality and appropriate background music that were standard when ITM was in its heyday. Ricki, I appreciate everything you’ve done over the years, and your show was once the best out there. But I do also respect that all good things must come to an end; life gets busy and sometimes we must move on. Frankly, I think maybe it’s time for you to move on and end this podcast before it deteriorates any further. I will miss you just like I miss one of my other favorite podcasts (All About The Mouse) - but that one went out while it was still on top and perhaps ITM would have been better to do so as well.” Well here it is several months later and only one episode - Nov. 18 - and nowhere near the quality of the weekly shows at that. Not even a mention of the Halloween season - which usually used to be among Ricky’s best work of the year. Alas, it is with a heavy heart that I have concluded it’s no longer worth my time to attempt to follow this ever-decreasing-in-frequency-and-quality production. It was a great run while it lasted, but like I implied before, this podcast should just have gone out while it was still on top. What a shame. I, too, am unsubscribing from both this and the NEVER-updated Outside the Magic - as of today. For listeners of this show who pine for something of comparable quality to what Inside the Magic used to be (just in case there is anyone out there who is not already aware of what has always been the KING of the Disney podcasts), I would recommend the WDW Radio Show with Lou Mongello.
I have been a long time listener to Inside the Magic podcast. This use to be a great and informative podcast that I always enjoyed. But, over the past few years, the weekly podcast turned out to be once a month gig. Even when the show celebrated its 500th episode, it seemed to be tiresome for the shows host to produce. Now, it's been since last November when the last show was on. After this review, I will be officially un subscribing the podcast for good.
Really missed Ricky during his well-deserved break but great to have him back.
So sad, ITM used to be a great podcast, however RB is no longer dedicated to this podcast. I have been a loyal listener for years. The owner no longer is willing to put in the time to make this great. He has several other projects going on that take up his time. So sad to see what ITM has become.
Once the pinnacle of Disney related podcasts, the podcast is apparently no more after dying a long and drawn out death.
Inside the Magic is without a doubt THE BEST Disney podcast out there. It’s in a different league than others. Ricky is a wonderful speaker, knowledgeable, and has amazing content. So come back, Ricky!!! Your fans are tired of listening to substandard podcasts and pixie dusters!!!
Inside the Magic was around for years and years, and nearly every episode was high-quality. It’s a dead podcast now, but if you’re looking for a Disney podcast and you haven’t heard this one yet, you should still download the past episodes and check ‘em out; they’re great.
I love this show, and can't find a show good enough to replace it. Gone again with no explanation. I really miss this show. Feels like there is a whole in my days without it. Hope all is well Rickey, really hope the show can come back soon.
I am a Disney College Program Alumni and have been missing my life in Florida more than anything. This podcast helps bring the magic back into my life until I can move back down there for good. This is the best Disney podcast that I have come across and because of this, I have recently started listening to the podcast from the beginning. Keep up the good work, Ricky. We appreciate it more than you know.
What happened to the show? Came back after a break in January 2015...but now has disappeared for a month. Host mentioned show would be coming out at slower intervals if there wasn't much news, but surely there is enough news in the last month. Wouldn't have minded if there had been an explanation.
So glad you are back, such a great podcast. thank you!
Ricky Brigante is super-focused on news for Disney, Disney Parks in the U.S., Universal news, and Orlando-related info. It’s a fantastically entertaining show for all ages. He will sometimes have parks audio or interviews that are so fun you want to listen to them again! Great show Ricky!
I wait each Sunday Night when my iPhone receives the latest podcast from ITM. ITM is one of the most professional and entertaining Podcasts out there. Give it a try if you love Disney, you will not regret any minute of it.
This has got to be the most professional disney podcast out here! Keep it up Ricky!!


By Heff854
I like the show. He does a good job covering news and gets some of the stories that tend to slip through the cracks. His feature sections are usually solid and he covers a lot of restaurant and attraction openings. He also isn’t afraid to go into “darker” entertainment offerings, which apparently ticks some people off. I think his opinions are generally balanced and he isn’t overly critical but he certainly isn’t a pixieduster like Mongello.
Ricky is very enjoyable to listen to. I love the music he plays in the background and I love his voice and all the information from aroun the world. It got annoying hearing about Harry potter world non stop for a week or two but that's just me I'm not annoyed of him but I can't watch Harry potter even though I'm 18 so it's like listening to people brag I guess. But anyway great podcast I'd like to hear more about Disney history. That's my only request.
I saw someone advertise this podcast Ina review of another one (which seemed kind of tacky) but I decided to check it out. Fairly boring and a one person podcast just isn't very dynamic.
Great Disney Podcast, keep up the good work Ricky!
This podcast has gradually veered away from Disney and more towards other parks and Ricky's personal interests (Halloween anything). Not so interested anymore
This podcast is so well done. This podcast has so much Disney and Disney related information. He even covers a few other items to help with your trip. This podcast is a must to keep informed about Walt Disney World and other Disney items.
Loved the show for about a year and a half. Learned a lot from Ricky, however lately he has be come very one-sided on a negative way toward Disney events. Last time I fully listened was around Halloween and most his podcast consisted of how Awesome USO Halloween was and Disney should do better. I understand Disney isn't perfect, but come on. You don't have to dog them all the time. He comes off arrogant and not much of a friendly person.
So, this podcast is slightly lower than middle of the road. The news is by no means exclusive… in fact, most of the news covered is almost stale by the time it comes to the podcast. I think the primary purpose of this podcast is for the host to hear himself. He’s more than a bit arrogant and self-inflated, and also a bit annoying. I used to think it was better than listening to nothing… I don’t believe that anymore.
Ricky does a great job on keeping all us Disney fans up to date with some great information. Plus, he does a good job as solo-host - kudos!
Well produced and organized. Reliable and fun. Interesting and informative. Thank you.
Ricky really does his homework to present the best Disney information he can. He's become very professional but maintains his sense of fun!
It took me awhile to get into it, but now I look forward to Inside the Magic every week. In fact, it has now become the only WDW podcast I listen to on a weekly basis. Ricky is a fine and fun host and I enjoy his own commentary and reviews mixed with the news and Listener Feedback. Loses a star from me just due to me not having much interest in the heavy non-Disney Halloween event coverage in August/Sept/Oct, but that's just my own preference. Keep up the good work!


By Man18
Great show with extensive coverage of Orlando theme parks. Great pod cast!
This is enjoyable to listen to.
I have listened to this podcast for years, it is one of my favorite to keep up with Disney news.
Good information but the quality of the audio varies and is sometimes crackly.
The info is great and Ricky's voice is nice to listen to, but the delivery is lacking. On the dry side and I find myself getting disinterested about half way through. And I agree about the three hour "ear" in review. Way too long. Anything over 60 minutes needs to be really interesting or you are going to lose me.
i may not have much time to listen to every episode. The shows I do listen to I find are very entertaining and informative. Ricky, you are an amazing, outstanding host. Thank you.
I've been listening to ITM for 5 years and I'm done. While the news segment has been ok, nearly every show now has a blurb of some kind about Halloween events. I understand that's Ricky's favorite holiday but I don't want to hear about it in February, March, April, June, July etc. Now with the 3 hour mid-"ear in review" it's too much. If I'm listening every week, why do we need a massive recap? It is a well produced show and still contains some interesting content but there's too much filler material in his attempt to make the show and hour+


By tarihc
Always a great weekly listen for Disney theme park fans.
Every since I was a child, I have been an avid visitor to Disneyworld and Disneyland. Listening to this podcast keeps me up to date with all the exciting new attractions and events at the parks. I really enjoy that all the Disney parks are included in the podcast, along with surrounding theme parks in Orlando. Good stuff!
This is one of my favorite things to listen to on Sunday, very informative on the parks and also other things like movies toys and so on..... Great podcast download it! And listen
I never miss an episode and I'm slowly working my way to the first one!! Much better then the others available.
This podcast is great! I listen to other Disney Podcast, but I always look forward to this podcast. Love the fact that Ricky gives us update & if he accidentally provides us with a mistaken news, he'll provide the corrected news as no to be misconstrued, especially when I like to relay the news to my friends. Keep up the great work, Ricky!
Inside the Magic is a very well produced show. If you are looking for Disney and other theme park new, Ricky Brigante is your man.
This is a pretty good show on all things Disney. Ricky has a good voice and is informational without being dull. Its a great listen to past the time. Keep up the good work.
Listened to the show for about a year. Unless you are really in to the super-fine details of disney movies, etc. you will quickly get bored. I agree with the other reviewer that the email segment is very weak with no research before answering...there are a lot of "I don't knows". I listen to the disney park news and then switch to other podcasts.
Great show every week! It's nice to hear a Florida-centered show give California some love as well.
I have listened to Ricky's Podcast since mid 2006 and have not missed an episode I enjoy listening to it and I never stopped enjoying it at all. As time the podcast has been consistent in format. Ricky is not a fanboy and there are things he does not enjoy such as Stitch and he does not mince words if there is something he does not like in an attraction, show or movie. There is rarely anything wrong with the show. If you do not listen to it, please do yourself the favor and do it.
Like the website better than the podcast. Well produced. Enjoy the weekly review of Disney news. Email segments are the weakest part. Ricky doesn't research answers well enough and at times and the attempts to answer are less than informative.
the best disney related podcast, period.
I can always count on Ricky to brief me on some of the press releases from the Disney Corporation. I am going to be fair and say that recently he has given his opinion on objective observations from his theme park news. I personally don't mind his voice, I am glad to hear voice diversity in podcasts that is what its all about. You have your voice and a show and nobody can take it away from you.