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I started listening to Tekdiff in summer 2007 or 2008, and it went strong for a long time- a true cult classic of podcasts if there ever was one- taken as a whole, perhaps the Rocky Horror of the medium. Cayenne is a one-man powerhouse of comedy, drama, production, and sound design. Whenever we get him back it won’t be soon enough. Listen to his comedy if you like levity and absurdism, but if you want a narrative treat, listen to “The Account” from episode one. There has never been anything nearly as good in the medium before or since. Cayenne is the king of this medium.
Possibly the best comedy podcast of all time. Certainly light years ahead of all those thousands of shows where comedian interviews other comedians and they laugh like insane people at each other’s private jokes and we’re told that this is some kind of brilliant “avant garde” look at how “the comedy mind” works... “Tekdiff” is a show filled with sketches, stories, spoofs, and goofs, and it’s been going strong for fifteen frickin’ years straight - gradually becoming a cult classic built solely on the strength of its CONTENT. The episodes from 2005 are just as much fun to listen to now as they were then, and that’s thanks to the show’s creator - “Cayenne” Chris Conroy - for being incredibly talented, incredibly imaginative, and incredibly funny.
PLEASE DO NOT READ ON THE PODCAST!!! One of my favorite shows!!! Extensive backlog that is worth listening to over and over.
I’m glad I’m getting a daily dose of awesomeness. Can’t wait for the Account to come back. It’s the best podcast show in history
Hilarious, heartfelt, personal and silly. Bite sized but always leaves you satisfied.
Tekdiff for the longest time had been the only podcast I would look forward to listening to. For years I'd wait patiently for Cayenne to put out a new show, and then... nothing. He disappeared! Podfaded, quit, gave up, he's gone! It's a shame too. I really miss this show...
And fantastic
This is fun and inventive. Chris has a great sense of the political and insight into our society. Oh and he is also silly and funny.
Cayenne Chris Conroy is brilliant. I know many throw that word around a lot, but I mean he shines with the best of those who create comedic shows. I rate him along side Hudson and Landry, Lord Richard Buckley, and, of course, the great Firesign Theatre. It is astonishing to realize that he not only scripts, creates, and edits the shows, he voices all of the characters. Except this one time where he had his wife on and it was cool and stuff.... He also lets you behind the scenes a bit with some personal insights into his life. Since these are usually at the end of the program, the can easily be skipped if they don't interest the listener. His series, The Account, is easily one of the best stories on the interwebs today. And, as I mentioned earlier, it's all him. Like I said, brilliant. The only quibble I have is the occasionally long stretches between shows. But if you listen to the personal comments at the end of the show, you'd understand... so cut him some slack! It's ALWAYS worth the wait! Subscribe and enjoy. It's Brilliant... Didn't I just say that?
I’m in the middle of the first cast and this is GREAT! For his first cast I can’t image that it gets any better than this.
I love it, listening to old and new episodes… IT ROCKS! (just don't listen to it around small children) <3
Yup, brilliant!
Always lots of fun. Love the comedy and the audio stories both.
I love the latest story of a story. Tell me another....
This is one of the true gems of the Internet! Both hilarious sketch comedy and wonderful sci-fi stories.
Tekdiff was one of the first podcasts I listened to, starting in 2006. Now, it's one of the few I'll still listen to, almost 7 years later! Cayenne Chris Conroy is great, whatever the story he's telling.
I've been listening to Teknikal Diffikulties for a couple of years now. And yes, it did take a while to catch up, but it was very enjoyable. I rate Cayenne on the same level as Seth McFarland with his ability to create wonderful characters and exciting stories. This podcast also holds up very well to some of the programs from the golden age of radio. Whether you are looking for comedy or adventure, there is something here for you. Cayenne is one of those people I would like to be able to meet sometime, just to personaly thank him for sharing a part of himself. Listen and subscribe and you too, will become a fan.
This is the greatest sketch comedy since the SCTV canadian show nad the better parts of 1980's Satuday Night Live. And of course a comparison to Monty Python is in its favor too. If you liked any of these then you need to download this episode. I advise to start at the begining then keep going forward. Not becuse its necessary but becaues you'll have more to listen to that way. Plus you'll get to see new characters and their story develop and grow. It was great.
Cayenne puts out a show that is a delight to fans of sketch comedy, old time radio, audio drama, and weirdly wonderful writing and acting. Please give him a listen-- be ready to become a fan!
Cayenne Chris Conroy is a genius. Whether he's doing on-the-fly comedy or surprisingly intricate science-fantasy drama, you should listen to him and be entertained and fascinated.
It's rare to find a really funny sketch comedy podcast, and even rarer to find a professional grade audio drama podcast. Tekdiff combines both in one handy package. The comedy is frequently hysterical, and the drama is exciting and chilling, and unlike almost anything being produced. Listen to it all.
The comedy side of this podcast is hilarious. The Account is really, really well written, well acted, and well... sound affected? At times, it creeps me out so much I'm almost afraid to be in a room alone. So good!
I stumbled on this podcast about a year ago while looking for something a bit different. If you like Python and/or just off the wall out there comedy…. THIS is one you've been looking for. It's of the most original comedy podcasts out there. Reminds me a bit of the old SNL back in the good days. He does all the voices himself, most of it is non scripted with just a bit of notes to go by… and its always good. If I could give this a higher rating I would. If you haven't listened to this before, please start at the beginning. He keeps every podcast, so you won't have to worry about starting this in the middle and not knowing where it's going. Some of the stories go for a few episodes, some characters have been around since the beginning. Once you give him a listen, you'll be wanting more and more. in between his normal comedy he does a fantasy drama called "The Account" this is a series of short stories also written by him. These stories are very VERY entertaining. This podcast will not disappoint. Please give him a listen.
Not only does he do fantastic voice work, but his stories, especially The Account, are first rate.
CCC is great. His shows are audio drama of the highest quality, matching anything produced by the great ZBS Productions--and he does it all himself. I like his new fantasy series as much as his comedy, and even like listening to him babble about what's going on in his life at the end of the episodes. Oh yeah--we're not related, although I'd certainly claim it if we were.
The comedy is always great and I am always looking for new installments of the Account.
I'm still a year behind but this series just continually improves. It is up there with Bell's Batfry and Decoder Ring. Give it a try.
This podcast is no flash in the pan. I've been listening to Tekdiff for years and have always enjoyed it. The comdedy is great and the Account stories always leave me on the edge of my seat. I can't recommend this podcast enough.
Sort of a bi-polar podcast. Sometimes funny and wacky, sometimes dramatic, but always entertaining. He is a true storyteller! Overall it's a comedy podcast, but has an episodic storyline called The Account mixed in. It's always has me completely enthralled. The story is strong, characters are believable, snarky and silly. I strongly recommend finding the first episode of The Account and starting from there, not just from the current storyline. It's both funny and dark and totally riveting. Then there's the wacky comedy part of it, which it's equally enjoyable. Also sometime episodic, or at least has recurring characters, he has me laughing all the time. It hard to believe some can both creep me out in one storyline and have me giggling right afterwards. Would strongly recommend to anyone who loves a good story.
As a listener of 6 years to this podcast I can say with out a doubt I've yet to find a reason stop listening. Always funny, very exciting, and above all else Timeless. As I wait for new episode I can always go back to older installments and laugh just as hard as I did the first time I listened to them. Both the comedy episodes and the integration of the fantasy action drama Account episodes have a great cast of memorable characters all voiced by one man. Cayenne Chris Conroy deserves more recognition for being able to consistently produce and perform such great material since 2005. Its amazing how far this podcast has come and I hope it continues to carry on even further.
Funny, witty, and three shades of AWESOME!!
along with Bells in the Batfry, Dr. Floyd's Adventures, this is a perfect and perfectly funny podcast. There are my top favorite three podcasts, and then the others...
I was just introduced to TekDiff's "The Account" stories this weekend while on a convention road-trip, and the stories kept an overly-packed car full of people entertained for hours upon hours! It's amazing how well he does all the different voices, and the dialogue is so well-written, TekDiff is able to evoke amazing imagery without any need for a narrator which is a REALLY impressive feat! Amazing world-building and production quality, make sure you check out The Account stories, you won't regret it!
If you ever wondered what could be done by one talented individual on GarageBand, this is it. A talented voice actor and a great editor with a wicked sense of humor, Cayenne continues to produce outstanding audio entertainment well beyond the norm. If you're a fan of comedy, audio theater or interested in what the technology is capable of, this is the Gold Standard. Too much? Just listen.
I live half way round the world and I love the account I can't wait for the next epic episode. It will be Uber Ausome!!!! this is an ausome podcast, and you should seriously subscribe, this podcast uses a sort of monty python format of obscrity and just plain funnyness. seriously get it i can't discribe it, but it is well worth the subscription, you don't know what your missing. He is as funny as a pickle in a windstorm (whatever that means)
Tek dif is so awsome i listen to it every night before bed i really like the storys that he records and the account is awsome too also the intro music for the last season was pimpass
Dear readers, allow me to say that if you are a fan of sketch comedies like Monty Python or Fire Sign Thearter... If you enjoy old time Radio programs... If you like to get a peek in to the autobiographical musings of an audio artist... then this is the show for you! Rise up slackers and get your TekDiff on.
This is very funny and clever sketch comedy.
What he puts into this show, he should get paid to do!
This was one of the best comedy podcasts around. Then he got into the "account" series and everything really dropped off. Now it's just a bunch of too loud sound effects filled in with weak techno fantasy attempted humor. too bad. It WAS funny a couple of years ago (go get really early episodes if you want something good)
The most amazing podcast ever. It's like alcohol without the hangover, oil without the heart disease, and well... Everything. This is like god in audio form.
This show kicks a*s! One man? Really? Not even 3 men and a woman doing all 400 voices? Simply amazing! I kiss your feet good sir... the world is a better place with you on this planet. in audio form at least. This man is one of the inspirations for the skits on TheQ Pod which can now be heard on Blended Monkeys and many many others. You are an indy audio god CCC!
So many episodes, the hilarity of it all, and I'm really surprised it's not very popular.. This has some very very good and classic material that makes me laugh so hard, I think more people deserve to know about it! I've spent a year listening to this podcast on and off, following all the episodes, and I absolutey haven't had more entertainment from my iPhone to be honest. The episodes and material in this podcast will make you pee your pants, I say you should give it a shot.. I'm glad I cane across it because it's given me hourrss of entertainment(: 5 Stars no doubt, and more if it was possible!
Take Monty Python, Second City, Firesign Theatre, Bob & Ray, and the Goon show, throw them into a blender, hit "puree".... and you'll have a nasty bloody mess. Ewww. Okay... I didn't mean LITERALLY. I meant FIGURATIVELY. This is fast-paced, stream-of-consciousness, wacky-- oooh, I hate the word "wacky". Strike that. ...satrical, occasionally profane, but always funny...um... stuff. I ran out of impressive words there at the end. Sorry about that. Subscribe today!
Love that series of stories, keep them coming!
I love tekdiff. The overall quality never really dips too far. There is truly ireverant comedy throughout. This Podcast is truly one of a kind. good luck finding anything that comes even close to the true enjoyment that is had by this podcast. If I could give a bajillion stars I would. And the Account is the best audiodrama in the podcastverse
Tekdiff is amazing. Anyone who trys to tell you otherwise is just wrong, and should go die in a deep hole in the desert! I highly reccomend it (in case that wasn't clear :D ) Monkey Cannon! Keep up the good work Cayenne!
Quite possibly the funniest podcast out there. One of the great unintentional hooks about it though is that it doesn't feel like an over-produced studio show from the depths of hollywood. It's more like a really funny home-made pie with great production quality. Cayenne Chris Conroy is a genius, whether he believes it himself or not.