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I could listen to Annie's beautiful voice on any topic.
The topics discussed on the podcast are great, informative and useful. The volume of the podcast, however, is low. If I am cutting fabric, I can listen to the podcast. If I am sitting at my sewing machine - I can't listen to the podcast because the volume is too low.
Annie always gives good advice and is easy to listen to also.
I just listened to the review of Quiltcon. So judgemental, explaining how the older traditional people spend! So thin skinned about modern quilting. I just joined a modern guild spurred on by this podcast. The people are non-judgemental just encourage creativity. I am probably in the pod casters age group but I am open to mixing with all ages. Bernina should re consider her being an ambassador. Perhaps she takes offense since she is really not open. Perhaps this podcast should be retired and then after soul searching start again
Thank you Annie I love your podcast please have your daughter on more often it is a blessing to listen to the two of you.
i'm so glad you're podcasting again annie. i've always enjoyed your podcasts in the past and your latest ones haven't disappointed! your family is growing so fast! i lovd the updates on them. happy quilting.
I'm so happy that you are back podcasting, I have missed your podcast so much while trying to quilt. I love to quilt and learn more each time that I listen. Hugs annie, Thanks so much.
Annie continues to share her interviews and travels. She has reports from retreats, shows, and quilt stores. It is generally all about quilting. And many interviews about the latest quilt books being published.
I am glad to find you are back. I enjoy your podcast and thought you had decided to stop doing these.
Annie does a fantastic job on this podcast. I listen to all of them, most of them several times. The thing to keep in mind is that the podcast is done the same way we quilters talk to one another. I love that the tone is more of a quilty chat then the droning that instructions would require. I am a relatively young quilter at 30 but I have 20 years of experience behind me. I enjoy listening to the information for the seasoned quilters as well as the stuff for those new to the obsession. As a side note, the Ricky Tims interview was so inspiring. I listened to it again yesterday and it always gets me teary eyed.
Love this podcast. The interviews are fantastic! So is Annie's warm way. Thanks!
Annie Smith is the premier quilting podcaster, and after five years, has found a name for herself among one of the best quilting podcasters. She is warm and cheery and able to talk to some of the premiere quilters of the field. I feel so comfortable listening to her podcasts and she has really helped me think about quilting as a lifestyle.
I really love this pod-cast. I have been a follower since about episode 77 and went back and listened to all the pervious ones, too. I really can't wait for the next one to air :) I find them full of information, tips, tricks and I love the interviews, too.
Love your podcasts. The interviews have been great.
If you can stand hearing the phrase "I absolutely LOVE it" over and over and over again, and if you don't mind the updates on the family and the technology issues of podcasting, you might enjoy the quilting information. I keep listening for the interviews, but I could do without much of the rest of it.
I found later episodes of the podcast to have lots of information and definitions and rules.... Basically, the tone of this podcast is not for me. I'm a beginner and am excited about creativity, I don't want a lot of different rules about color. If I was more experienced and looking to enter a contest, I would probably find this more helpful. I'd recommend it to those that own fabric shops or are more serious quilters. Also, the lifestories commented on in other reviews are fine, but it can be hard for a younger audience to relate.