Reviews For Technorama

For those of us who grew up with the tech revolution this is the show for you. Younger listers may not have heard of older tech items discussed but there is always something fun and interesting in every episode. Great show notes so you can look up items you heard on the podcast. 101 :)
i am a new listener and Ep. #245 was the very frist one..... yea........ it really was....... it was very random, and but very funny. i liked it alot. looking forward to hearing more of the same.
A laid back look at tech that includes a ton of fun and hilarity. This is one podcast you will not want to miss.
One of my favorite podcast, always funny and entertaining. They always have interesting news stories and a great seance of humor. Check it out you won't be disappointed.
Chuck and Kregg entertain and inform weekly. A great excuse to geek out over tech , new and old, every week! A Definite Addition to your playlist!
This is one of the highlights of my podcast week
One of the first I listened to, lots of fun and family friendly for the car. Great info, great interviews, features and humor. I haven't missed one in nearly two years.
This is a plain-old fun podcast. You can tell they put a lot of effort into producing the show, but the show itself isn't stiff or overly scripted. This is easily my favorite weekly podcast. This show exemplifies what podcasting is all about: two guys having fun and letting the rest of us in on the action through emails, voicemails and chat.
this is a very funny light hearted look at what geeks are really like.
True to it's word, a lighthearted look at all things geek! Of course being true to its word means it will never get elected to public office, but that is just fine. Should perhaps The Wit and Witicism of Kreg.
I heard the mash-up you did with Victor Cajiao (Typical Mac User Podcast) and you guys are hilarious! Keep up the great work! -Ben (MacMania)
Chuck and Kreg find the weirdest tech and geek news available, and it's always wildly entertaining. I can't get through my week without a healthy dose of Technorama.
There are geeks and there are geeks! These guys are the right side of the 'geek line' making sure that we treat technology with the respect and contempt it deserves. If you pick one technology podcast, this is it. Grab a pint and settle in for a good listen...I laughed till I stopped!
Hump day is just an ordinary day until I get my fix of Technorama's sci-fi and tech humor and news. They truly do cover the news no one else will. Chuck and Kreg are brilliant. R U Listening?
Keeping me appraised of all the techno stuff that falls through the cracks of the other Science Fiction and Technology Podcasts. Chuck and Kreg are the guys I go to when I need to hear the quirky side of quirky. U R Listening?
Expect to crack up while reveling Chuck and Kreg's geeky goodness!
definitely not the podcast to play for your spouse or coworker to convince them that you are using your ipod to keep up with tech things....You can critique them for overlong and repetitive segment intros, overlong and repetitive (same guy) listener feedback, rambling diversions....but these guys can be funny and informative in spite of themselves. It is the ipod equivalent of having a few drinks at a bar filled with IT professionals and sci fi geeks.
Hey Chuck, Why does it have Tech in the name anyway? There's none of the repeated mainstream tech news, no gadget reviews unless they're D-I-Y or really odd or really old, and no silly analyst or media pundit rambling. Oh wait, there is general rambling though.
Riding in the car, for several hours with my best friend...he is a tech geek, I am a history geek. We both understood, and loved, this podcast. Cultural references were seemless, the production very professional and organized, and the jokes were pretty funny. Now, to try the rest of Chuck Tomasi and Kreg Steppe's podcasts....both of these gentlemen are podcast gold
Getting a bi-weekly dose of geekiness from Chuck and Kreg helps get me through the week. Always enjoyable to listen to occasionally participate in!
Technorama? Isn't that the new disco? Laid back guys who like to have fun. They make my ride to work enjoyable, and I get to geek out at the same time!
If you are looking for tech or geeky news but don't want that boring dry delivery, then tune in for Technorama. Chuck Tomasi and Kreg Steppe take you for a ride down the Tech News Highway giving you interesting and useful information while tickeling your funny bone the whole time. But thats not all folks, if you tune in on Sunday and Wednesday evenings to the Chat Room, you will get the best glimpse of how the show goes together and meet some of the friendliest and funniest people in the world. And all this is FREE!! You won't get that from C-Net.
Always one of my favorites.
This is the best introduction to Podcasting that I have ever found. If you have never heard a Podcast, or don't know where to go for your first experience, this must be one of your first stops. The gags and jokes are non-stop, the information is first-rate, and the production values are professional and should be held up as a standard. Chuck and Kreeg...(inside joke...always mis-spell his name!) offer a wide vista of Podcasting Delights...and the links from this site will astound you. Have fun!
Great mix of tech, science and fun. Give it a try!!
Chuck and Kreg remind of the best days of The Screen Savers, back under plain old ZDtv, before the downward tumble. Great production, wonderful segments, with a liberal dose of humor and a clear passion for the topics. They are my favorite way to stay abreast of general technology news.
Fun, Games and humor for the techie in all of us
Relaxed, geeky, funny, informative, just like hanging with a couple of your techie friends. You can tell they are having fun doing this. 101 guys
If you are a geek, or even if you are not, you will love this podcast. Plain fun with technology, science, news, history and great interviews. Chuck and Kreg do a great job and involve their audience each show.
Two likable guys, great information, laid back style....what more can you ask for. One of my weekly must listen to shows. This is a top-notch tech show.