Winecast, a podcast by Tim Elliott

Reviews For Winecast, a podcast by Tim Elliott

The host has an excellent broadcast presence along with vast knowledge of wine. This is well worth the download.
Here's a podcast by a person that you can tell loves what he is doing. It's a well produced podcast loaded with excellent information on wine.
Tim does a fantastic job at wine education. I wish him well.
Tim knows his wine and is very likable. He's got a great personality and is easy to listen to.
Wow, just came across this show about a month ago and it is the most under rated wine podcast available. Tim clearly has a great knowledge and passion for wine. Each show has helped me to broaden my wine limited wine vocabulary. Unlike many in the wine community, Tim recongizes value in wine, whether it is $100 Cabernet or a $10 Shiraz. I would also recommend to take a look at Tim's website. Great content.
This podcast is full of informtaion on wine. I like this, since it is not just about tastings, but tells a lot more on different kinds of wine and varietals.
I am so glad I found this podcast. This is simlply the best podcast that focuses on wine. There are other gimmicky shows available but none can touch Tim's passion for wine. I agree with the other reviewers that his website provides great information as well.
Tim has some great points. This is well worth my time. I look forward to many more shows.
This is one of the better Wine shows. The host, Tim, works to educate and entertain.
Tim knows wine and it really shows. I like his approach. This is one of the best on iTunes.
Tim Elliot is very informative and helpful and I always look forward to his podcasts. If you are a new wine lover or a seasoned taster, this show is great!