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The inconsistency of the questions really bothers me. Some are eye-rollingly easy, while others are incredibly obscure. From today’s episode, for example, what percentage of the audience recognized Veruca Salt’s “Victrola” (a song that has 18,000 views on YouTube) or the Titus Andronicus song? One percent? Less?
We love listening to PodQuiz, it really helps with our in person trivia and we love how weird and out there the questions are sometimes. You can also find all past episodes on the website - this really helps on long road trips!
James is the beans (aka the best)! It’s the only podcast I’ve found that focuses on just trivia and not too much random talking during questions/answers. It also has a nice variety of topics.
If you like your trivia ?s varied but without any “fooling around” then this is the show for you. A series of questions asked then answered after a brief musical interlude. A nice quick trivia fix.
This is an excellent trivia game with good variety over 20 questions each week. A fun, quick game that is entertaining.
20 questions every episode. If you don’t like this show you go around saying idiotic things like “who knows that?” Or “who cares about that?” Nerds, that’s who. Guess who’s taking over by the by
I love this podcast! I’ve it a tradition to listen while on road trips.
Sometimes a little too easy, but he gets to the point. Good show.
I like this podcast and look forward to each episode. Facinating host with good audio quality.
Thank you for a great trivia podcast! Finally a trivia podcast that actually just gives you great trivia! Great questions, great format, so glad we found this. Wish there were more episodes available (I only see 10-12 on ipod / itunes). **Listen up fellow trivia trivia podcasters, shut up & give us trivia questions! No one cares about what you did last weekend, or your opinion about a recent movie.
It is really different, but fun!
My coworker and I love that James jumps straight into the trivia, and doesn’t drag on talking about non-Trivia things for 10-15 minutes beforehand. Fun questions, love the different rounds, always a challenge. :)
Can’t believe James has been killing it all these years! One of my favorite podcasts.
Been listening since episode 14 and don’t see myself stopping. Even got my wife into it.
James Carter has provided a fun break for a few minutes every week foor several years. Bravo!
Excellent production. Always learn something. Always happy when I sweep a category.
When we go on roadtrips, and the night is getting long, and our destination is still miles away, we play our stored up PodQuiz episodes. Each week, this British dude named James, with the sweetest disposition and eclectic taste in music, creates a quiz of 4 rounds, with 5 questions each. The first round is always music, the other three rounds can have any theme. Every 10th episode, he adds a bonus round for listeners to win prizes, like a podquiz badge. We never listen in a timely enough fashion to actually win any prizes, but this podcast certainly sharpens the tired mind while driving.
My wife and son have gotten into trivia with me because of this podcast. Well done!
I love Podquiz. It is so much fun. James does a great job producing the podcast. He has put a lot of work into this show over the years. Some weeks are really hard, but I don't want the quiz or the trivia to be easy every week. The challenge is always fun!
I always learn something new. Fun show and great host! I'm always looking forward to the next episode!
We save this one until we're all together in the car...because everyone loves this quick weekly game. Thank you!!
My family and I LOVE this. We listen every weekend when we drive somewhere. Even my seven year olds love it.
Our group of friends save up episodes and promise to not listen to them so we can splurge on monthly road trips! I know this is not the traditional way to listen to a weekly quiz show but we perform better as s group. Thank you for making this James!
Great trivia, well-presented. I look forward to each episode!
We adore this podcast! James chooses excellent trivia questions, and it makes for great entertainment. We have used them at parties and during road trips, which makes things really fun! Thanks so much James! Keep it up!!
The best trivia podcast I've found by far. I am loving the archives while waiting for the new ones, please keep them coming!
Perfect difficulty level, excellent variety of questions, doesn't drag along. So glad we found it!
I listen on the drive to work, and get there feeling like a complete idiot! But I have a blast doing it! I've actually. Well produced, great trivia. Learn alot! And really do like the challenge! And he responds to you if you e-mail him! By all means...download this podcast
James, my wife and I frequently take road trips of an hour or more, and we're also HUGE trivia fans. Your podcast is amazing, and has led to many, many competitive battles (and much more importantly - fun times). Thank you so much for what you do!
We discovered this podcast on a road trip last week and have plowed through about 20 different podcasts. its always challenging but not so hard that we can't have fun.
Difficult music and sound categories. Addicted.
Perfect road trip distraction. I'm happy that I found this. I'm going to listen even more now. This is great for any trivia lover. Bonus points for the intro music and music mash-up trivia.
Great delivery of quick trivia. I just wish it was recorded daily! Good fun!!
Perfect for road trips and cooking together.
Hands down my fave trivia podcast - interesting content, loveable host, and nice production quality. Keep up the great work!!!
Excellent, informative, entertaining podcast!
I love this podcast. I listen every week , and have been for at least the past six months. My caveat, however, is that since I updated my iPod Touch to OS 5, I haven't been able to download the podcast. No problem on the iPad, but for some reason it just doesn't like my iPod. I know there are other ways to get it, I could get it from his site, or iTunes on my computer, but getting it on my iPod was just more convenient. (I know, I can hear the tiny violins too.) Okay, petty rant over. Anyway, I apologize for the rant. This is a really good podcast, I just wish I could get it the way I normally get all of my podcasts. Keep up the good work, otherwise.
It reminds me of pub trivia night. I like his mellow voice and tone as he asks the questions, and there is a nice musical interlude between asking all of the questions and the answers. Well worth checking out.
James Carter has a great combination of fairly challenging trivia (I've gotten between 9 and 13 right usually) and a new song each week. Very enjoyable to listen to and play along to.
James runs a well-produced and intelligent weekly trivia show. The timbre of his voice offers some added class to the show. I'm stoked at the varying categories each week as well. 20 questions per episode, it moves through quickly without being hurried, and theres always a relevant song as an interlude. Great show, and here's to another 6 years!
Podquiz hits the sweet spot for my wife and me: it's just the right length (around 20 minutes), and just the right difficulty (we usually score 12-17, and in 250 episodes we've never gotten a perfect score, meaning it's never too easy or too hard and we always learn something). The podcast is superbly produced (e.g. smooth transitions, great sound), and the Quizmaster is very creative in coming up with new ideas for question types. He's also really open to feedback and ideas from listeners. Overall, GREAT podcast!
Great questions. Fun music. Personable host. You couldn't ask for a better show.
A great little Triviacast with various catagories and a wide range of music. James does a Great Job!
We came to discover PodQuiz because James, the host, will sometimes do a mini music quiz on the very popular Coverville podcast (which I also highly recommend). We love to take the quiz during our morning commute as we carpool to work (it makes the drive fun!). Unlike most podcast's, this one is interactive as you get to challenge yourself every week to see if you can answer all 20 of Jame's questions. Some episodes we will get all the answers correctly and for others we may only get one or two right. The production value of this show is very high. PodQuiz is a perfect example of what a podcast should be and why podcasts will eventually kill the current radio market. An entertainment revolution is happening as you read this comment. The people are taking back control of what they watch and listen to and PodQuiz is on the front line. Give it a try and you'll be hooked after one or two shows!
PodQuiz is the cream of the crop when it comes to trivia podcasts! Twenty well thought-out questions per week and a helluva professional show! Keep up the great work!
This podcast is great for people who enjoy trivia. Each show has 20 questions with 4 rounds with topics that span lots of different categories. The first round is always music related but the other three can be anything. And between the questions and the answers the host plays a podsafe song. R U Listening?
How do you study for the PodQuiz? I have yet to figure that out. 20 questions, 4 rounds. Guest quizmasters. Guess the musical connection is my favorite. Every 10 episodes there's a prize round for a PodQuiz T-shirt and PodQuiz button. R U Listening?
His international flair, and careful attention to detail make this the Friday Podcast of Choice. It is consistent and challenging. Not too hard ... not too easy. Thanks James!
We listen to it faithfully during lunch on Fridays. We especially appreciate the extra touches, for example, the way the music selections are skilfully edited.