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Reviews For The Secrets Podcast for Writers

This is by far one of, if not, the best podcast for writers around. I really wish Micheal would come back and do new ones. With all that's going on in the book world, we could sure use it.
Hey, if you're a new writer and want to get your learn on, download all of these podcasts and listen and learn. Michael has tons of great info and is really listenable. He's gone on to do another podcast called "Dragon Page", so once your done, get over to those to continue.
Wow! Expert advice from an industry pro and a must-listen for anyone interested in fiction writing. The best podcast on writing I've come across. Podcast quality is top-notch, Stackpole is an excellent speaker, and his advice is invaluable.
This is the BEST writing podcast available! I have listened to all of these podcasts three times over at least. When I get published I will owe a lot to the efforts of Mr. Stackpole to encourage and train inexperienced writers such as myself. His Secrets newsletter has also been extremely helpful. Thank You Mr. Stackpole!
I'm sure there's some good info in there but after 3 minutes into the 1st episode I was still listening to ads and gave up. Also, there are huge jumps in the sound levels (especially in "bridge" sections) that are (a) very irritating and (b) require constant adjustment.
This is great, love it. Keep up the good work.
Thanks Michael! I've been listening to this cast now for a few days and it has been extremely helpful. Love the show.
and I adore this podcast! Michael is a great speaker and I have learned a great deal just from listening to 3 episodes. I give it 5 stars.
Michael A. Stackpole, an author with "38 books to [his] credit," discusses writing, writing strategies, writing problems, story outlines, and overall how to become a better writer. The subjects range from how to get published and edit your work to characterarcs and creating a fictional world. On a personal note, I started by downloading only two episodes (there were 20 avalable at the time) which seemed to appeal to the problems I was going through as a writer. I soon downloaded every other episode that had been published. Stackpole discusses anything even casual writers need to know. Mind you, this podcast is not only for beginning writers, but for anyone who puts pen to paper.