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I love your show, and I’ve been a listener for years, but please make the avatar of your pod something other than your dopey face
Mr. Henwood has all of the breaks of a white boomer male and executes arrogance and superiority over women voices. It’s time for him to learn some humility.
Henwood, unlike much of left media and podcasting, is a skilled interviewer and radio host. His brilliant questions elicit informative responses from a range of interesting subjects, and especially academics, who are often hard to interview. I always learn something new from these punchy 30 min interviews and there’s a great variety on Henwood’s show. Plus his music choices are superb too.


New guy here I like your tone and knowledge of the subject
An OG left-wing podcaster who has clearly set the tone for a lot of other podcasts and continues to be ahead of the curve. People he interviews end up on other shows years later. A rare host who does lots of background work and makes sophisticated points, but steps on his interviewees a lot less than others. Great music too. You will like this if you like: Rachel Maddow, Joe Rogan.
I have listened to Doug Henwood’s Behind the News for years. I’ve tried many newer podcasts on and off, but I always come back to Doug’s because it shows a level of professionalism, thoughtfulness, scholarship, and charm lacking in every other podcast I’ve tried. Doug is an outstanding interviewer, never trying to speak for his guests: he reads their books and asks intelligent, polite questions, allowing them to speak for themselves and taking the time to edit. He keeps the interviews fairly short, allowing him to cover two books or topics in an hour. It’s true that every once in a long while I want to listen to Greg Grandin talk for two hours about the frontier in American history (something you can find on the Dig), but most of the time a half hour that goes to the point is perfect. Doug covers a huge range of topics and does an outstanding job interviewing women, queer, and black scholars, something that tends to be a seriously alienating problem for the straight white bros who clog the left podcast world. He includes a lot of international material, very knowledgeably, that doesn’t make the front page. And I love the music selections, even the crappy punk rock. An education. Five stars.
Amazing show today. Thank you, Doug!
And that’s the Lord’s truth.
Consistently interesting. Well chosen guests.
Love this show. One of the few I listen to regularly. Politics, economy and more, great interviews, not too long.
I was reluctant to start listening to another interview podcast. But if you care about the things Mr Henwood is discussing, it’s always a worthwhile listen. He’s a very good interviewer! Occasionally it’s something I have a hard time caring about (can’t care about everything!) in that case I skip it but it’s rare.
Thank you for doing this program for us Doug Henwood.
Best political economy podcast, rich in intelligence and unlimited ine breadth. My complaint: Missing episodes, and nothing I can do about it. They are irretrievable.
Doug Henwood asks the right people the right questions, and he gets answers that are both interesting and useful. if you're nauseated by the shallow and sycophantic pundits of our major-media Pravdas and Izvestias, these podcast episodes are a godsend.
I REALLY like this podcast. Interesting guests, intelligent conversations...but if I want to know who is on the show and the topic I am out of luck. If I want to listen a second time it’s impossible to find the episode I want. Please fix this.
One of my must-listen podcasts each week. An hour of intelligent interviews and analysis of subjects in the news. UNFORTUNATELY: the RSS for this podcast doesn't seem to be updating correctly, so two episodes have been missed from the regular release schedule. This review was submitted Friday 22 June 2018.
This program lives up to its name. Doug Henwood looks for the real elements hidden behind mainstream coverage and finds knowlegeable people who can offer insights in world events and ideas.
For those looking for the topics of each episode (it’s a bummer that the episodes don’t have titles here): there is an archive of episodes online (just search Behind the News). Henwood interviews the smartest leftist writers, scholars and organizers around and asks well-informed, devil’s-advocate questions that get them to elucidate their positions clearly. Excellent, knowledgeable interviewer.
Doug Henwood is witty and gets great interviews. The latest episode, on the Nazi borrowings of US Jim Crow race law and an epic segment the criminalization of labor power, was one of the best podcasts I've listened to in a while. Behind the News also has the best music, though Street Fight Radio gives it a run for its money there
Smart, accessible, and filled with real people (all weak points for other finance news).
I only wish episodes were more frequent, because this is one of my essential sanity checks. Henwood approaches his subjects with intelligence and heart.
Totally intelligent. This goes beyond a snappy analysis of our neoliberal dilemma, to suggest ways we might even organize the utopia we deserve.
I had read about this podcast from a couple different places online, so I decided to download it tonight. I am listening to a recent episode now, and it is fantastic. Very accessible and easy to listen to. The interviews are great, talking about real issues affecting working people. I like it, it’s what the news should be.
If you’re looking for an engaging podcast with in-depth interviews on politics and economics from a left perspective, this podcast is one of the very best. Doug is a great interviewer, and his show is full of very informative guests.
Doug's shows are always insightful and engaging. He cut's through the propaganda and spin to help the audience makes sense of the current events, from a left perspective. To keep it simple he tells the truth.
This is an excellent podcast with interesting interviews on politics, finance, and culture. Doug Henwood's other hat is as co-editor of the Liscio Report, a closely followed economics newsletter.
Four stars instead of five only because there are two accounts for the same program that seem to update at different times? Can we get this straightened out?
This is a great podcast. "Behind the News" was recently removed from the air by WBAI-FM in New York, so it's a great gift to New York area listeners that this show is available as a podcast. Henwood's comments are always astute, and the range of his guests is impressive. Anyone interested in alternatives to much of the nonsense that passes for political and economic news in America should listen to this podcast.
Doug Henwood doesn't provide easy platitudes and "preaching to the choir" narrative. His in depth interviews with his thoughtful and intelligent guests provide historical, economic and sociological background on the burning issues of the day.
Anyone reading this review is already smart enough to know that we need to hear a variety of opinions in order to be truly informed. You should subscribe to this podcast. You will be glad that you did.
It must be said that Doug Henwood is a one of a kind. From his journal, The Left Business Observer, through his books such as Wall St., to his weekly politics and economy show on WBAI, he has a unique knack for being able to tackle even the most seemingly mundane or conceptually difficult aspects of economic theory and practice with a critical eye and to convey with substance and intelligence their political meanings even to those, like me, who don't have the economic background to understand these implications otherwise. Plus, he always has exellent and easy flowing interviews with some top journalists, intellectuals, academics and activists on important topics such as Iran, Iraq, the Israeli/Palestinian conflict, US politics, unionization, etc. Lastly, (though I get creeped out from the 80s electro pop or whatever it is he sometimes sneaks in), he is able to fill the show's segues with some great music.