The Hills Church, Fort Worth, Texas

Reviews For The Hills Church, Fort Worth, Texas

Rick Atchley has saved me on more than one occasion. I am so grateful for this pod cast, it nourishes my soul more than my home church ever could. Expect to be transformed.
I download them even when I heard it in person because Rick always preaches to me! I know he is to others as well!!! Thank you for making these available! And at an affordable rate! Free!!!


By IdCZion
Can't tell you how much I enjoy all the refreshing and inspiring lessons. But one of my favorite parts is the song or two often included at the end. I usually find myself singing along at the top of my lungs in the car or quietly humming with tears in my eyes. To God be all glory!
Johnathan Storment, you are awesome. Your love for Christ and style of preaching are incredible. Thank you for bringing new life into my soul.
As a weekly worship leader for Worship 411 (1-5th grade) I often miss out on the grounding and renewal from the service in "big church". Listening to Jonathon, Rick and David during the week gets my mind, heart and spirit ready for Sunday morning and prepares me for service to His glory!
This series is inspiring and renews my hope in Christ followers to reach out to this generation. Rick and Jonathan do an amazing job of sharing the gospel and applying it to a Post Modern world. If you are struggling with why youth are leaving the church you need to listen to this series.
It often seems the largest deterrent to following Christ is having to put up with His other children. RHCC’s teachings lead and inspire me to be the kind of follower that Jesus taught His disciples to be hands-on while He walked this earth. They lay aside the empty “religiosity” that has become mainstream Christianity. Rick Atchley and Jonathan Storment have an anointing to preach the Good News more than any two individuals I’ve ever seen.
These sermons illustrate what God is doing at RHCC and beyond. Rick Atchley and Jonathan Storment preach such healthy, Biblical, and inspiring messages that you will grow in Christ as you listen. Richland Hills is committed to both right teaching and righteous living. This ongoing growth as a group of Christ's disciples is evidenced by how much RHCC members give to the community, to disaster relief, and to missions in time, money, and personal sacrifice. Rick and the leaders of RHCC are humble, godly people who absolutely practice what you hear them preach. You will be blessed. Give God the glory. --Kevin P.
This is the kind of preaching the church needs to hear...biblical, powerful, and prophetic to the point that it should make us all uncomfortable.
Rick Atchley brings it. Practical, straight, powerful... for real, daily living.