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First off id like to say if you are a child with no attention span, or someone who generally cannot accept the views and opinions based on factual experiences the hosts may have had, then go ahead listen to 5 minutes of a show and proceed to give your awful poorly rated review. It's a bit disheartening to know some people will miss out on such a show because of some of these off color reviews.. Anyway the show is excellent, I began listening on their website to recent shows. After going through all the episodes while I was at work in only a couple of days I felt highly compelled to listen to each and every episode. For this show exclusively, I purchased and ipod touch just to get the back shows. And now every tuesday morning I have something to look forward to. Thank you Alon and Ara for a pleasant retreat from work into the world of games you guys bring me to. I must say the mixture of personal endevors discussed within some episodes completely unrelated to games blends so well, truely a pleasure. Ill write in one day soon, my only regret reguarding this show is never catching a live show. Thanks again guys, your bigger celebrities then you may think, at least in my world. Just remember "all of your base are belong to us"
Chatterbox is, by far, the smartest and most thoughtful video game podcast I have found. They don't get overly intellectual, and aren't above having some fun in each episode, but I really appreciate the way they approach the subject. Rather than discussing the latest games, reviews, and technological achievements, hosts Alon and Ara take the time the discuss cultural effects, changes in gaming, psychological aspects, and other interesting subjects. If you are a video game player looking for more than just someone blathering on about what's coming out and how cool the graphics of the latest release are, then you need to be subscribed to this podcast.
Just horrible!
I haven't listened to this show in years so my review is based on the last time I did back when it was Ara, Alon, and Rich. Alon is a clueless dope when it comes to games. Rich was simply Ara's whipping boy. Ara himself is jerk and douche that thinks he's hot stuff because he made a lousy game and worked for Rainbow Studios, now THQ Online. If first heard this show on the radio one night and at first thought it was cool that a show like this existed, that is until I listened a little more. It became abundantly clear as to why this show is on late at night. They're simply there to fill time before George Noory comes on.
I really wish they would talk about more video games, they only seem to be interested about news and theories. Countless times I've listened hoping they would talk about a new release but seldomly seem to do so. It would also be nice if they monitored the chatter room. Please for the love of God please no more talking about Muramasa!
These guys know their stuff. Now I'm not going to say that I agree with everything they say, but they do bring up a lot of interesting stuff about videogames that I at least don't know (mostly because I am too busy to keep up with all the websites and all the news). Honestly, they do break out into banter a lot of the time but I find their tangents to be HILARIOUS. It's a sweet show and it is definitely worth checking out!
I usually listen to 15+ podcasts a week and this one is on my permanent rotation list. These guys know what they are talking about and fill thier time on this podcast well. keep up the good job!
They seem poorly informed and condescending. If you don't agree with them you are just wrong. They stick to a topic but never seem to have anything worthwhile to say. Very unentertaining. Check out the cagcast instead.
I found chatter box video game radio from the all games website. That must have been over a year ago now, from then on I have been hooked to this show. What makes It so great is topic's each week & each host trying to get there points in before each break. This show and other on the all games net work is why I started my own podcast "The Untitled Game Show". Keep up the great job guys Big fan Bigbiki.
I been listening for little over a year and I must say these guys in depth about game then other good. They like at the finer points rather then how good the graphic are. Keep on podcasting.
old people talking about games ... so now you know what is coming ,... no funny and really bias
Of your time and space on your Ipod. If you ever wanted to listen to people that couldn't cut it in the gaming business you've come to the right place. These guys are the bottom of the bucket when it comes to gaming info.
I agree with what others are saying. This is a unique gaming podcast where the topics discussed are quite different than other gaming podcasts, yet very interesting. However, like others have said, the two hosts don't play hardly any games out there and yet they make so many negative comments about games they know nothing about. Ara is so unbelievably arrogant and absolutely LOVES to hear himself talk. I appreciate his insight into game design but he acts like he made Doom or Tetris or Mario, when in reality, he is a complete novice and a newbie in the industry.
If you like condescending attitudes and judgements based on 5 minutes of someone playing a game by all means go ahead and give a listen. They have actually said that if you dont measure up to their definition of what a game should be then you are stupid. One of the hosts works in the game industry and thinks he has the last say in game design. The only game worth noting to his credit is The Red Star (you will hear about it in every podcast) in which all you do is walk right and shoot. I say try it and see but I cant handle someone talking down to me thinking they have a superior view on what I should or shouldnt like.
These fake gamers have no idea what they're talking about. I am an ACTUAL gamer, so it's very easy to tell. I am trying to save future subscribers the trouble of wasting their time listening to this horrible show. Even though the show is free, you can't get a refund of your time. I would have more fun throwing my computer out of a five story building so I wouldn't have to listen to this horrid show.Don't waste your time gamers, I beg you.
Out of all the Gaming podcasts I listen to this is the one I look forward to the most each and every week! It's nice to hear Alon and Ara's thoughts on Gaming though sometimes I do not agree with some of their views I still listen each and every week!
Good podcast even b4 u get past the nintendo fanboyism. At first I didnt like Alons' voice but it grew on me. Alon seems to be like one cool dude , bringing his segway all the way to L.A. to the e3 outpost. Cheers
I was introduced to podcasting by a local crew but found one show a week to leave me lacking. Upon a quick iTunes search I found these guys and now I have another awesome podcast. After listening to a ton of different podcasts - Chatterbox, Power Up, and 8 bit radio are my podcasts and they totally blow away the likes of 1up and g4 podcasts. I only wish I heard this show live as they seem to have awesome callers and prizes - but I'm a podcast only guy from Ny, Ny. Maybe one of these days I'll get to be a caller! Keep up the awesome work guys! (Also the most professional of the 3 podcasts mentioned)
ChatterBox is simply the best podcasted video game news show out there! Whether it is Alon's & Nate's travails at Target, or Jack Thompson being a jackass, ChatterBox delivers, and does so humorously.
I first learned about chatterbox by googling it by accident, I was looking for an mp3 of chatterbox radio from the grand theft auto 3 game but when I googled it, I was magiclly transported to the most entertaning and best podcast on videogames on the net. I do listen to other podcasts but what I like about this one the best is that the people who are the hosts(Alon & Nate) sound like they are above the age of 12, espescialy since one of the old hosts "Don" left. I don't want to be mean but "Donald Duck" had more bright things to say about the world of videogames then that old host "Don". Any way after Don left the show went from a 4 star show up to a solid 5 star show overnight, while still managing to get better week by week. Best of all it won't embarass you around other people when you have it playing at work(which I can't say about most other videogame podcasts).