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Just realized you were publishing again!
I really love this show.
As a Marriage Recorded Live, Brad and Faith encourage their listeners to be romantic in their marriages. However, the show is not only for those who are married. Brad and Faith discuss a variety of topics from a Christian perspective and have fun with their listeners and each other. WARNING: Listening to the show may become habit forming.
Brad and Faith have such great chemistry. When I put them in my ears, it's like hanging out with a couple of good friends. I love the stand they take on life, marriage and living a healthy lifestyle. Listening to them makes me want to be a better wife, mother and all round better person!
Hello everyone! These are the best podcasts ever! I love them! I love you Brad and Faith!! love you guys, Mary
This is my absolute favorite christian podcast! It's both a blessing & very entertaining. If Brad & Faith had not married each other, they would've been the stupidest people on earth! God bless them!
This podcast is just awesome, Brad and Faith are a kick they're such a good example of how a Godly marriage should be. As a soon to be married guy I find their podcast very helpful. They set a great example to me and to the podcast world. Keep it up!!
Brad and Faith put out a couple cast that is wonderfully unscripted and often very funny. The C-team they are not.
Brad and Faith share their love of life, family and God in creative, comedic and insightful ways.
Many times, Christians are known as ultra-serious boring people that sound like angry teachers. Don't tell these two. God gave them extra fun, and they share it with you. It's a refreshing, honest and well, nutty. I dare you to set aside your notions of what a "Christian" is, and give Brad and Faith a listen. They reveal the Joy and Laughter that some Christians lose along the way. Kudos to the Two Blind Squirrels! This one's a keeper.
This is a nice podcast to load up and listen to on the way to work or home from work. Brad and Faith (Charles has moved on to other things) take a humorous look at their life. Make sure you listen to the end.
This is a great show, very funny and thought provoking(at Times). Clean humor with a lesson.
Brad and Chaz are smart, funny guys who love God! They deliver a great blend of silliness and seriousness, often with input from the listeners. Plus, their theme song is different (and hilarious) every day!
This is the podcast of all podcasts. If you are not subscribed to this podcast you are missing out. One of the only daily podcasts! I listin to them every morning at work and they bring laughter, wisdom, encouragement, and spirituality to my everyday. Tune in and get ready to laugh your socks off! HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
Brad and Chaz are great guy buddies who keep it funny, real, and clean! Great insights-and you've gotta check out their sponsor at the end of each show!
Brad and Chaz do a wonderful lighthearted show that keeps you laughing. It is an oasis in the crude and crass world of humor. Highly recomended. :)


A little philosophy, a little opinion, a little God, and a whole lot of LAUGHS. From the new-every-day theme song, to their "gooder than pie" sign-off, Two Blind Squirrels will keep you laughing every day.
I just found your podcast and I love it! You guys are funny, and sometimes even insightful ;) . Thanks for making a podcast that brings good clean humor to the web! Blessings on both of you!