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Every cast is actually a commercial of few products and services in the area where "calls" are coming from. I would say there is about 5-10 minutes of actual handymanning in the cast, the rest is the promoting and commercials.
Please do a video podcast. Much better to see and hear what to do. Thanks.
Love the content! Agree can move a bit slow...so on listen on 2x speed.
I like listening to this show on the radio so I thought the podcast would be a better way to do it on my time but after listening to one podcast I could not believe the amount of commercials and how repeditive they are so I will be unsubscribing from this podcast


By Tuttaz
Glenn Haege has the best advice for a homeowner. Super fast information. Great show.
I like this show because Glenn explains everything with detail. He gives great recommendations for your specific area in regards to products and stores.
The Handyman Show with Glenn Haege is a mediocre local radio show which is absolutely terrible as a podcast. Haege is knowledgeable enough about home improvement, but the show just moves like molasses. It must be the slowest podcast in the world. I listened to the May 24 show and at the start of the show, it was over five minutes before there was any useful home improvement information. For three and a half minutes, Haege talked about 1. how he thinks people are spending Memorial Day weekend; 2. how great the show is; 3. the inner workings of the show, including a list of all the staff and a description of each person's job; 4. what he's going to talk about on the show; 5. how great the show is, again; 6. the weather (it's "absolutely like crazy"); 7. traffic; and 8. warning listeners that getting locked out of their houses would be a problem (he didn't offer any solutions). He then spent two full minutes announcing the recall of a lawn fertilizer. It would take most people six seconds to say "Scotts Miracle-Gro Shake and Feed has been recalled. For more information, go to Scotts.com." It took Mr. Haege two full minutes, and he didn't add one bit of extra information. It's incredible. You have to hear it to believe it. At the 5.5 minute mark, Haege finally started taking calls. And he did provide some useful information. But then the commercials started coming, and they barely stopped for the rest of the show. The ratio of content to time is the lowest I have ever heard on any podcast. The format might be tolerable for radio listeners, but the producers must trim the fat before this show can be reasonable to listen to in podcast format.