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In all honesty, I listen more for the hosts than the content. These guys could be talking about breast reduction surgery for three hours and they could somehow make it entertaining. My watching of wrestling is limited to AEW these days, so I mostly look forward to Will and Maxwell’s take on Dynamite. However, stay for the off topic discussions which can spring up anytime. These guys will talk about anything, and I mean ANYTHING. Having said that, give them some money for their Patreon. The amount of content these guys give out cannot be overlooked. Been listening since the beginning, and I don’t ever regret it.
Blisteringly abhorrent political takes, consistently ignoring facts and spreading misinformation to the dozens and dozens that listen to this show.
An excellent wrestling podcast hosted by 4 guys who are life long wrestling fans. Their banter is the strength of the show, and their off topic banter is just as fun as their wrestling discussions.
Funny and informative podcast even for non-wrestling fans.
Hilarious, honest, and thoughtful
Been listening to these guys talk about life and wrestling for 10 years and it's always entertaining! Favorite show.
This is one of the worst podcasts I have ever listen too, These two guys keep talking over each other , Blah Blah Blah the subject was Vince Russo on point I heard him mention for maybe 3 mins I could only listen for first hour it says 172 mins but It was either listen to a podcast about wrestling where they know what their talking about or jump in front of a car, Because of health insurance I turned too Jim cornette podcast any of them would have been better these guys should just call each other up once a week and talk to themselfs you will not hear anything new on this show and they don't stay on topic if they think their good hey guys someones lying to you like size doesn't matter
I don’t know why other podcasts even try. When people say “I’ve never heard of rbr before” I tell them “you just gotta look’em up...mmhhpp.”
In The Year Of Our Lord 2018, there is a lot to be concerned about. Whether it's the very important Twitter tirades of Donald Trump and/or Kanye West, the loss of our beloved Barbara Bush and Vern Troyer, gun violence in America, van violence in Canada, and most importantly, the end of love itself (RIP John Cena & Nikki Bella), I need a WOKE podcast to guide me through the darkness. RBR Weekly Wrestling Talk is that beacon of light. Whether you're basic AF, a low key thicc boi, or just someone who's prone to getting angry on the Internet, everyone is made to feel safe and welcome in the RBR Neighborhood. That's right folks, this is the most WOKE podcast you will find on the web. William R Washington provides expert analysis of wrestling, while employing his Rainman-like knowledge of wrestling history; Paul Griffin adds his unique outlook on the wrestling world, while injecting his signature comedic wit; Maxwell Baumbach is full of insider knowledge, experience, and hot takes (whether it's his hot takes on wrestling methodology, or when he takes three hot sandwiches in one hole); and Eric Brady is the wildcard that rounds the show out. Whether he is making the most off-color joke you've ever heard, playing devil's advocate, or just trolling, it's clear that this disruptive 1-percenter just wants to watch the world burn. In all seriousness, RBR is an excellent podcast. I look forward to it every single week, and am never disappointed. It's a free-flowing, casual conversation between friends who love wrestling.
Not only is this the ONLY wrestling podcast, it’s also the most WOKE podcast. 6 stars tokoyo dome
that’s all.
I've never heard a podcast where the hosts sound less enthused about what they're talking about. Get rid of Paula griffin. He plays defense against the show for 2hrs every week.
Whether they are talking about wrestling, pop culture, or current events these guys will always have you laughing!
I listen to 40* hours of podcasts per week, and this is my favorite because it's 3+ hours of four pals (not to mention uniquely great hosts) chopping it up about wrestling and everything else. There's the perfect amount of structure to the show as well without ever feeling too choppy. There's a reason it's been over a decade.
I've listened to this podcast and I can verify, it's indeed a wrestling podcast. The hosts talk about pro wrestling.
The only wrestling podcast my ex could stand to listen to. She even used to ask if we could listen together. In other news, it's Valentines Day. Love you guys.
There are a lot of wrestling shows out there, but none of them have as much quality fun and entertainment that RBR does. Each of the hosts, nicknamed the "Fatal Four" brings a unique set of opinions and sense of humor which really blends into an awesome show. Will is one of the best podcast producers/hosts in the wrestling world. He is the actual wrestling encyclopedia. His friend Paul Griffin is the heart and without him, this show is off. Eric is the sarcastic guy who brings the edgy one-liners and Maxwell is the knowledgeable former insider with hilarious impressions. Never a dull moment. This show gets even funnier when you start to get to know these guys. Great show, five stars!
I've been listening to RBR since 2007. This podcast has become a staple of my life. The hosts are likeable and while I don't always agree with them they bring an interesting and well described reason for doing things. While their rants can sometimes veer off topic you feel the struggle of being a fan of a medium that loves to let you down. This is a must listen to any wrestling fan.
Great banter and excellent opinions on what we watch a couple times per week
Not just funny for a wrestling podcast, but funny for ANY podcast. Keep it up, guys!
First off, when I heard this podcast for the first time I was confused and annoyed that were not talking wrestling. But, as my title suggest, I did a double take and listened the next week. I was blown away, this podcast is great. They do talk about wrestling, a good chunk, and when they talk about non-wrestling it so entertaining also. This is a good mix of wrestling, jokes, life, and just wrestling fans like you and me. I suggest to new listeners to stick with it for a few weeks like I did you will appreaciate all four guys as long as dark humor does not bother you. I have only found a few fan wrestling podcasts that the host (s) when they critic they have valid points without sounding smarky like other shows.
I'm a fan of wrestling. I'm a fan of podcasts. I'm a fan of this wrestling podcast...except when Maxwell skips the show for whatever reason and skirts all responsibility.
This podcast and Paul's own podcast rules!
Saying that this podcast is a wrestling podcast is only about half true. You'll also get your weekly fix of pop culture, politics, and terrible jokes from Maxwell! This is my favorite podcast of all time with some of the most entertaining people the world has to offer and Paul. Thank you RBR gang!


I like this podcast. The guys are hilarious. They get off wrestling a lot but still funny to listen to the guys rant. None of the guys are die hard WWE fans so they talk strait about all the federations.
Easily in my top 5 favorite podcasts period, and no doubt my favorite wrestling podcast. Always entertaining, and thank god, because the wrestling isn’t. Even if i stopped watching, I’d keep listening to RBR.
Not too much wrestling talk more social and pop culture issues. Good listen if you're looking for that mix.
Honestly the funniest podcast I've ever listened to in my 5 years of listening. Absolutely a joy to listen to, give it a shot. These guys should be comedians.
I cannot emphasize enough how criminally under rated 'RBR: Weekly Wrestling Talk' is as a listening experience. Each episode is slickly produced, entertaining, and always hilarious whether they're talking about wrestling or not. I highly recommend listening to the Fatal Four record live, which is infinitely more impressive when you listen back to the final product that's uploaded and realize they had to do little to no editing. Congrats on 10 years, guys!
RBR has its moments. Matt Galloway is a broadcasting star, Maxwell has a twisted yet beautiful mind, Eric Brady is a very smart, funny, polished dude. Even Paul - who is in love with himself (despite being scrawny cocky punk) really holds his own when left to host the show. The problem, now that the awkward non-contributing fat whimp Filipe has "left" (fired) - is William R Washington. The OG who has dedicated a decade to RBR has become the one who has stopped caring the most. How can you host a wrestling podcast, but not have the Network? Not watch Wrestlemania? OPENLY ADMIT YOU DONT WATCH WRESTLING!?! Can you fire yourself? He's become and disagreeable over time, and I think gets a new job every 6 months. He seems to spend a lot of money on himself despite having a family and a podcast. Oh and the callers on this show are just the worst, last way too long, and are weirdos who shouldn't ever be on the air.
The only reason I listen is maxwell's bad jokes. And Eric berating will and maxwell.
Eric Brady the whole fn show.
This is the most entertaining wrestling/relationship/cell phone/power ranger podcast I have ever heard! Well done boys, thanks for the continued laughs.
This is an awesome podcast that I really appreciate as a wrestling fan looking for another outlet in the sports entertainment world that I love. Even non-wrestling fans would enjoy this due to the non-wrestling discussion/humor. The hosts may go too far at times, but it never prevents me from considering my go to podcast whenever I want to listen to something. Highly suggested for any wrestling fan!
Fun group of guys with hilarious analysis, love it.
The host of the show is on point, and leads a conversation of the week's shows in chronological order, usually. The co-hosts are hit or miss, often derailing the conversation or trying too hard to be funny. Jokes fall flat with a regularity, or are sometimes just inane quips that confuse offensiveness with actual comedy. When not entertaining, this podcast is groan-worthy.
RBR Weekly Wrestling Talk is my absolute favorite podcast. I started listening in 2005 and haven't missed an episode since, even though I stopped watching wrestling in 2010. That's how good this podcast is. Keep up the great work
This is the BEST wrestling podcast on iTunes...Period!
I've been listening to RBR since late 2008 and I have to say that it's not only the best wrestling podcast around, but my favorite podcast period. If you want a podcast that gives you a run down of results, cut and dry opinions, with a group of apologists who think the business is great, this is not for you. If you want a podcast that tells it like it is, deviates in to hilarious pop culture tangents, openly and deservedly rips on the wrestling business, and is hosted by four distinct and funny personalities, then this is defiantly for you. I stopped watching wrestling, but still listen to RBR because it's more entertainment than wrestling. And in the end isn't that what you want from a podcast?
This was actually my favorite podcast, Matt Galloway is hilarious, Will Washington is very entertaining and Phillipe is a perfect fit the only problem I have is the constant TNA spoilers for absolutely no reason. It's never funny, never leads to a good conversation and saying "spoilers" after saying the spoiler was never funny. They rip TNA apart at times in a very hypocritical manner (praising WWE for similar angles) and just look for reasons to cut the product apart. For the wwe coverage they are awesome but I have since stopped listening because of the constant TNA spoilers.
RBR is THE wrestling podcast to listen to. William R. Washington, Matt Galloway, Paul Griffin, and Felipe Diaz-Vera make RBR highly entertaining with their thoughts on the product today (OR TO THE YEAR 2000!). I look forward to the podcast every week, which is on every saturday night. If you like a show that is funny, insightful, and sometimes strange, RBR is the show for you.
This podcast is one of the best wrestling related podcasts. The tell it like it is, interact with their listeners, and give the normal persons perspective to the werestling shows.
Original. Entertaining.
When I have children I will force them to listen to this while in the womb.
RBR is the reason I still occasionaly watch wrestling. I've been listening to this show on a weekly basis for almost 5 years now. The hosts are perfect, the content is hilarious there couldn't be a better wrestling podcast. The guys on this show love the product but they aren't afraid to admit its faults. I couldn't have more love for this podcast it's incredible.