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Great show, it will be missed. And they think they can replace it with pcmag radio? I think not. Lance is no Loyd. :P
This is a Great podcast!, Its very informative and the guys make it very easy to make good decisions about what to buy based on there own take on Tech!!!! Each person brings there own opinion and tech savvy to the table when they reviewed a product. I have been following a lot of these guys since the TechTV days and it’s a shame that Ziff Davis doesn’t have a clue what there loosing by stopping this show! Sorry to see you go it was a great format for a show, simple and complex but always easy to understand, Maybe Ziff Davis will smarten up and make the right decision to keep the show ! Good luck guys and thanks for all the informative episodes! PS: Talk to Leo about a Time slot that would be a Great Network to go to! Many people will be sorry to see it go myself included. Steve Kelso...


By KeithBJ
But they need to record with the levels higher. You'll have to turn up your volume to hear them talk.
This is the most informative and accurate tech podcast I know of. They actually deal with tech rather than spending their time on juvenile banter. More important they know their stuff which I find to be far too uncommon. This is the first pocast that I look for updates on among my 20+ subscriptions! If you are looking for facts come here. If you are looking for comedy, try CNET.
good podcast, but can somebody pls tell Lloyd to slow down when he speaks? I was born and raised in the U.S., but it is still difficult to understand him. He seems like he's in a hurry to leave or something. Annoying to tell you the truth.
They report the latest in performance oriented tech w/ no bs in between. TWIT could learn a thing or two from ya. :D
In stark contrast to fluff shows this is a real learning experience. Valuable insights and info on computing and technolgies. I look forward to each episode - despite Loyd being a mouth breather too close to the microphone
ExtremeTech is a great podcast with good current tech content, but they don't pay attention to users that download it via iTunes. They commonly include invalid characters in the RSS .XML document that the iTunes reader can't parse. I've sent emails to everyone in the show but nobody has time to respond or fix the problem. Apparently they don't care about the iTunes subscribers. If you go directly to their website you can get the show fine, but I like it to automagically show up in my video iPod for me. ;^)
Very inforamtive but not for the technology faint - of - heart. I love this podcast, but the delivery is trouble. For some reason, the RSS is not that relaible - commonly receiving errors in ithe feed.
Great podcast for Tech info. The Extreme Tech Website is tremedously informative and helpful and some of that great infomation is included in these podcasts. The speaker's are well versed in tech areas and have varied areas of expertise. Need for improvement in Podcast sound quality and production. Hey guys, check out how well TWIT does there casts and duplicate it!! A bit short in length for some of the casts. Good cast to check out for sure!