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The George Floyd podcast was incredibly dishonest. It was essentially a Ben Crump Commercial. Not one tough question. Zero pushback on Crump’s lies. Extremely disappointing. Floyd had a “fatal level of Fentanyl” in his system. He likely died of a drug overdose. That’s what the medical examiner reported. Think that might be important information? How many other times do attorneys tell police officers to “not follow the training”. Zero. In fact attorneys slam officers who do not follow training. And rightly so. If uneducated people listen to this - they will remain uneducated. It’s your content. I get it. But this was biased, dishonest, and objective at all.
I love the varied topics of the podcasts. Great legal topics.
I love the topics being discussed and it gives me a better understanding of the trends affecting the industry!
I’m sorry guys. I thought this was a podcast on law. Turned out it’s a combination of CNN and Bleak House.
Really enjoy the show because of how much I've learned from it. They deliver good base to their stories and it let's me engage/understand the variety of topics. The consistency of episodes they deliver is also nice because I don't feel like I'm kept waiting for more.


By R nR
A number of your podcasts start out okay, but after a while they recycle back to the beginning before they have finished. It's frustrating not to hear the entire thing.
I like to consider myself as a novice at a lot of different things but eager to learn. There was a ton of information that would be extremely useful. Of course digital marketing will be better than ever dreamed so keep supporting our families and clients. Listen and learn at every opportunity
Great variety and with good guests and topics.
I like the variety of the show lists. I am not a trail lawyer but the shows on Vioxx are related to my industry. This perspective is useful in my job. Doing one show and then following up with an update show is useful. I have not listened to many shows but some of the content is a little too conversational. I prefer shows that get to the point, stay on point and deliver a message clearly without a lot of clutter. Could have been the one show on Vioxx that I listened to. I will keep listening. Thanks for the show.