Reviews For Velanche Presents Urban Landscapes

An amazing mix of techno, jazz, latin and more - basically anything with a groove. Great for finding new music and artists... every show has at least a couple of gems, and the podcast notes are second-to-none. I first started listening to Velanche almost a decade ago while working on projects at Cal Poly, and now I listen mostly through iTunes and his website. Subscribe - you won't regret it!
I just want to thank Velanche actually; Having heard his name a million times from a thousand Friends and from people and places online, I've been keeping up with what he runs down as well as I can. So now I thank him, not just for playing the best of the rest and not just for all of the exclusives, non-digital, unreleased joints. Nope. Not just for keeping such tight information for me to seek out the tracks and for briefing me on the Due-Dates and Availablity of any of his wonderful Playlists. Whay do I want to thank him...? For saving me a lot of time and pain... Velanche, thanks for saving me from TRYING to figure out how to make a PodCast... You're doin' it and doin' it and doin' it SWELL. One. J