Reviews For Radio Zero with Rick and Rose

Rick and Rose, husband and wife, indie rock band members, parents and mostly best friends, began this 'cast years before there was such a thing as an iPod. They talk about what is happening in their very interesting lives - from goings-on with their various band and art projects to raising their young child and holding down real jobs. They have a real conversation about life and you are invited to listen in. They are the ultimate do-it-yourselfers, never waiting on somebody else to show them how. That has meant producing their own albums in their basement, making "enhanced" CDs, filming, writing, editing their own videos and DVD. This podcast is just one of many "firsts" in their lives but they don't have an attitude about it. They are inspirational without trying to be. They are just living lives that any of us could, if we actually used the talents available to us. Because of this podcast I count Rick and Rose among my friends, and wish them the best.