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I drive to Enid for school from Garber everyday and listen to this podcast. It’s a perfect way to start my day. Also shoutout to the Edmond campus preacher, I love listening to the messages you bring !!!
Found Life.Church on yt the other day. So happy they have a podcast as well. I love how Pastor C. Holds on to scripture but makes it relatable to the every day life. So grateful I found this podcast 🙏🏻
I always make the joke “I follow Craig as Craig follows Paul as Paul follows christ” lol. That’s a really dumb joke but the point is, I just respect Craig (and Paul) so much as people who have done so much and been so inspiring to bring others to Gods kingdom. Anyway. I love I love the whole team. The content is 11/10 and Jesus is 10000000000x1000/10!!
So grateful to tune in to LifeChurch every week even though I’m not close to a physical LifeChurch every week. Craig speaks the truth and right to your heart.
You can tell Craig is a humble man in pursuit of a real relationship with Jesus as well as a passion to share him with others! His voice is engaging to me & Im always blessed!
I love the series of Pre-Decision. Waiting for this weeks to come out! They have been on repeat. All the messages resonate so deeply in my core. Can y’all please open a location in Arizona!! Lol
Craig is so inspiring, so encouraging, so transparent. Wish he would open a location in Tampa, FL!
I love that pastor Greg is very informative and straight up real!! Never claims that he is perfect but imperfect serving a perfect God. I can listen to this with great hope that God is using him to minister to others.
Thank you so much for your podcast. Your messages are the highlight to my week. Your messages give me hope and strength. I am very grateful for you and your team that make it possible. God bless you all!
The piano behind Craig is so distracting. I cannot listen any longer. Just trying to hear God’s word, not a musical production. Maybe he wouldn’t have to yell at us if the music wasn’t being played.
I am very thankful for Life Church. Pastor Craig speaks truth in a relatable and easy to follow way. His messages are always encouraging and motivate me in my walk with Jesus. Thank you!!
Used to be really scripture scripture is backing up whatever leadership tenant he’s working on. Life coach is his strength, but his exposition and exegesis is poor.
I have never been able to relate as easily to a speaker as I have with Craige. He brings messages from lessons that God taught him and always exemplifies humility. An amazing leader and someone that truly shines of Christ to the world. I would love if you spoke on Abortion and Christ’s view of it. Not just to convict but to bring truth and clarity to a grey subject. Your voice Craige has influence. This topic in such a propitious moment needs talked about! -your the man.
Since when did Amy become a “Pastor?” Not a good move. Not biblical. Not understanding why Craig has allowed this in his church. She can teach Sunday School a women's Biblw Study but preach to the congregation…Ummmm no.
Thank you for your example of leadership!
I love the passion and action this church takes to spread and share the gospel. One of four congregations that I regularly follow and listen to remotely.
Please pray for me. Battling anxiety, sickness, illness. Thank you. God bless!
These messages are always great! I feel like I learn so much and it helps me grow as a believer. Thankful for this podcast!
I am very thankful for everything Craig does, their staff, and the many volunteers that make everyone feels welcome! 🔥☕️☕️🍩🎶🎶🎼🎹
I’m so glad I found this church. Another good podcast is affirmation pod by Josie Ong. Check it out👍🏻🔥my Instagram and ticktock is sonnywalters2001 and my Twitter is sonnywalters_
Just wanted to say that it was a good lesson, and as far as the recommendation it is to call Jesus by his birth name of Yeshua. His Aramaic name. As you probably already know we didn’t get the letter J in our language till 1630 A.D. of which that was the Second Edition of the King James Bible that was also called The Wicked Bible because the 2 Publishers that were given the authority to print it by King Charles 1 had left Not out of Thou Shalt Not Commit Adultery. They also changed the 1600 version of Iesus; which was the Greek Version of His name back then that was pronounced Yey Zeus, this was changed to Jesus. As I was informed by my preacher who studies Greek had informed me before these times it was Yeshua also in Greek, and Aramaic. Keep in mind that one of the rulers during Yeshua’s time had orders the disciples not to speak in or of His Name. So to carry along this teaching of calling Him Jesus; is following the same thing Constantine had ordered. Back to the story of The Wicked Bible; King Charles 1 had spotted that Thou Shalt Commit Adultery and was outraged and had ordered the 2 publishers; Robert Barker or Baker, and his colleague to burn the Bibles and well all but 11 or 13 copies were burned. The other one were out in circulation. 1 of which is at The Bible Museum in Washington D.C. The 2 publishers were also sentenced to Debtors Prison; where they died. During that time King Charles 1 afterwards had to get another Bible written to correct the 1 error that outraged him fixed; but left the other changes they made alone. Just keep in mind also that the changes to the names were probably not changed in the other Bibles to follow because of the amount of time and money it would cost to keep their names original by their birth names. To me and others; we believe that no one except the parents, the person with the name, and The Creators; Elohim, or shall I say YHWH, and Yeshua have the right to change any name. To do so is as if the people who do so; is saying they have the authority above them. That is not right. So please teach the birth names of YHWH, Yeshua, ELOHIM, Adonai, Ruah Hakodish- pronunciation for Holy Spirit, and others that were changed. We believe their names should be respected, and taught how to pronounce their names, rather than changing it to a different name to making it easier to say. I would really appreciate you looking into this, and implementing it. This is a big part of history just like the Catholics changing the Sabbath day beginning at 6p.m. on Friday to ending at 6p.m. on Saturday; to changing it to Sunday.
A clear, inspiring, powerful, intelligent communicator, Groeschel makes the Word uncomplicated and so relevant for life - especially right now. Current series about the mind is so needed and cuts straight through it all. I’ve listened to each episode multiple times and get something new every single time. Uplifted and encouraged. Thank you!
Y’all... this guy is on fire for the Lord and bringing real, genuine truth!
I love it
I use daily! So good to put God in perspective. Thank you!
“What if our assignment is to be still?” This is pure gold!
Listen to this daily at work and it keeps me engaged, connected with God, easy to follow, and I love the leadership podcast too!
One of the best podcasts out there. Thank you
I would recommend this podcast to anyone. Keep up the good work!
I give my life to Jesus! Amen I love the podcast version!!! Love this. Amazing
Being a guy who doesn’t talk about his feelings, Pastor Craig has a way of helping me open up and break down walls. His sermons help me realize I’m not as “broken” and I tell myself. His preaching style is bits of humor interwoven with stories of the Bible. It’s so relatable. When I do yard work On Sunday, this podcast helps me have some Jesus time and focus on my spiritual walk.
Craig Groeschel is a good pastor who delivers the word of God in a clear way. He is anointed by God to reach out to the lost.
Awesome !!!!
Love his leadership podcast.
Pastor Craig is exceptional. Listen and build your spiritual strength, be inspired, and learn practical life lessons from scripture you can apply today to improve your life and grow your faith.
Loving the Grudge series! I look forward to listening every Monday morning!! Thank you! 🙏🏼
Blesses me every week - I look forward to hearing God’s word!!
This podcast is one of the most incredible church focused faith based available today. The reasons are because of this; it’s properly updated, the sound quality is exceptional and they consistently are operating in “series.” Which is refreshing. Also, it’s emotional when it’s halfway over the music starts and every podcast I literally tear up. It’s powerful. Go listen.
Every morning when I wake up I listen to one or two of these sermons and God has used Craig Groeschel gift of preaching to speak to me each time. My walk with the Lord has become so much deeper through these messages and I am so thankful.


By mirhar
I enjoy listening to these sermons driving to and from my workouts every morning:) It’s a great way to continue focusing on God after my morning devotional. My home church is not Life Church, but I love how these messages are still available in a podcast and I can listen to them regularly! It’s been such a great tool in growing my relationship with God. Thank you!
I love my home church in Kentucky but love listening to other sermons. My friend and her family are members at me Life Church and introduced me to their podcasts/ sermons I now regularly listen! Love this! Such truth is spoken!
I just want to take a quick minute to thank you for doing the podcast. My friends and I enjoy discussing the sermons after listening and I thoroughly enjoy them driving to and from work each day instead of listening to the radio.
Listen to the Spirit and understanding that God has a plan for me is not easy, but this podcast sure helps. God bless, friends.
I’m beyond grateful for providing these amazing messages in podcast format!
I’m in a spot in my life, that I question so much if good will ever come , understanding I have to also work at being positive .. everything keeps setting us back ( feels) no matter how hard I try? My faith has even been shaken due to all the negativity that keeps pouring in . I’m so thankful that I was introduced to ur podcast from a co-worker that didn’t have to reach out but could see the struggle my husband & myself are facing. So thankful to hear relatable life situations & uplifting sermons!
I loved this sermon. I believe it is something many people need to hear. A lot of people do suffer from being trapped by a lie and I think that the example given in the sermon was so truthful and hits home for people as in sometimes we don’t even try and get past the lie we just accept it.
Craig is passionate about the Lord, and this comes through in all he does. So much wisdom in this podcast.
you don’t even know how many times life church has helped me some of the sermons have been for me and I needed it so so so SO Bad Thank you Life Church am pastor Craig