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I have listened to this morning program since day one. It has to be 25+ years. Even through the “changes”. It made my 90 minute commute to work easier. I recently moved to Missouri and missed it (home sick) and realized they have a Podcast. It gives me a piece of home. Thank you.
I haven’t lived in Chicago since I was 18. This keeps me connected and laughing every day!
I love listening to them every morning or listen to the podcast if I miss it in the morning. They always make me laugh and make my day! I love you guys! ☺️❤️


By iabduqj
Missin cathy
Great show


By SLS99
I moved away from the Chicagoland area two years ago and listen to this podcast every day still. They are always hilarious.
Keep up the great work. Never miss an episode!
So glad the podcasts are longer now. Love this show. Regardless of my travels, I listen to them everywhere. Staple in my morning!!!!!!
I love that you have this podcast. I listen to it Every. Single. Night. I like that you made it an hour long over versus the original half hour or used to be. Keep doing this please! It’s a great way to catch the show even though I can’t listen live in the morning. And Melissa ALWAYS has me laughing!!
Excellent show- 5 Stars for the full show! Living in Iowa, I have to get my waking up in Chicago fix. Love you guys!
I used to listen to Eric and Kathy in my car during my hour plus commute to work. I was transferred and now spend only a few minutes in the car and found myself missing this show in the mornings until I remembered that there's a podcast! Now I listen to the shows while I'm at work and it helps get me through the work day! Keep up the great work and hysterical shows Eric, Kathy, Melissa, and Whip!
In Chicagoland area and America. Used to not find it funny... Now I came around and I enjoy it. Actually I chose Eddie and Jobo back in the day but I came around, right?? Ehhhh, but I digress. You guys rock. Whip and Melissa😍 too
Did they really just do a comparison of cheeseburgers vs patty melts for the second time in less than 6 months ?
Great show I listen every morning. Wish they podcasted EVERY show though.


By Lo3113
I love this podcast! I listen on my hour drive to and from school! My only complaint is I wish they would load the podcasts a little more regularly.
I love the show and the podcast. The morning crew had an awesome MIX.
Make sure the files have Album Art before uploading, as the iTunes feed isn't doing it correctly! Love the show, regardless. Keeps me sane on my trips to the GF's house.
I love Eric and Kathy. I listen to it everyday at work.
Great to listen to any time of the day
These guys are the best
Listen to this podcast daily. Eric Kathy Melissa and whip make me laugh so hard my coworker thinks im loosing it. Great job guys!!
I love listening to Eric and Kathy in the mornings. They are so much fun and make bad mornings into good ones.
I used to listen to Eric & Kathy growing up in Chicago and have always loved getting the day started with all their fun! So great to get to keep up via podcast while living in CA now. Love Eric, Kathy, and Melissa!!
I love being able to listen to highlights from my favorite morning show at my convenience. I'm not always up that early to hear it live. Great work and keep it up!
listen each monday ---- love the podcasts incase i miss one.


As a commuter, the podcast gives me something to look forward to on the long drive home! It sooo nice to be able to drive home after an awful day laughing! :)
I listen to them every morning. Absolutely hilarious.
As a lover of the show living in Australia, I really love the podcasts as I can listen in Australian mornings. I feel like I'm listening to my friends in Chicago, catching up on locAl gossip and news. Really love. GreAt for homesickness. Happy that Maynard Mondays and Sharp Attack are included. It is a fun way of being a Chicago sport fan to hear that.
Luv E&K every morning....listen to this anytime I need lough
So good I wish it was longer. Love the "Mix"
I love u guys. You are funny and I actually do learn things. Keep it up! :)
Loved listening to Eric and Kathy when I was in Chicago, the podcasts allow me to listen from my iPhone from St. Louis. Great morning pick me up. Only wish it was the full length of the show!
I love Eric & Kathy! This is such a funny show. I listen to it every morning and especially look forward to Patrick Kane party watch!
Commute into the city 2 days and the podcast allows me to catch up on days I don't come in. Glad length of podcast was extended on 5/3/10 when Fifth Third took over. Love the show and the chemistry between everyone.
I love listening to them on the radio. I'm listening to them now!


I love the Eric & Kathy podcast. I'm living in Indiana now, but I can still keep up with my favorite morning show... anytime or any place on my iPhone!
I can't find a better show to listen to.
I always listen to them while I get ready for the day!! They always let me leave my house happy and hopful for a great day!
I absolutly love this podcast. It is just the right lenght, the right price (free), and the right radio personalities. They put tons of funny moments from the show, and they never dissapoint me. Now I can listen to Eric and Kathy whenever, wherever.
I love the Eric and Kathy show and I listen to it everyday! I listened to them live on the radio when I drove to work. I'm now away at school and I'm so thankful that they produce this podcast!!!
They are the best personalities on the radio. They are my faviorite voices ever. Wish they were alittle longer though. They are sooooooooooo funny!!!!!! Eric, Kathy, Mellisa, and Mark, they always out do themselves. LOVE THEM!!!
If you LOVE the eric and kathy show, you should LOVE LOVE LOVE the viv and lo show. Search the viv and lo show!! yay!!
I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE listening 2 Eric And Kathy befor i go 2 school Everyday they make me laugh every single time LOVE IT Well i love 101.9 the mix
I love Eric & Kathy! Any chance you could make your podcast your ENTIRE morning show? I need more.
I'm originally from Lombard, but wam now at college about 4 hours south of Chicago. Their podcast is the best thing ever, and it still allows me to listen to them when I miss the show because I'm in classes. I just wish that it would be a little longer.
tis is a great radio show.i only get to hear it on friday morning,but now i have this!


By millron
Used to live in Naperville...never missed Eric & Kathy...miss them now that I live in Oregon. I love this podcast. They host the best morning show in America. The only criticism that I have is that it isn't long enough...that, and they don't have a Melissa VIDEO podcast.