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I’ve been listing to their regular show since 2005 and now the odd cast is the show without regulations. It is funny, spooky, and super entertaining... Love it!!
Can’t begin to say how much thus show means to me. Discovered Bob and Shari during my before sunrise commutes from Poughkeepsie to Albany on 98.5 The Cat. Could only pick them up for awhile in the mountains and would strain to hear as the signal faded, and missed them during commercials, news and even the music. Thank God for the podcast! I never fail to laugh out loud, even in my darkest moods and through troubled times. It’s so great to have the whole team in the car with me. Just wish I had found them sooner. Great job!
I wanted to let the people who are complaining about the political ads in the show that these ads are not controlled by Bob & Sheri. They are placed ahead of the show by the companies that are delivering the podcast to you. We don't receive payment for those spots and don't know when or where they are being placed. Bob & Sheri know that this is a place you come to escape politics. We have been in contact with our podcasting partners to let them know we don't want these ads in the show. Hopefully, there will be fewer and fewer of these over time. Please know that we don't control these ads and we don't want them in the show any more than you do. Thanks to all our podcast listeners for your support and your positive reviews. --Tony Garcia, Now Media, LLC, the Bob & Sheri Show.
I've been listening to this show for 15 years, first on the radio and now the podcast. After all these years, I feel like Bob, Sheri, Max and Todd are my friends! Love you guys!
I love the show and wouldn’t dare to miss an episode!
I love the show!! I don't miss an episode. You guys are the BOMB! I have been a listener for 20 years!
Bob and Sheri are my imaginary BFFS. I'm always listening to this podcast while I work or drive, for the past 3 years. Doing a consistant something for 3 years straight is pretty darn rare for the fact that I haven't once gotten sick of them means they are GOLDEN! Seriously though - there are days when Bob, Sheri, Max, and Todd are my shining light - what calms me, gets me out of bed, and makes me in a better mood. They are so honest with every aspect of their lives and that's what I love about them. I am so grateful for them and the entire team that puts this together <3
I’ve been listening to the Bob and Sheri podcast for 10 years now! You guys aren’t on any radio stations where I live but I found the podcast by chance when looking for something to listen to when I started my job working nights in 2009. Fast forward to now and I’ve been a letter carrier for 8 years now and I’ve been listening everyday. You guys have given me tons of laughter and great stories in this last decade and I just want to say thank you!! Side note- when I first started listening I would tear up laughing every time Max would crack up in the back ground. I actually looked up Bobs email and sent him and email letting him know I was a new listener and loved the show. AND HE REPLIED! lol he told me thanks for listening. Thank you Bob, Sheri, Max, Todd, and Lamar! Wes D.
I don’t like when you said to Bob, “let me finish” when you interrupt him all of the time. I just didn’t want Bob’s feelings hurt because he is a sensitive gentleman. Anyway, I love listening to the show!
They are hilarious, endearing, and just so much fun! I don’t know what I would do without this fantastic show to keep me company during all of my commutes. Their content is fresh and relatable. Love the show and the people that make it happen!
I listen to the podcast every day while editing; they always put a smile on my face. They feel like old friends (I’ve listened since Sheri was preg with C). I wish I could properly word how much the show means to me, but I’m not a good writer! Just know…. Y’all are the Marconi winners of my heart <3
You have started taking money from Trump for podcast ads??? A listener for 20 years, but I’m out on this note. This is beyond all belief. I have come to Bob and Sheri for years for a respite from the bitter and divisive politics of our country, and now I officially feel no place is off limits for this crap. What an extreme let down.
I’ve listened to this show for more than 10 years through the podcast format. They captured me first but the easy humor on pop culture but then they secured their place in my heart with their banter and stories of their lives. Their show is deeply relatable. In far, Max, Todd, Sheri and Bob are more like friends whom I’ve known for years more than a radio show. There’s no other show like theirs and I’m thankful every time I hear them.
Long long time listener. Always have enjoyed all but Bob’s jokey comments about female celebrities- adopting Baby Spice, staring at the other-worldly Angelina Jolie, are sounding super creepy. Times have thankfully changed. Knock it off Bob.
This show is so funny but it’s almost like listening to your friends talking. So often I was telling my husband well bob said this or Sheri said that and he said wait who’s Bob and Sheri?
I have listened to bob & Sheri for years. First with my kids on the way to school. Now I love the podcast. I don’t miss any of the show in a time frame that works for me. They are funny, sassy and real, I’m never bored. And sometimes I even agree with BOB. Ha.
I love Bob & Sheri so much. Seriously, I watch the clock every day for the time when I know that day’s podcast will be available. And on MW&F when the Oddcast drops, even better. Makes me laugh out loud. Just listen to it 1 day, and you’ll wonder how you lived without it.
Great Podcast, love listening to this crew. Very relatable and keeps you engaged.
Absolutely love this show , it’s Like having coffee with a couple of good friends
Came across show when in college and occasionally now when traveling. I’m so happy to have found them on podcasts! Including Odd-Kast and Fun Size. The whole team, great! Pretty much the ONLY morning show that doesn’t annoy me.
I have been listening to Bob and Sheri for so long I feel like part of the family. Also love Max and Todd. One of my favorite shows ever. Always brighten my day.
Always there to lighten my mood and add interesting factoids to my life!
Love Bob and Sheri ❤️ hilarious, uplifting, they keep the daily grind at bay, must listen top notch program ! Been a loyal listener since 09’
They are now apart of our lives! Wish we’d known about them a long time ago!
I’ve been a listener for over 15 years. Bob, Sheri, Max, Todd & Lamar have great chemistry, and all bring something unique to the air. They each have a great way of telling a story, sharing their lives, and making us laugh. Love the format & look forward to listening to the podcast every day. “The Odd Cast,” and “FunSize” are excellent additions! 👍🏻
I love Bob and Sheri! I listen to them everyday and talk about what they say like their my best friends, lol. Great show and gives you your daily dose of laughter.
A great way to start my workday. I can't get the station at work. Also, it lets me hear the whole show since my stations doesn't carry the las hour.
Great podcast they all work well together and I’m addicted
Thank goodness this isn’t your normal radio show! I love the podcast and never miss an episode. Bob, Sheri, Max, and Todd are so funny and have a great rhythm with each other that you only get from the years they have been doing this! You can’t buy that kind of chemistry. Keep up the great work, I love it!!
This is the best show ever!!! They are amazing!!!
Great show! They did away with the call In feature, which was always a little awkward and spotty in quality, and now have an app with a talkback feature. You can record a message to the show and comment on anything—one week, for example, they asked listeners to come up with a better title for an upcoming Lifetime film about the college admissions scandal, which bears the boring title “College Admissions Scandal.” B and S played back and commented on the best ones in an entertaining fashion. They do avoid political comment and the first hour is kid-friendly, as they seem to have a lot of young listeners.
I love the podcast! Now I can hear the whole show anytime of day, it’s great ☺️ I listen while I cook dinner and it makes my day
This show was 5 stars. Then, Bob and Sheri bought out their contracts. And when they “became their own bosses,” the show changed formats and started to go downhill. The network was clearly making them have a theme with people calling in every day. And it worked. The thing I loved about this show was hearing them interact with people from across the country. Seriously. Listen to the “best of.” It’s almost all people calling in. Then, they added “talk back” on the app and dropped the topic of the day. Probably easier for Todd to produce, but for listeners it is a drag. Now it is just hours of the two of them talking about the news and their lives— not lives of listeners. It is funny but getting old fast. The same stories over and over. Like listening to your granny reminiscing about life back in the old days. I have listened for 12 years. I doubt I’ll last another unless they change soon.
With all the troubles in our lives, I know I can count on the Bob and Sherry show to help me through my day. Thank you
I’ve listened to Bob&Sheri for at least 16 years, first on the radio and now via podcast. They’ve gotten me through middle school, high school, college, and grad school. If you’re looking for something light, talk-oriented, and comical from some smart people with something to say, this is for you.


By Hayjc
Highlight of my day, everyday!
I’m a long, long time listener, and feel like you’re family! Thanks for the laughs!
I listen to a Bob & Sheri every day you make me smile and they make me laugh they make each day a better day thanks Bob and Sheri
I have been listening to them since I was a teenager in fayettteville. I have since moved and am now living at the beach and recently discovered them on the podcast. I love listening to them talk about everyday stuff and their families. I wish I could ask Sherry mommy questions when I’m needing advice. Bob is so funny also and he makes he laugh out loud. I love how well the two of you work together. I too grew up kinda hard so I try to Be the parent I wish I had so I can relate with you both. It’s a struggle. Keep up the good work !
I’ve listened to B&S for a long time, when their podcast became available I was thrilled since my lifestyle changed due to motherhood & a disabled child. I’m now able to listen to them anywhere. They are so funny, just perfect together. I giggle all the time when listening.
I download the podcast every day. Funny, upbeat, and I get tips about books or movies- old and new- to check out.
Since I listen to Bob & Sheri on the podcast, I am able to save them & listen to them as often as possible. I’ve listened about Bob’s Italy trip at least 6 times. I love Sheri’s quotes from Grandma Black-hair, Grandma White-hair, & Grandma Peg leg. Todd’s life is hilarious and Max’s mom reminds me of one of my aunts. All in all, in some way, I can relate to each one of them. Sheri, I would love for you to publish a cookbook with family recipes and have the guys include some of theirs too. (Especially since Bob’s a cook now. Go Bob!)
Bob and Sheri (And Max and Todd) are great. I’ve been listening since we moved back to NC in 2014. They never disappoint. They make the drive to work and back much more fun!
So funny, and you never know what interesting morsels Sheri will bring to the table - history, science, tabloid, mer-der - they’ve got it all!!
I’ve listened for over 16 years! Bob and Sheri (Max, Todd and Lamar) feel like friends without the drama! Lol!!! So relatable and hilarious! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
I love to listen to your podcast throughout the day. Usually when I'm doing carpool, traveling or doing chores around the house. Listening to your discussions and bits makes time fly by and any activity more enjoyable. Please keep doing what your doing.
I’m 34 now, and I have been listening since Junior High! You all make me laugh each and every day and even give me some book learnin along the way!
Bob... Bob... Bob... Just kidding - honestly, I love this show. Bob, Sheri, Max and Todd talk about the same kinds of things that you do only they’re funny. It’s a great show to listen to on the way to work or even at work or if you should be at work but have opted to stay at home and burn some sick time. It’s good, mostly clean fun. Also, plenty of stories about morons, mostly from Florida, and hilarious takes on news of the day. They keep it light and stay away from politics so it’s great for a room full of people (like an office, since having a listening party seems a little overboard) or if you just need to decompress.
I’ve been following Bob & Sheri for years. So excited to follow their podcast. I can listen whenever and wherever. It always cheers me up and makes me laugh.