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I’m a long, long time listener, and feel like you’re family! Thanks for the laughs!
I listen to a Bob & Sheri every day you make me smile and they make me laugh they make each day a better day thanks Bob and Sheri
Bob and Sheri are my imaginary BFFS. I'm always listening to this podcast while I work or drive, for the past 3 years. Doing something for 3 years straight is pretty rare for the fact that I haven't once gotten sick of them means they are GOLDEN! Seriously though - there are days when Bob, Sheri, Max, and Todd are my shining light - what calms me, gets me out of bed, and makes me in a better mood. They are so honest with every aspect of their lives and that's what I love about them. I am so grateful for them and the entire team that puts this together <3
I have been listening to them since I was a teenager in fayettteville. I have since moved and am now living at the beach and recently discovered them on the podcast. I love listening to them talk about everyday stuff and their families. I wish I could ask Sherry mommy questions when I’m needing advice. Bob is so funny also and he makes he laugh out loud. I love how well the two of you work together. I too grew up kinda hard so I try to Be the parent I wish I had so I can relate with you both. It’s a struggle. Keep up the good work !
I’ve listened to B&S for a long time, when their podcast became available I was thrilled since my lifestyle changed due to motherhood & a disabled child. I’m now able to listen to them anywhere. They are so funny, just perfect together. I giggle all the time when listening.
I download the podcast every day. Funny, upbeat, and I get tips about books or movies- old and new- to check out.
Since I listen to Bob & Sheri on the podcast, I am able to save them & listen to them as often as possible. I’ve listened about Bob’s Italy trip at least 6 times. I love Sheri’s quotes from Grandma Black-hair, Grandma White-hair, & Grandma Peg leg. Todd’s life is hilarious and Max’s mom reminds me of one of my aunts. All in all, in some way, I can relate to each one of them. Sheri, I would love for you to publish a cookbook with family recipes and have the guys include some of theirs too. (Especially since Bob’s a cook now. Go Bob!)
Bob and Sheri (And Max and Todd) are great. I’ve been listening since we moved back to NC in 2014. They never disappoint. They make the drive to work and back much more fun!
So funny, and you never know what interesting morsels Sheri will bring to the table - history, science, tabloid, mer-der - they’ve got it all!!
I’ve listened for over 16 years! Bob and Sheri (Max, Todd and Lamar) feel like friends without the drama! Lol!!! So relatable and hilarious! ❤️❤️❤️❤️
I love to listen to your podcast throughout the day. Usually when I'm doing carpool, traveling or doing chores around the house. Listening to your discussions and bits makes time fly by and any activity more enjoyable. Please keep doing what your doing.
I’m 34 now, and I have been listening since Junior High! You all make me laugh each and every day and even give me some book learnin along the way!
Bob... Bob... Bob... Just kidding - honestly, I love this show. Bob, Sheri, Max and Todd talk about the same kinds of things that you do only they’re funny. It’s a great show to listen to on the way to work or even at work or if you should be at work but have opted to stay at home and burn some sick time. It’s good, mostly clean fun. Also, plenty of stories about morons, mostly from Florida, and hilarious takes on news of the day. They keep it light and stay away from politics so it’s great for a room full of people (like an office, since having a listening party seems a little overboard) or if you just need to decompress.
I’ve been following Bob & Sheri for years. So excited to follow their podcast. I can listen whenever and wherever. It always cheers me up and makes me laugh.
They are smart, funny and real. I’ve been listening for 15 years and that hasn’t changed, they just uncover new stories to tell and ways to make the listeners crack up. Love me some Bob and Sheri (and Max ad Todd). :)
Been listening to Bob & Sheri on the radio for at least 16 years, and changed to the podcast when they started it, also listen to the Oddcast. They always make me laugh and I love their personalities. When I’m busy, I have to play catch up, and sometimes have 2 weeks of podcasts to finish, and I listen to every single one. They’re my favorite podcasts. I’ve listened for so long that they just feel like 2 old friends who make me laugh. ❤️
I listen to Bob & Sheri on my local radio station for years. I was really upset when the radio station stopped carrying their show. I was really excited to find the podcast and I listen to it every single day. Bob and Sheri are very down to earth, talk about things that the average person wants to hear about and they make me laugh out loud. I love this Podcast.


By Jrcamp
Love Bob and Sheri!
I’m a long time listener to the show. Being able to listen to the whole show on podcast has been so great for me. As long as they make them, I’ll be listening.
I’ve been listening for 18 years now and it only gets better. The chemistry, the energy, the excitement is all really amazing. I love getting my daily dose of Bob & Sheri!!
I spend an average of two hours a day with Bob, Sheri, Max and Todd. Have been a listener for almost 20 years. They feel like family members!! I laugh so hard had their mostly relatable stories...all by myself in my car!! Just love their podcasts-all of them.
One of the few things I can listen to with the kids in the car but still thoroughly enjoy! Such a wife range of topics and just enough Jolene to make you come back for more.
Been listening to Bob & Sheri for so many years & still loving it! So glad they have a podcast that I can listen to without radio commercials and the luxury of pausing, backing up & repeating! 😁 B&S and Max & Todd make me laugh every time I listen to them!
Loves me some sheri, im telling u id knock the dust off it. The Pod gives me life, yall r great
Old Friends make you laugh and rest in the warmth of their understanding. Bob and Sheri plus Lamar, Todd, Jim and Max make me feel that kind, thoughtful and just people are still out there in the world toiling for happiness and productivity. I have some company... Friends. I have listened for nearly 15 years. Thanks.
I prefer to listen live, but Bob & Sheri are not in my market. When I can’t stream, the podcast is perfect. And I don’t have to listen to Top 40 music. Also perfect when I’m overseas.
I so look forward to 10am every morning so I can listen to the Bob and Sheri podcast!! I love Bob, Sheri, Max, Todd, Lamar and Jim!! Their synergy is the best and so fun to listen to !! Keep it up, y’all !!! Much love!!!
Been listening to Bob and Sheri for 20 years and will continue to listen until they quit. They are funny and charming and after all this time feels like family I actually like.
I have been listening to Bob & Sheri since 1999! I can’t imagine a morning without them making me laugh, think, and even once in a while cry! They brighten my day and get me ready to take on the world!
Why did the episodes stop uploading to Apple podcasts?
Been listening for years and sometimes I miss hearing the whole show so I love having the Podcast to get to hear the whole show and or to listen to it again. I put in my earbuds and get to work listening to my favorite program.
You can never have too much Bob & Sheri! This show is so funny - I often find myself laughing out loud. They can bring a smile to your face with any segment or story that’s told. Bob and Sheri truly are one of the most iconic duos.
I’ve been a listener of the Bob & Sheri show for more than 10 years now. The chemistry between Bob, Sheri, Todd, Chad, Lamar & Jim is superb. From Morons in the News to Lamar's Movie Reviews & Sports Confuse Me this show/podcast is absolutely entertaining. Throw in some life experiences from listener call-ins, it's like hanging out with old friends passing the day away.
Been listening to Bob & Sheri for 20 years but have switched to the podcast several years ago. Gets right to the good stuff. Love Love Love my Bob & Sheri.
An afternoon spent at the Laundromat is now more tolerable with Bob and Sheri streaming into my earbuds with this podcast.
Bob & Sheri (and Max and Todd and all the others) put out a quality radio show every week day and the pod cast is the best way to hear it! It’s funny and heart-warming. The content is interesting and really well-done. I listen while I work out and never miss an episode!
After living 45 years in upstate New York and moving to Wisconsin, I missed waking up each day to Bob and Sheri and their “eastern” style of humor. What?! I can listen to their podcasts while driving, shopping, painting, and baking? Like being back home.
My kids and I listen everyday!
Snaps?? Been listening to this show for more than 15 years! My kids would tease me about it, saying Bob and Sheri were my imaginary friends. This podcast is outstanding! Somewhere between the Bob-isms (you know how he is) and Sheri’s quick wit, I am certain to LOL and learn something new every day!
I have been listening to Bob and Sheri for at least 18 years. Unfortunately due to my job, I cannot listen live, but with the pod cast and odd cast, I can take them with me everywhere. I download and listen to the show every day, and sometimes I repeat. Thanks Bob and Sheri for making me laugh every day!


Love the show! Listen in podcast for all I miss during the morning when I work
Bob and Sheri give me life!! I have been listening for about 2 decades and Bob, Sheri, Max, and Todd feel like family to me. I hate it that the show has been cut so short so I am excited about the oddcast.
This is now how I listen. Can't stand the music played most of the time on the live show and local affiliate during the show. Stopped listening. Then I got into the podcast habit I can now enjoy this great team without enduring the awful pop music
I happened to catch them on the radio years ago in the wee small hours of the morning on my way to work. Was happy to find the podcast and listen to it every day. I miss the long format, but will take what I can get.
Bob and Sheri are funny, inspirational, and a joy to listen to every day. Thanks for everything you guys do!!!
Looks like most reviews are very old. Bob & Sheri are great. I like the new format where the whole show is in one episode. I think most of the bad reviews actually reflect management decisions to cut the amount of time Bob & Sheri can talk and not the actual content.
This is my favorite podcast! I've been listening since January 2007 and love Bob and Sheri. Their show has been there when I needed a good laugh on a not so good day. They are the best.
This is a show I must listen to every week day. Bob, Sheri, Max and Todd feel like part of my dysfunctional family. Thank you all for what you do each day.
I love this podcast! Bob & Sheri, Max, Todd, and Lamar are like a family: warm, witty, and a lot of fun! Not sure why there's always issues with the Friday upload of the podcast and I am not a fan of posting a 5 min clip and/pr a 40 min clip of the show- seems like a waste of time if you are going to listen to the whole podcast anyway. But that has nothing to do with the quality of the show itself. Been listening to this podcast since it debuted and though it's gone through A LOT of format changes, Bob & Sheri have remained on point and indispensible! <3