Reviews For 808Talk : Hawaii Podcast ハワイポッドキャスト

I've been listening to V. Brown for a little over a year now and I've truly enjoyed every episode. It was really helpful in planning my first trip to Hawaii and I've since been gathering tips for my next visit to paradise. It's very informative, but also very entertaining with all different types of music from island artists and occasional sound tours of event or special places on the islands. Thanks for the great podcast V.
A nice 'cast that often reminds me why its worth spending over 9 hours on a plane to get there.
If you love Hawaii, you should check out 808Talk! The host of the show, V Brown, takes you to Hawaii each week with local news, music, events, and much more. In addition to each podcast being packed with 808 information, the host has a great personality and radio voice. This is my very favorite podcast out there. Mahalo, V Brown, for putting on an excellent show each week!!
I was raking leaves today as I listened to 808Talk. Winter is right around the corner in Wisconsin, but somehow it always seems a little warmer when I'm listening to V. Brown. Since I can't make it to Hawaii, keep bringing Hawaii to me! Aloha from the Badger State!
V. Brown puts out a podcast full of news, current events, and discussions about places to visit when you're in the 50th state. Since I don't live there and don't get there often, it's a great weekly "mental visit", including local music samples and a corresponding Vodcast to help with the visual. My favorite podcast was last year's Halloween edition with spooky Hawaiian superstitions and stories about haunted places in the islands. Chicken skin for sure!
My last episode played as my plane touched down in Honolulu. These podcasts prepared me for my trip and clued me in on the culture and Island ways. Like most people, I bought a few travel books but didn't get around to reading them. We had a very good itinerary from a friend, but the 808Talk shows filled in the blanks. As we toured we learned some history but realized we had already learned so much from the podcasts. The vodcats, news, culture and history are great for anyone getting ready to visit or just trying to stay connected to Hawaii today.
As a transplant who misses Hawaii and the spirit of Aloha, I look forward to hearing each new episode. Aside of talking about things going on in Hawaii, I look forward to the musical selections. Especially episode 62 where Nick Cotton sings "All right". His music and voice will bring back great memories that you may have of Hawaii, it's people and it's spirit of Aloha. Great job, 808Talk. Keep it up!
V. Brown and his various co-hosts have put together the most well-rounded Hawaii podcast. Want to know about the local issues, it's in the news segment. Local Hawaiian music, every week features at least two music selections. Traveling to the islands? Check out the vodcast for salivating images and Hawaii Travel gives great advice on a regular basis. My favorite episodes include great information such as episode 49 which focused on the annual Spam festival, but also include episodes that have focused on King Kamehameha and visits to the Big Island, Kauai and remotes areas of Oahu. So sit back and enjoy a weekly bit of aloha.
Mahalo 808Talk! Wonderful Hawaiian vibe.
Wanna get away? Thinking of going to Hawaii? Then this podcast is a must. Find out many cool places, beaches, restaurants and more that sound like jewels that you would likely miss unless you get tuned in. Once you get tuned in - you will want to go to Hawaii. I have only been to maui, but I am ready to check out Oahu after hearing this podcast.
Host V.Brown provides you free and independent inside look at life in Hawaii! Here in Alaska we use 808Talk as our source for planning winter getaways. If your planning a first time visit, I suggest you start by listening to 808Talk to provide you rich and resourceful information of where to go and what to see!
Right on 808 Talk Cru!
808Talk is great because it helps to learn about all aspects of Hawaii for those planning to visit, live there, or just want to learn more about the islands - not just tourist-type of information. The hosts talk about news, events, places to visit, local traditions, conflicts, facts about Hawaii, and feature local artists that have ties to Hawaii. The hosts are also very responsible about updating the show weekly.
I've been a long time listener to 808Talk. I love hearing what's going on in Hawaii and actually met Vern on a recent trip to Honolulu. The guys and their guests always seems to entertain. Keep up the great works guys!