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DN is the most honest and best news source. I have been dedicated to DN for years. Keep up the great work!
I simply love Democracy Now! Small warning, this much reality in one place and real honest discussions and reporting of the real news in America can be a little hard to hear sometimes. Nonetheless, we all need to know what is going on so we can actively work to have the nation we want that values each member.
Always get my news from here, great perspective very relevant, and excellent interviews!
When I read the few conservative, nationalist critiques, the more telling. They wouldn’t know the difference between a socialist and a liberal. They have a Pavlovian reaction to both terms, but no handle on their meanings.
A greatly informative podcast covering the news of the day you may not be hearing from other sources. Amy Goodman is a tireless reporter.
Democracy Now! is far from flawless ; I do not believe Amy Goodman is so narcissistic she sees her program or herself as such. Nonetheless, when I began paying more attention to electoral politics and current events, DN! was foundational in how I came to observe the news. In fact, it is thanks to Amy's work I am no longer a wishy-washy Democrat with indifference to worldwide oppression (often caused or contributed to by the U.S.). Because of this, I will always feel a particular loyalty to her work (I donate every couple months) and continue to consume and defend it.
I listen to the live broadcast of Democracy Now when I can, otherwise, I listen to the podcast or re-listen when it is important. It has become one of my main sources of national and international news and events.
I greatly appreciate DN's mission to bring unfiltered, objective reporting to the airwaves. Amy Goodman helps challenge the defeated notion of disempowerment, that things can't change. I so greatly admire how this show elevates voices from around the world, particularly those from the margins.
Amy Goodman is a great journalist
I don't know how else to report a technical problem. I am getting duplicate entries of DN itself (not episodes) in my podcast list on my iPod. It doesn't happen with every new episode, but lately it's been every 2-3 episodes. I have to unsubscribe then delete DN to fix it. I hope you can fix it.
Your beginning music is very loud and overwhelming where I cannot here your opening review other than that great listen for working people who want the news
Let's put it this way, if everyone in america was getting is news from the headline of DN!, world peace would be achieved.
Wonderful podcast
I cant believe how bad the new version is. It now takes multiple clicks to play something it only took one click to play previously. It also is not immediately clear that you have already listened to an episode as before. Now you finish a episode and it does not show as played immediately. I am thinking of looking for another player unless apple fixes this soon
Y'all don't bury the lede the way far too many other news sources do. And I LOVE the interviewees you bring on the show!
I listen every morning for the facts before the spin is applied by the corporate entertainment news outlets on cable (CNN, Fox, MSNBC, etc). DN is reliable at providing headline news with historical context (as nothing truly happens in a vacuum). DN shoots very straight, with the details of news as it happens from the wars, domestic news, world news, proclaimations from the White House, laws from the Congress, etc. Amy, Jose, Nareem, etc do a wonderful job interviewing the often forgotten dissenting voices vital to a democracy like the anti-war, pro-labor, ethnic minority activists, world leaders, and nonpartisan independent investigative journalists like Glenn Greenwald, Jeremy Scahill, and Naomi Klein. I hope that other news outlets take notice to how DN enhances the mediascape as a well rounded aggregate for hard news.
Covers some under reported stories that the MSM ignores
This truly is the last of the independent journalism – they take no commercial sponsorships. All funding comes from listener donations. Yes, of course there is an agenda here as well, but it is not bought by corporate sponsorship. If nothing else, this gives you an honest perspective of one side of the story.
If you want to be informed about the world but are busy, Democracy Now provides a condensed version of majority news events and will introduce you to new perspectives, domestic and abroad.
It's an alright podcast, generally touches on a variety of topics including international issues. However, there is a MASSIVE amount of repetition throughout the episodes, as well as subpar reporting. They seem to fall for everyone of The Donald's stunts, which doesn't make it useful as an alternative to the "main stream" media. 3 stars because it's better then most, but that bars already set low... so... eh..


Well produced, thoughtful, timely, incisive
of We the People Against DISINFORMATION & Misinformation. Thank You!
stay informed
Glad to have a source of news outside of the reach of corporations and corrupt politicians.
I'm always pleased with DemocracyNow's willingness to bring to light the issues that no one else will consider. They're one of the few outlets doing honest reporting, and I value what they do immensely.


Love 💚
As an environmental scientist, this is the only news show I've found that really gives good context for environmental problems we face while giving a good primer in the politics surrounding these issues.
This is incredible, honest reporting on issues that face most people in the U.S. and the world. Dem Now does a good job bringing in people who are organizing themselves and those who are most directly impacted by climate change, corporate exploitation and state repression.
Amy Goodman and Democracy Now have been providing in-depth investigative journalism and news without the corporate influence for years and years, and I am so grateful they exist and continue to make such an excellent news show.
I keep up everyday
DN! reports on current events and allows me to follow what's going on around the world (not just in the US). It's a must-listen-to for people who are interested in social justice and who want to have a global view.
By far the best news source. Quality discussion on actual policy.
If you want actual news and not the drivel from MSM, listen to this everyday!
I have been a listener since last April and I can't believe how amazing DemocracyNow is! I have done my best to spread the word to friends and family also.
It leans very left, pro working class, and that's a breath of fresh air.
Earns my vote for excellence in journalism.
Amy Goodman her friends are doing an indispensable public service by their high quality critical reporting on the multitude injustices administered by capital and the state.
Non corporate media. Democracy now is an hour a day (five days a week) of a progressive paradise. Most of the guests aren't rich off of their opinions-that tells you something. If I were to suggest just one podcast to my fellow humans, this would be it.
I love this podcast. Keep up the good work.
Full disclosure: Amy Goodman is my personal hero. And so happy that Juan Gonzalez has staid on for the important work they do. My only complaint is I wish it was longer and twice a day!
I absolutely love the reporting on this show, but only have time to watch it every now and again. Having the audio on the go, seeing as I drive all the time, is fantastic. I love the show and the information it brings about domestic affairs.
Great info not always balanced presentation
Amy Goodman is a global patriot. grateful for her.
Amy Goodman and co. provide the best daily news coverage in audo or video format. Their guests are not paid commentators but actually journalists, activists, or other people at the frontlines of the topics being discussed. Time is not wasted on meaningless topics, but rather Democracy Now gives coverage to many of the stories ignored by other sources of "mainstream" media.
Amy Goodman serves as an example for her astute daily reporting of today's news. Never have I encountered a more desirable role model for young women everywhere.
Excellent program! Quality reporting everyday, awesome guests invited on the show. On any major issue, look to this show for the best analysis.
This podcast takes intelligent and bipartisan news reporting to the next level. I say bipartisan because although the podcast is obviously very progressive, they are not afraid to question both parties. Informed experts weigh in on the issues daily. I could not recommend this podcast more.
This is the highest quality journalism that's available in the U.S. No corporate sponsors. No fluff or downtime babble amongst hosts. Interviews are always in depth and cohesive as the guests are allowed to go into great detail without pundits constantly interrupting. Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez are living legends- the whole staff speaks truth to power and sheds light on the darkest stories in an effort to strengthen our democracy as a whole.
Great podcast! Absolutely essential news and analysis from an independent, non corporate news source.