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Hands down The Best program in progressive journalism out there. Amy and team have been the voices for democracy for decades. They are the best.
This program is thoughtful journalism positioned with human dignity. Hearing directly from representatives of who is directly impacted by the news is when this team truly shines!
I seek a news cast resistant to the corporate forces Chomsky desciribes in manufacturing consent. Chomsky Nader Vandana Shiva & others are often featured for that I’m thankful. Given the rot in the Democratic Party & it’s corporate donor class we need the hard critical substance of the Grayzone Load & Clear and the Empire Files all of which get 5 stars from me.
The headlines in the first portion of the program are one of the most useful things about the DN! podcast. Goodman runs down a number of issues that are ignored by the mainstream media. Since I don’t have time to listen to the entire show every day, one suggestion would be to have a separate feed with segments of the show, similarly to the website.
I’ve come to rely on DN for in-depth news coverage of subject both within the US and internationally. I particularly appreciate the viewpoint of common people’s experiences and movements.
I’ve gone back and forth on this podcast. I’m quite left leaning but I draw the line at conspiracy theories that don’t make sense. It’s one thing to have a guest come on and pedal them, I could look past that. But for the host to without any proof and without having all the facts? That’s irresponsible reporting can do better.
Left Leaning Idententy politics driven. Less than a minute in and they had already used all of the ID Politic "phobias" plus racism to describe the State of the Union address. I understand that many do not like the president, but this is as bad as CNN. I was looking for something unbiased, but this is not it.
Though maybe don’t start your day with it. It is almost always a downer, as it reminds us of the sorry state of the world with sobering clarity. Amy is eternally frank, Juan’s got an underlying amusement in everything he says, and Nermeen is severe. Their deliveries harken back to a time when journalists attempted objectivity, if only in tone, even where the framing makes their positions quite clear. I hate to label things “left” or “right”, as I think it is less meaningful than “toward” or “away” from truth. DN is definitely the former.
A good news supplement, if you can filter out the interwoven subjective modifiers and statements, and factor in their worldview as they continue on through the program segments.
China number zero
Timely and thorough
Amy Goodman reports well researched stories. She never tells me how to think about these things, just offers the facts. I like that. Then they play absolute BANGERS to transition between stories. I like that too. Anyone who says something dumb like “the media is full of liars/fake news/whatever” obviously isn’t making any effort to seek out good journalism - it’s right here ya goof balls!
Independent media rules!!!
A gut check, a dose of reality. A lengthy and sober-minded, often times baffling, uncomfortable blunt force dose of truth and justice and righteous indignation. An overwhelming news program at times for the sheer amount of outrage it will instill in you and helplessness it might feel at times but hits all the marks and maintains all the tenants of virtuous and valuable Journalism.
that’s all there is to it, don’t listen to the whining, brainwashed old men on here giving out one stars, no other news source competes except PBS.
my #1 news source
Finally a non-corporate news source that actually gives historical context instead of just click-bait sound bites
I came across this podcast searching for a quality nation-wide news source. This podcast is the best I have found at covering important issues in a way that allows the listener to better understand the issues, not just root for a particular side of the story. Each episode begins with a brief reading of headlines followed by in depth interviews. I would recommend this to anyone who wants their news to help them to better understand the various motivations and agendas behind current events.
.......ever think of changing that theme music? It screams 1980s cable access.
This news organization isn’t like the others. It is more independent, more objective, they interview a more diverse group of individuals, there’s more international news coverage. I do wish there was (a lot) less about what Trump says. What he says has almost no relationship with reality or the truth; he only says things that will further divide the country, and it makes me sad that the more independent-thinking Democracy Now takes his bait.
In the US, Democracy Now used to be the only source for serious news coverage from a left perspective. Now, in the age of cable news and the Twitterfication of American journalism, Democracy Now is the only source of serious news coverage in the US, period.
Weird propaganda piece about Chinese concentration camps - anti-CCP propaganda
This podcast in is invaluable in making the connections between seemingly disparate groups. It gives us in-depth analysis which promotes understanding of issues and challenges us to step out of our set ideas and comfort zones.
This podcast gives no proof of any of their arguments and spend half of their time slandering the president and his supporters. These people are not out to protect American values, but to promote Democratic Socialism in our country, which in reality, is just socialism. This is socialist propaganda, not news
We are a Republic. The left used democracy as a code word for socialism. Watch Nancy, Bernie and the gang throw the word around. Now for the podcast. Ok at best. I have a 3 hour round trip commute and listen only when either I’m caught up with my prime setup or need to hear the other side.
I typically listen only to right leaning podcasts. I was looking for a left leaning podcast and found this one. I was actually pleasantly surprised at how center the commentary was. All the stories are leftist.
Democracy now is the best daily news program around. If you want to hear stories missing from your big news companies, or you just want a deeper prospective regarding the topics making the headlines, this is the show you need.
I started listening in 2005 on local college radio and been a fan since! I love the strong emphasis of addressing humanitarian issues
I have been listening for a few weeks now your data on msnbc is false they have been listing the climate and the crisis for weeks and the ALL of the daily anchors and staff have continually showed that all of these current storms put together are a Climate crisis
Democracy Now! is the epitome of what hard-hitting critical journalism should be. Amy and Juan do an amazing job bringing up and discussing issues and stories that are either ignored or distorted by corporate media.
Three years ago I didn't know what a podcast was. Democracy Now! was the very first podcast I ever downloaded and it started my addiction to podcasts. It's now my primary souce of news and I now subscribe to 40+ other podcasts. The mainstream media (CNN, Fox, MSNBC, etc.) are more focused on ratings than highlighting what's going on in the U.S. and around the world. I can't express how relevant and imporant Democracy Now! is. This podcast introduced me to The Intercept which I'm also addicted to because they are relentless in exposing the misdeeds of governments and corporate America. We all owe Democracy Now! an enormous debt of gratitude for staying true to their drive to share REAL news with the masses.
Today’s guest gives one of the best interviews I’ve ever listened to for clarity in understanding the real border tragedy as it evolves daily. Thank you!
I have listened to Democracy Now! every day for over a decade. Thank you Amy for all of your amazing reporting ❤️
Thanks for covering the grit, the stories of justice and injustice we all need to know!!
Amy Goodman and all the other folks at DemocracyNOW! work tirelessly to bring worldwide news and analysis every week day. They actually cover climate change like the crisis that it is, and they constantly correct the record when politicians blatantly lie. I could not recommend this podcast more!!
This is an outstanding podcast! I listen to several podcasts daily & this is now top of my must haves. Love the music also.
I started listening to Democracy Now last year. Ever since then I have felt more up to date with REAL news about what is going on across my country and around the world than I ever have before. This is a podcast I know I can trust!
Democracy Now! always reports what’s actually happening in the world and dissects complicated issues. They are a must-listen!
So Bias, should be called activism .org
This is essential to listen to everyday if you want to know what’s really happening.
Relentless. Tireless. Fearless. Utterly necessary. Not impartial. Extremely biased in favor of humanity. An air raid siren in the current media landscape. Get with this program.
Amy Goodman by any measure is a saint
Forget MSM been listening for nearly whole time Amy has been on the air. Listen daily to get my pulse on what’s happening and love the individual topics full show provided
I’ve been listening for over 20 years. Nearly everyday. Can’t imagine my mornings without Amy’s grating voice that’s often like nails on a chalkboard. But I endure it gladly because it’s untarnished journalism with no corporate handlers. And that makes Amy a national treasure
Did everyone forget about what he did to Chelsea Manning?
Excellent investigative journalism. The best source for news if you want to stay truly informed.