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Amy share with your listeners that both bleach and iodine will purify water, no need to boil. Bleach 2-4 drops per quart or Iodine 5-10 drops per quart. 😉💙🙃
Amy goodman is basically nana. This is Real journalism.
I love this podcast, Amy and her crew are always there for me early in the morning as I’m driving to work, they report real news and on things most MSM outlets don’t talk about. Just one issue I have with the podcast, why do you always have to end at a certain time? I get so nervous whenever a guest is told “we only have 10 seconds left” and then they stumble on their words as they try to sum up their point as fast as possible, it’s really quite annoying. Other than that I love what they do, keep up the good work guys!!
I love the news overview and range of guests Democracy Now provides. I listen everyday and think it’s a valuable source of information. However I think there are some major areas for improvement. My main suggestion is for the hosts to ask more concise pointed questions, instead of rambling for a minute and then telling the guests “talk about this”.
The last 4 years have been some of the worst years in DN’s history. They transformed from an independent news organization that reported on the under-reported news stories or abuses of power by both political parties, and that had on guests to discuss pressing issues in the country, into another corporate mainstream media organization. They were no different than CNN or MSNBC while the “Bad Orange Man” was in power. DN also fully embraced identity politics during that time period, shifting further and further left and exposing more and more their biases. With the Dems back in power, it is my hope that DN goes back to what made them a special and important organization. We need to be informed on the important issues of today and have intelligent discussions on how our country’s problems can be fixed. We do not need another corporate media outlet.
This podcast is amazing! I appreciate the curation of stories in combination with guest conversations. The journalism is spot on and the podcast format helps me carve out an hour of my day that I can dedicate to informing myself on life outside of my bubble. This podcast couldn’t really get any better, my wish would be that it would be released earlier so that I could listen to it as I go to work — but I can totally work around that (eps usually pop in around 8-9 I believe). Thank you for this important journalism!
Absolutely essential, I listen every day. The only thing I would suggest is finding a way to indicate to guests that segment is about to end other than saying, “10 seconds left” it seems like this often throws the guest off track and causes that last ten seconds to not be utilized.
Amy is a shining example of what journalists should be doing! Best place to get news and perspective.
I love this show. Great guests and conversations. Especially love the segments with Noam. But please change the funky 70s theme music intro. Not exactly in keeping with the show’s central themes.
Thanks to you all for so much dedication and hard work! The world needs more democracy now!!!! 💜
Where is the proof of Uyghurs in concentration camps? Where is the proof of slave labor? You quickly blurt unsubstantiated info from known anti Semite and anti communist Adrian Zenz. Anyone reading this should look into the background of Adrian Zenz and ask yourself why would democracy now bring him on WITHOUT mentioning he is a fellow at Victims of Communism memorial foundation. Bringing on a known anti communist who accuses China baselessly. Why not mention his anti Semitic background?? Also ask yourself why these Uyghur stories lead back to Adrian or to department of defense-backed think tank Australian strategic policy institute? Using Adrian Zenz, a known antisemite, as a source is what turned me away from democracy now. Also strange how DN doesn’t state Adrian Zenz is a fellow for Victims of Communism Memorial Foundation. A foundation that counts Nazi deaths during WW2 as victims of communism. So disappointed in Democracy Now.
Can’t imagine my mornings without democracy now. Thank you all for this important work!
You answered all of the questions, I had about understanding the Latino vote of this election, and you supplied a comprehensive and simple insight on this important issue.
This is essential. An incredibly concise summary of US and global news, followed by views from experts. I cannot imagine my weekdays without this!
Amy Goodman calls it how it is yes the show leans more progressive and they don’t hide that but they call balls and strikes and I appreciate that. Also love the voices they have on the show if you want news and straight facts this show is your best bet
Despite the amount of time that has to be spent calling out the dangers and excesses of oppression in the US and globally, at its core, Democracy Now still manages to be an eternally optimistic light in the darkness.


By ychehin
This is true journalism! With a critical eye, Amy and her team gives us points of views hard to come across in other media outlets. 🙏🏼
Love the thorough interviews,
Amy Goodman is a star and one of the best journalist!!
Sound quality is unlistenable. She’s just shouting over way too loud music on a low quality mic. Alex Jones wanna be
I would love to give a better review but for someone who talks on the radio for a living, really seems to have a hard time speaking. You hear every breath, every mistake and every swallow. Content is good. Obviously left-wing, and could be longer to really tackle the issues they cover.
Give it a shot!
This is how I pictured media supposed to be: the watchdog for the people by educating & informing more details of the truthfulness
I’m not going to look up how long Amy has been covering the news, but it brings to mind the long term commitment category.... Think Bernie Sanders and you’re there. Always on the side of the oppressed, always digging for the whole truth and nothing but.
They dont accept advertising. It is absolutely better than corporate media and the biased “prestigious” PBS.
Staid balance between proper establishment news and left wing polemic that I like. In the anarcho syndicalist utopia I dream of, this is how cnn would be
I have been listening Pacifica Radio for 20 years. Obviously I appreciate its large reporting of news from all around the world, which is not the case of the majority of American networks. But, right now, in this very special moment, I would like to remember that we need to be UNITED if we want to be liberated from this current administration!! Attacking Biden is NOT working in this direction! Dividing Biden’s supporters is going to make Trump re-elected!! If you really want to criticize Biden , why not waiting until he is elected?? We need to follow an intelligent strategy .... 🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻
I depend on Democracy Now for accurate news, and professionalism. So grateful to have it.
She is everything I like about New Yorkers , real, straight forward and compassionate. Right on!
I will still listen despite the one sided (Left of Chè Guevara) reporting. Amy does uncover something important on occasion, and I’ll always at least listen to diverse opinions.
I like the fact that they do in depth interviews but rarely listen to them in full. I feel the interview style is often very leading and focuses on the details of human suffering at great length. I’m often in the fence as to the necessity of such pieces. Predictably, the coverage is blatantly biased but still has the professional sheen that is supposed to convince to you otherwise. I’d like to see more debates and challenging perspectives. You should be very wary of news media that you agree with all the time. Consent can be manufactured.
I started watching this show when it first came out in the firehouse but It all went down hill when Amy started combing her hair. The only time the show was ever good was when they used to have Glen Greenwald on to set the record straight about the silly red scare garbage that the corporate media manufactured out of thin air. Can’t listen anymore, way too corpy for me now
Thanks to the whole DN team for your years of thoughtful news coverage.


By EdeTM
Simply the best news show available.
This is the only program that brings to light all the injustice in our world. I’ve been a listener for at least 15 years. Thank you DN! Team for the truth!
Democracy Now is more important now than ever! The national & world wide coverage of current events is not heard on network or cable media. The inclusion of marginalized brothers & sisters are focused on here. Thank you to all the staff who works so hard to tell the truth always!
Great source of news though the theme song scares my cat.
The Democracy Now! team does an incredible job gathering solid Information about stories your won’t hear anywhere else. A relentless pipeline protest reporter, Amy Goodman deserves all the love across the board.
This is one of my favorite news podcasts to listen to but I just have one issue with it - Amy interrupts the guests and/or talks over them. I understand there's a time constraint but there's a better way to do that. Other than that I love it.
I listen to it every single day
Democracy Now has been one of the most steady and consistent resources for me to get the truth in news happening not only in the US but all around the world. Their in depth interviews are great and I always know I’m going to get the facts about what’s going on. Even if it’s not what I’m wanting to hear at least I get the truth here. Only issue I have is that they really need to work on timing the end of their program during interviews. So many great interviews abruptly cut off mid-thought. Other than that, amazing show every day.
What I enjoy about this program is that it covers current “news” stories that are difficult to find on other programs. Most news stories only cover political stories. The same stories every other station is covering. And there’s so much more happening in the world, in other American communities that are just as important as politics that the public should be aware of. And that’s why I like Democracy Now.
Thank you, democracy now, for brining is important, often otherwise ignored stories from around the world.
Awful leftist crap
Democracy Now! is the best resource for daily news for the US and has a lot of international news as well. They cover critical stories that other outlets don’t and in addition to daily news DN! does special in depth series on ignored stories. Please donate to them too - they get their $$ from us - not bodies who want favorable coverage!
Love you Amy!!! & everyone in the team thank you for all you do
The only news source I trust. God bless them. There is so little integrity in the world.
Never knew DN was pro vaccine? This guest is a nightmare. I am not a Trumper But this show is putting it all on Trump. How about the money hospitals get paid if COVID is on death certificate. Human trials for vaccines?????? 1st time ever.... correct? Not refrigerated??? No mercury???? Wow... who is making it...Bill Gates Hello
Amy is doing the Lord’s work