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Amy Goodman by any measure is a saint
Forget MSM been listening for nearly whole time Amy has been on the air. Listen daily to get my pulse on what’s happening and love the individual topics full show provided
I’ve been listening for over 20 years. Nearly everyday. Can’t imagine my mornings without Amy’s grating voice that’s often like nails on a chalkboard. But I endure it gladly because it’s untarnished journalism with no corporate handlers. And that makes Amy a national treasure
Did everyone forget about what he did to Chelsea Manning?
Excellent investigative journalism. The best source for news if you want to stay truly informed.
Current events, clearly explains the pain and suffering that Greed and the lack of willingness to impose changes for the betterment of society and the environment has caused the most suffering!
Real news from around the world, coming from a standpoint of protecting and defending true democracy. The only news you need.
Democracy Now! takes no money from special interests & is 100% viewer supported. Because the fossil fuel industry is not subsidizing them, Democracy Now! can talk about global warming & the destabilization of governments for oil. On CNN or MSNBC we hear a lobbyists version of truth, and many voices are not heard. Democracy Now! gives a voice to the voiceless. Activism & protests & union strikes are covered. It’s a fantastic show & I listen (or watch) every weekday.


Listening to Democracy Now! Has been a life changing experience. The information and perspectives it has given me have woken me to what has been there all along. Tuning in to DN is like tuning into the revolution. Nothing but respect and admiration for Amy Goodman and Juan Gonzalez. If you are looking for a news source that is going to give consistent coverage on the most important issues in the country, I highly recommend DN.
I’m so grateful for Democracy Now. I watched the show off and on for years, but this last year I’ve been listening to the podcast nearly everyday. All the hosts are terrific journalists, they give in-depth coverage to issues that aren’t widely discussed in mainstream media. They actually use the term “climate change” when reporting on the catastrophic storms that have been occurring around the world something that I don’t recall hearing on other news broadcasts. I could go on and on, but the bottom line is if you want journalism for the people you should be listening to Democracy Now!
Seriously the most objective news source we have. Independent media at its best.
I hear Democracy Now on the daily.
The DN! team does incredible work—literally, sometimes unbelievably competent and fearless reporting and analysis. The whole enterprise leans left, but like Stephen Colbert says, we all know reality has a liberal bias. Seriously, I have multiple degrees from prestigious universities, but listening to DN! every weekday from 2005 to the present has been my real education. Listen and get active if you aren’t already. Your democracy desperately needs you.
If you have had enough of the corporate drivel out there that is designed to make you complacent and, by default, supportive of how you are being screwed and deceived on a daily basis, you have come to the right place. Objective reporting driven by the need to present truthful objectice journalism and to inform the public. Amy and Juan and all those who make this show are stalwart contributors to what is REALLY going on out there. Radio for the people. NO SPIN.
Meaningful independent journalism.
A important world view backed with evidence.
If you’re tired of watching the same news, focusing on the latest sensational tweet, repeated every hour.. If you’re tired of opinion pieces and pundits talking in circles.. check out DemocracyNow! Amy and Juan take the time to dive in-depth into stories other news teams are often either late to cover or ignore completely. Focuses on issues of social justice, workers rights, foreign policy and international news.
Wouldn't miss a morning without DN! Amy and the team are a national treasure!
If you want your news from a source with zero incentive to be impartial then this is your spot.
It’s incredible Democracy now is still allowed to broadcast. One of the only remaining actual news sources left. Thanks to everyone involved for keeping me informed and awake.
This is simply the best daily news source for thinking people.
Democracy Now is my most trusted source for news, bar none. Their faith in people power, justice, and the importance of free and independent press comes through strongly in the show.
When is this show going to be available for everyone on mainstream TV programs? This is a great source of information.
News for adults (not at a second grade level like most “news”). No ads, diverse and relevant interviews, this show is what journalism should be!
I used to listen to this show religiously every single day, and I knew that DN obviously swings left and I was ok with that. Then when I started adding more sources to my daily news intake, I noticed that they just leave out relevant facts altogether that don’t support their opinion. They tell us the crazy things Trump said to Kim Jong Un, but what did Kim write to Trump the day before? I guess they thought that part wasn’t important. They tell us how many Palestinians were killed this month by Israelis, but how many Israelis were killed this month in the conflict? I would genuinely like to know. You can’t persuade me your opinion is right if I can’t trust you to include all of the facts, and legitimate representations of opinions from the other side. It’s ok to have an opinion, but willingly omitting facts is not ok.
Listen everyday for the Truth. Other podcasts/news sources are fine but you better be listening to Democracy Now first and daily.
The major networks and legacy papers won’t present the stories that truly matter. Democracy Now! brings all the news together from across the world and gives voice to people who need their stories heard. Make the decision to listen to truly independent media and listen to Democracy Now! today.
Basically the only news I listen to and feel I can trust. I love the way they prioritize hearing people’s stories and perspectives directly from their mouths. Amy and Juan are all about passing the mic, not being talking heads. And although they are mostly US focused, they address worldly issues and often delve into topics I would otherwise know nothing about. Thank you for this show, it is a service to the world.
I’m about to pull this program from my list (again). If I wanted to listen to, mostly crappy, music I’d find an app to listen to music. I appreciate the news and commentary, particularly when it’s out of the echo chamber of bits I hear or read everywhere else, but these constant music interludes during the news and in the bumpers is getting on my nerves. Also, Amy keep something handy to keep your throat moist while you commentate so you’re not coughing and hacking or straining to speak throughout the show.
Worth listening to!
It somewhat pains me to write this review as originally there was a good degree of journalistic integrity associated with the main host Amy Goodman. A liitle background Democracy Now was not originally created by Amy Goodman but hosted by her and "stolen" from WBAI a NY based radio station that is part of the Pacifica broadcasting network. After much acrimony Amy Goodman took over the show and went independent. Through a bitter irony WBAI has to pay her for the broadcast rights and have accumulated substancial arrears as a result of this. To her great credit or shame Amy Goodman has not demanded that the debt be paid. The show is aired daily on WBAI and continues to accrue debt which if called in would seriously wound an organization that is hanging on by life support. Aside from my opinion that the show allows too much time to illegal immigration and transgender issues which one could argue is understandable since neither group receives adequate or fair coverage by the so called liberal MSM the greatest obscenity is the hideously biased coverage of the war in Syria. The coverage is lock step with the corporate right wing media and has repeatedly used reports from the White helmets who have been thoroughly discredited and are an Al-Queda front group. They were founded by an english mercenary and receive considerable funding from various NGO's. The constant Russia/gate bashing to the nasuating coverage of the latest Syrian chemical attack that from an editorial standpointat mirrors virtually what you would see reported on MSNBC or CNN have left me numb with disbelief. War and particularly wars of destabilization and or imperialist conquest are obscene and anyone with shred of humanity would never give legitimacy to these disasters. DN receives considerable funding from the Ford foundation a CIA backed charity that bestows it's largesse on pliable liberal left persons and organizations.Most everyone has their price and it's anyones guess as to what Amy Goodman's is.
The in depth coverage of issues is really excellent. Don’t have time for an hour of news? Subscribe to listen to the 10-15 minutes of headlines at the top of each hour. You won’t regret it.
Access to courageous and genuine journalism through Democracy Now is true journalistic oxygen in the age of Trumpism and continuing neoliberal rot that MSM outlets will never be able to offer with their current business model. Amy Goodman; you’re a rockstar and so are the hardworking people that support you.
I can’t imagine a day without Democracy Now! This is what the news is supposed to sound like. Fantastic reporting every single day!
DN is the most honest and best news source. I have been dedicated to DN for years. Keep up the great work!
I simply love Democracy Now! Small warning, this much reality in one place and real honest discussions and reporting of the real news in America can be a little hard to hear sometimes. Nonetheless, we all need to know what is going on so we can actively work to have the nation we want that values each member.
When I read the few conservative, nationalist critiques, the more telling. They wouldn’t know the difference between a socialist and a liberal. They have a Pavlovian reaction to both terms, but no handle on their meanings.
A greatly informative podcast covering the news of the day you may not be hearing from other sources. Amy Goodman is a tireless reporter.
Democracy Now! is far from flawless ; I do not believe Amy Goodman is so narcissistic she sees her program or herself as such. Nonetheless, when I began paying more attention to electoral politics and current events, DN! was foundational in how I came to observe the news. In fact, it is thanks to Amy's work I am no longer a wishy-washy Democrat with indifference to worldwide oppression (often caused or contributed to by the U.S.). Because of this, I will always feel a particular loyalty to her work (I donate every couple months) and continue to consume and defend it.
I listen to the live broadcast of Democracy Now when I can, otherwise, I listen to the podcast or re-listen when it is important. It has become one of my main sources of national and international news and events.
I greatly appreciate DN's mission to bring unfiltered, objective reporting to the airwaves. Amy Goodman helps challenge the defeated notion of disempowerment, that things can't change. I so greatly admire how this show elevates voices from around the world, particularly those from the margins.
Amy Goodman is a great journalist
I don't know how else to report a technical problem. I am getting duplicate entries of DN itself (not episodes) in my podcast list on my iPod. It doesn't happen with every new episode, but lately it's been every 2-3 episodes. I have to unsubscribe then delete DN to fix it. I hope you can fix it.
Your beginning music is very loud and overwhelming where I cannot here your opening review other than that great listen for working people who want the news
Let's put it this way, if everyone in america was getting is news from the headline of DN!, world peace would be achieved.
Wonderful podcast
I cant believe how bad the new version is. It now takes multiple clicks to play something it only took one click to play previously. It also is not immediately clear that you have already listened to an episode as before. Now you finish a episode and it does not show as played immediately. I am thinking of looking for another player unless apple fixes this soon
Y'all don't bury the lede the way far too many other news sources do. And I LOVE the interviewees you bring on the show!