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Great ~1 hour podcast of live songs they've performed. I listen to a ton of their shows and I never get tired of these jams. \mm/


By Pr0oox
You guys are amazing!!!!!!!!
I started listening to Umpreys about 8 years ago. I didn't know anything about this 'type' of music. I was pretty lame & typically stuck with radio hits & some classic rock here & there. But, the music that theses amazing musicians play, is something indescribable. They are so different & I could literally feel how much they love what they do. Then, you see them live & you see how much they love what they do, & how much they respect the fans that they have. They are completely under rated & I think a lot of people are missing out on something amazing & would have a better life if they listened to Umphreys McGee.
umphreys touches my soul. when the sweet sounds hot...I feel no pain. I hope they keep coming :)
The best music podcast in the universe.
This band of merry men can put on a show and are brilliant composers. It's like a rock orchestra everytime!! Check out these podcasts you will not regret it! Umphrey's McGee made an Umphreak out of me
No one comparable to Umphrey's, period. Always fresh and in the moment. Whether it's a structured lyric of the softest, most tender groove or the most amazing crescendo metal anthem. Day after day, year after year they continue to push the boundaries of live music. CAUTION: this music may cause spontaneous and uncontrollable outbursts of joy, laughter, tears and whoops!
One of my favorite bands it does not get any better. If you are into creative original, improvisational music this is the band for you. By the way if you are like me an old metal head you may want to check out Wizard Burial Ground on podcast #137. Don’t get me wrong all of these podcasts are great.
Easily the best show I've ever seen live. Their music is flawless and I can't get enough! Most dynamic music in the business and best cover band I've heard to boot. Listen listen listen and listen some more and fall in love.


Stop reading, start listening.
Thank you for compiling all of this awesome tuneage for us listeners! Its nice to have a band gather all of their best tunes from various tours and post them up here for everyone free. Cheers.


By DCip27
Best band on the planet.
You have Kevin Browning going through a decade plus archive of recordings. DAT tapes, analog reels, soundboard matrix (delay compensated board signal mixed with a room matched pair signal to 2 track) digital multitracked hard disks full of hours apon hours of live and studio-live recordings. What you hear on this podcast is what Kevin and the band think rocks enough to share but not rocking enough to say 'here's 12 tracks of our near best for $9.99'
EVERYONE NEEDS TO EXPERIENCE SEEING THIS UMPHREY'S MCGEE LIVE!!!!!!! First time I seen them was 4/05/2008 in St. Louis, Missouri. That night changed my life forever. Have seen them 16 times in total now and will never stop seeing them. Love you guys and love your free, awesome, and huge library of podcasts. Keep up the more than good work :)
It's Umphrey's..... So yeah.
I can't imagine how fun this is to put together every month. Love the podcast, love the band. Thanks guys.
Umphrey's is by far the best and hardest working most talented band that is around. Each member can read the others and where they are headed with the jams by the blink of an eye a note hit at a certain time with a body movement to go with it. Not once have I heard a song played the same way or even close to it, everytime they play it. Except when I put a song on repeat on the cd player or ipod!!! They are the most fluent band who never misses a beat and sometimes I've seen them try to mess with one another and change up a song unexpectedly, however it never works. These guys were meant to be together and form a band that is growing quickly and will be a Legendary band in their older age. Been a fan since the begging in 1997 have seen over 200 shows and plan on never stopping. They are also my sons favorite band who is 7 years old and has a 32gb ipod with about 28gb of live shows. We love you guys and keep it up and there is no limit for Umhrey's Mcgee, not the sky not where their booking can get them but no limit to what they can and WILL acheive. See you next time your in the Baltimore,MD or D.C. area. 9:30 Club in DC is the best for you, however it is getting too small since every show is sold out. Peace to all and Thank you for the Podcasts.
I've seen these guys in dive bars over 10 years ago to a stage on a beach in jamaica and they are one of the sickest bands I've ever seen no matter what the venue!
I have been to over 500 shows and no one can give it to u in the earhole like umph can!! Most technically sound band ever to pick up instruments, in my opinion! I've seen them prob about 15 times, keep getting better, you will not find better music on doesn't exist!! Umph love for life!!!
Thank you.
Thanks guys for putting these out. I happily listen all the time! Keep em coming!
What do you expect from a band that constantly finds new ways to give back to their fans? Whether it's the special moments, or face melting shred we've come to expect, each podcast has some of the best and most unique performances from recent shows.
Thanks for continuing to give us free incredible music!
Ok so I already love the depth of all that is Umphrey's McGee, but this is a special shout out to all the people working to provide us such an awesome as steady stream of UM podcast goodness, oh and for free!!! Andy, I think you're in charge back there and I thank you especially. Really, what a showcase and what a treat.
These guys are too much! They seem to be part Pink Floyd and Happy The Man BUT, with their own distinctive sound and style. True musicians. You can drift away in the sound. It amazes me that they can remember all of the different changes. These guys are so tight. Each one are masters of their instruments. I caught them on PBS and I instantly found them here. Thanks iTunes. You'll love the music and if you don't then I can only assume you don't like air.
UM and their crew can make it all happen and then do it all agin this band is sweet on the road on CD and even podcast Thank you UM
I love UM they are my favorite band ever and that's a BIG statement. Usually I totally love the podcast put out, but this one is rough especially Prowler and Turn&Run. Do yourself a favor and listen to the Seattle show and you will see a monster of each of these songs. I don't know if you only get certain songs to play on UM Podcast but really those two are horrible. Out of time and out of tune. Really...try to sample every city. Other than that Rock The Frig On!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I have about 1200 songs on my IPOD and about 94 of them that I listen to. I used to listen to my IPOD a few hours a week and regretted buying it due to the lack of good music. Then I saw Umphrey's Macgee on TV and that changed everything. Umphrey's Macgee fixed jass, brought back punk, shredded country and punked Beethoven in a single song. Every day I listen to hours of UM and I can't stop. This is the coolest thing in music I have ever experienced. I have never been a fan of anything but that has truely changed. I told my wife tonight that we are going to their next show in Portland OR if we have to sell the house and car to get the money. Never has one band captured my attention like these guys. The open sharing of their art, the music, the USTORM charity work, etc. Truely great and sucessful lives being lived here.
I've seen these guys three times now and they're better everytime. They're non-stop, beginning to end with the most progressive song sets you'll ever hear. I can't wait for them to come back through Texas! All in time!
Love the podcast, look forward to it all the time. Question, does anyone else have the same problem that I am - and it only happens with this podcast: When I click on the info tab on the podcast you only get the tracklisting but there's a lot more of the description that's missing? It's a real bummer not having that info.
I solely blame Umphrey's McGee for my lack of interest in any other band...
These recordings are top notch, Umphreys Rocks!!!
they are taking over where many great acts leave it. they tour tirelessly, they have midwestern sensibility, they are worth seeing. even if you shun the moniker "jamband" you will see them. "jam" was a term that early big bands used. breathe that one more time.
Saw these guys at Langerado....put on one of the best life performances I've ever seen...get this podcast and turn it up
hours and hours of free and actually really good music! i downloaded all of their songs three days ago, and i cant stop. i feel an addiction in the making. but hey, why not its free? i love their led zepplen sound along with their wild improv style. keep doing what you do!
oh man the best jam band since phish is giving away phree phatty grooves! every 2 months! this is so heady
How smart is Umphrey's for putting these out for free!! You get hand picked selections from recent shows so you know its the best. These are what keep me listening to umphreys, so please umphreys, never stop doing these
How can you not say that this is the best podcast around. It's just endless hours and hours of one the best bands i've ever come across in my entire life. This is a must for any UM fan because Umphrey's is at their best when they are live hands down....AND ITS FREE!
Man, NOBODY pulls off Senor Mouse, but these guys tore it up. Humbling musicians and very kind of them to send us great free music. I'm just blown away at what these guys do musically; eclectic tastes and great listenable music. UM is the best!!
I'm not a huge fan of their studio stuff, but their live show is INCREDIBLE! They're one of my favorite bands, make sure to check them out if you get a chance. Just listen to these podcasts, they're great! It's awesome that Umphrey's puts this stuff out here for us!
I don't know anything about this band but I love the music. This isn't no garage band, these guys are pro players. Groovy as it gets, funky. Try it and go for a cruise in your car, or a ride on the train.
Just simply amazing... from having artists suchs as Robert Randolph and Warren Haynes to challenging the artistry of Pink Floyd, Umphrey's McGee seems to be able to do it all. Established Jam Band and Progressive Rockers turn it up into amazing podcasts which spit out unbelievable jams on Bridgeless and "Jimmy Stewarts". I have the pleasure of going to see them in concert for the first time and I am preparing to be blown away.Umphrey's Mcgee's smooth transition from song to song and recognizable composition with ever increasingly difficult improvisational jams provide us with the ultimate of the ultimate podcasts.
So great. After listening to just the first set, i was hooked. The cover of "Shine on you crazy diamond" was RIDICULOUS. Der Bluten Kat > Glory > Der Bluten Kat was great too. Definitly reccomended.
This is music at its finest. The band is spectacular, the music is spectacular, the vibe is spectacular, and hours and hours of free music is spectacular. people like super bob really are quite obnoxious.
Ive been listening to UM for like 4 years, even before they became actually popular. This style and musical ability is becoming unmatched in the new decade. Jake especially is one of the best jam musicians ive been impressed with over and over and over. Thanks to him for doing what he does. Ive seen UM numerous times and im glad to say these guys are the real deal. These podcasts are incredible, so keep them coming. New sounds and flavors everytime. Partyin' Peeps on #36 is one of my favorites. And Glory on #32 is just nirvana. Well im done. Um is the best around. Can't beat them. 5 stars!
AMAZING musicians!!!
Umphrey's shreds real hard and their jams are smooth like butter. Definitely the sickest podcast out there. GO TO A SHOW!