Reviews For LensWork - Photography and the Creative Process

I’m so glad that I discovered this gem! These short episodes are filled with the advice and musings of a mature photographer and artist. I’ve even downloaded several episodes because I intend to listen to them multiple times for inspiration.
I love the two minute format. Great pearls to think about on a daily basis.
My only regret is it’s not on Stitcher, since I don’t use iTunes for podcasts. You are missing out on a huge audience, Brooks!
One of the best sources for exploring photographic theory, philosophy, history, and presentation of work! You are in the wrong place if you were looking for gear oriented podcast or a how to take a picture class. Brooks Jensen is brilliant, articulate, and Lenswork is a wealth of information!
I was one of the first subscribers to Lenswork magazine and continue to follow Brook's work today. This podcast is concise, at just a few minutes a day. it offers both information and inspiration. well worth a listen.
Brooks Jensen talks more about the creative process and the aesthetics of photography than about technique and equipment and that is refreshing and right. He is well spoken, thoughtful, and conveys his excitement for and love of photography. Listen to this podcast to be inspired—not for opinions on the “best” lens or camera (there’s no such thing).


Anyone who refers to people who don’t take part in their profession/hobby as a “civilian” is kind of a narc
I look forward this podcast each week as a source of photographic inspiration.
If you want a true artist in the work he creates, in the way he thinks, look no further. Brooks Jensen is someone we will look back to in history to admire his views and his contributions. No one has influenced my work more than his thoughts. I am grateful for finding this podcast (I was a listener before they were even called podcasts) as well as his publication. Thank you Brooks. @CWDaly Podcaster at Cybrcast, Bubblesort Show, Bubblesort TV, and Through My Lens with Clay Daly
Brooks is quick and to the point with his podcasts, but informative and inspirational at the same time. As a LensWork podcast and LensWork magazine subscriber for more than a decade, I'm always looking forward to the release of each new episode and delivery of each new magazine. Both are top quality!
A very refreshing podcast: great commentary and information that always ends too quickly. THIS is the model other podcasters should emulate!
The gold standard for all pod casts. One topic thoroughly considered, no adds, no rambling. A joy to listen too.
I love the short and very personal reflections on photography as an art through this fine publisher’s eyes.
A brilliant podcast. Covers a wide range of topics not just photography. For instance one recent topic was on seeing. Sort of looking at composition in new ways. However as you improve your photographer eye it also increases your ability in all aspects of ones life to observe Not really long I think the longest one I have was heard was 10 minutes or so.
So Brooks Jensen has now hit exactly 1,000 photography podcasts -- a staggering and monumental achievement. You really owe it to yourself to dip into his archive. In addition to possessing a rich, deep professional radio voice, and a wry sense of humor, Jensen is remarkably wise and perceptive and gently self-critical. Jensen is the real deal. The Obi-Wan Kenobi of photographic philosophy. I hungrily devour each word this man says. Jensen is fond of saying we are now living in a golden age of photography. That is 100% true. And this is by far the greatest podcast series on photography. A veritable embarrassment of riches.
Brooks Jensen's musings on the creative process fill a need only partially addressed in the other podcasts. I wish they were even longer!
I really love seeing the images in the "looking at images" episodes. Please make many more!
I look forward to this podcast.
This is one of my favorite podcasts on the subject of the photographic journey.
I love this guy's voice. It reminds me of Frontline's Will Lyman. I just now found this podcast. Definitely hitting subscribe button. Joey Joiner
Brooks essays about the artist aspects of photography can be translated to any artistic medium. That is to say, he explains the thoughts and process to make fine art. Lenses, exposure and tech are skipped to focus on the why. In my minds eye, I can see how he goes about making photos and how to make my work better. Thanks.
A quick 3-4 minute blurb on photography is a great treat on my long commute. I like the focus on creativity instead of gear. I can buy gear, I need inspiring thoughts to develop creativity.


I have enjoyed every episode. Looking forward to hear some new taughts.

By P9277
Mr. Jensen has a nice approach on talking about the process of creating art. Sometimes he comes across a little snide, but I can handle that. However, I think he run out of relevant topics to talk about a few hundred episodes ago. Approaching the episode number 700 as I write this is impressive, but inevitably very repetitious. Since there are no other photo podcasts like his, I keep listening.
I so appreciate anyone who can say so much in so few words. Inspiring, enlightening, exciting, wise. When I fall in the mental hole of wondering why I should bother with photography or art or creativity, he pulls me out and shakes me awake. Good for the soul. I value every episode.
Most photography podcasts these days seem as just seo projects or rants about young photographers doing weddings for 500 dollars...This one is no different
I listened to about 7 before wiping the entire series from my iPod and computer. The speaker is so monotone, to the point you don't care what he is saying by the end. And the info I did take in really wasn't useful at all.
The best photography podcast. Intelligent, motivating and thought provoking. Thanks for the great work.
One of the best podcasts on the art from one of the best magazines out there. If you're looking for tips or gear reviews -you havent read the magazine. This is the next level, getting into the art, and past just "good pictures." This is about the mental process, beyond "nice settings and good light" . It's about going from photographer to artist
I have just recently discovered this podcasts and love them. Currently I have a very busy life and do not have time to hang out with other photographers in my area. This podcast provides me with a communication, all be it one way, which I am lacking. That of someone like a professor or mentor. Mr. Jensen's thoughts and ideas on a variety on different subjects, stimulate my outlook and view points.
Wonderfully inspiring to keep shooting everyday. Tom Portland, OR
I suspect that like me very few take the time to actually write a review. But yeaterday as I listened to the most recent episode, I said enough already. This podcast is like the tweet on twitter. It seams to be a random collection of whatever crosses the mind. What really gets me is how he comes across like he is delivering acient knowledge that would never be considered and doing so in a sometimes scolding manner. I would highly recommend that everyone listen to the episode from 4/29. Wow! two minutes and 44 secs I wish I could have back along with the time I spent selecting and downloading the show and then unsubscribing.
In the classes and workshops that I lead the very first thing I always tell my "students" is to always, always ALWAYS look at someone's work before you take their advise, and on that I can say that I respect what Brooks has to say both as a photographer, and as a mentor. Being someone who has been into photography for over twenty years I find that Brooks is very insightful in both photography and philosophy..!!! It is amaizing to me how many times I find myself being reasured by Brooks comments. I have found a kindred spirit, although one who is much more eloquent and insightful. I recommend this podcast to just about every photographer I meet, so if you are reading this I recommend that you give it a listen..!!! FYI... I have listened to every podcast that Brooks has put out to date and learned from each one (well, maybe with the exception of #500).


This is the best photography podcast, period. Brooks' reflections on photography, art, business and life are thought provoking and inspiring. I've downloaded all of the episodes and have the on mp3 disks that are always in the cd player in my truck. They are just the right length to listen to one or two for short trips.
I think the first time I heard this podcast, I suspected Brooks of being a bit stuffy. But over time, his voice develops authority and presence and dare I say, artistic integrity, dignity even -- so on any given day, in 5 minutes or less, Brooks can touch on profound subjects far beyond the typical photogeek discussion of gear that's available everywhere else. So my first impression was wrong. My second, third, and fourth impressions are that this man puts it out there -- he has real ideas, ambitions for the podcast medium, and something important to say, often. Pretty rare stuff and I'm sure it takes a great deal of time and work to produce this consistently, week after week. I find I'm grateful to the author/broadcaster/editor ... whatever it is that Brooks Jensen is and does.
Hands down the best podcast on the creative aspect of photography. I've learned more from Brooks' thoughtful insights then from 4 years at college. Look this podcast is not about Photoshop tips, it's about creativity!
Outstanding! It's refreshing to listen to a podcast that makes you think, unlike some other podcasts that just ramble on about gear. Great photos come from photographers, not their gear.
check out Photo tips by BC Photo... much better. The only reason this boring soapbox got two stars is becasue it ends quick. No useful photo taking/editing advice, just extremely boring and monotone ranting...
Some of the most thoughtful commentary going... even if you're not into photography Itunes just cannot keep this feed straight...
Short and sweet. Good for the creative process. Definately worth a few minutes of your time!
I am not a commercial photographer... I'm not even a weekend photographer... but I find that the ideas Brooks explores (in each of his podcasts) can be applied to so many different fields, or disciplines, or processes. He has a wonderfully smooth candor which makes him very easy to listen to and it makes the information he's expressing so very easy to "soak in". He speaks as a teacher, but with an air of humility that I also find comforting. 5 stars.
Jumped the shark in podcast 483 with the completely condescending, insulting, belittling tone he used when talking about a budding young photographer.
While I generally enjoy this podcast the occasional episode comes along where Bruce pulls out the over the top belittling that just drives me nuts. You can tell when he starts his pompous snickering that you are better off skipping that episode. If he’s not blowing his own horn though there are some interesting nuggets of thought that come along.
I find this to be the most continually inspiring and insightful podcast on the creative process of photography and of creativity in general. Brooks has the perfect vocal style and pace for podcasting, which I think adds a good deal to it's overall success. I've heard all of them and have started over recently.
I respect Brooks and his great magazine. There is just too much emphasis on his own self importance and the pod casts are just boring.
This is an awesome podcast and one of my favorite about fine-art photography. If I could only listen to one podcast, this would be it. Now I need to get back to the 1025 podcasts I have left to listen to.
I listen to 3 wonderful podcasts about photography and LenWork is one of my favs. I haven't seen any lately and I really miss the daily inspirations. Hope you get back to producing some more great podcasts Brooks.
Have been listening to these for a while now and infact inspired me to check out LensWork. Which I'm ashamed to say I had not read before a few months back. Sure this is about Photography but it's really more than that. I find the comments, thoughts and suggestions truly are universal to any creative person out there. This is one of those podcasts that makes you stop, think, reflect and expand. creative people need this support group, thanks Brooks!