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This vet really is an interesting speaker, he's entertaining to listen to as well as informative. I really enjoyed listening to the podcasts, and I've learned quite a lot from it.
I love this podcast. It is very informative and not boring like some of the other similarly themed podcasts. I just wish he had more!
When I lived in Tacoma I used to take my cats to Dr. Smith and he is the best vet I have EVER been to! The podcasts are very informative and entertaining - thank you!
Thank you for providing this podcast-- I can't wait for the next one. Dr. Craig Smith is down-to-earth, thorough and pretty hilarious, too. He approaches his subject with wit and intellect. This is vital information for any cat and her or his person. I like the scientific approach and love all the gross details, too. Keep up the great work.


By rhoni
More please! Great. Thank you.
This is an excellent podcast to learn about health issues facing those felines who share our lives. At times, the information can be graphic, but it's presented in a very professional, easy to understand manner, as if your vet were discussing issues with you during an office visit. I hope there are more episodes soon!
This fantastic podcast is concise, well-made, informative, refreshingly honest, and often quite funny! Dr. Smith makes it clear when he is expressing his opinion, and backs it up with research, experience, and rationale. I hope to see more in the future!!!
Your podcast is much appreciated.
Doctor Smith is very entertaining and informative. His selection of topics is terrific. Everyone who owns a cat or is thinking of getting a cat should listen to these podcasts. Doctor Smith has a way of making complex topics easy to understand. If you have a cat, these podcasts are a "must hear."