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Great info! Great hosts! Great topics!
If you usually get bored of some podcasts because of the repetitive episodes and content, this is the perfect one for you. Every episode is different and unique. Current topics and ideas are presented and discussed neutrally. It is really interesting
Caught the last fifteen minutes on BBC World Service- which were some of the best BBC radio moments I’ve ever had! THANK YOU, BBC!!! Please have more episodes from China. We are all the same, and we all need to connect on this level. Listening to the honest, unfiltered, and sincere spoken human narratives from China was beautiful and gave me renewed hope for the future of bilateral relations between our two countries.
Look forward to every episode!
This documentary made me shed tears. It was so moving to hear how God is working through these brave brave young men to save lives. It’s a beautiful story, so well told. We need to hear about this coming from a place filled with corruption and poverty. There are good things happening in Zambia. May those firefighters continue their good work and train others to do the same.
Very well produced, interesting and relevant.
Love the variety of topics and the quality of the reporting. Production quality is top notch as well.
First rate journalism; BBC’s level of breadth and professionalism is nothing short of exemplary. Periodically I get solicited by a variety of news outlets to enroll in a paid subscription - were it possible, this is the kind of quality coverage I’d actually be willing to pay for.
I love this podcast. The variety of topics covered is immense, and the quality of reporting is top notch. My go-to podcast....
This podcast gives me stories I wouldn't have otherwise heard.
I’m an American Trump supporter. I’m really surprised how a BBC podcast has so much US culture and content in it....? But I love it. #maga🇺🇸
The writer/commentator took one set of interviews and has recycled and edited them. The result is, listen to one and you have heard them all.....
Excellent journeys though audio story telling. Thank you BBC
Fantastic and inspiring stories
Excellent. In-depth, investigative, engaging.. must listen.
Really good content on topical issues of the day. Highly recommended.
These are concise fascinating stories from every corner of the globe, excellently produced and presented. This is not somebody sitting in a studio chatting away and wasting your time, the reporters are at the source of every story interviewing the people that matter and delving into history while keeping the public informed.
Love that I can listen to the BBC docs on my way to work on the subway or at my desk once I’m there. The BBC is always putting out great reporting, never mind their quality video programs focusing on important events and topics happening right here and now. Perfect for those that don’t want to sit in front of a tv for extended periods of time. Get the benefit of learning new perspectives, while being able to continue doing other tasks.
I learn so much about the world listening to this podcast series. It’s very well produced and I look forward to new episodes.
Used to be a fabulous podcast. Now it seems like a hodgepodge of anything and everything. A lot of it is not interesting anymore. Hope they find their magic
Love this podcast! I always learn something new & the stories are so varied. Just listened to one on europes drug wars and then another recounting the attack on a bakery in Dhaka from last year.
BBC continues to deliver the WORLD experience to our doorsteps, informing our thoughts and actions. Eternally grateful and tremendously enriched because of it.
Always interesting and often eye-opening.
Just the right length; always interesting topics
This is a favorite podcast, one I always look forward to. It highlights unknown corners of the world. Art, politics, society, culture, environment - I learn something new with every episode.
The documentaries are very good. The topics could be just about anything, so look for the ones that interest you.
I have listened and loved so many of the podcasts from The Documentary series. I think the BBC's investment in finding facinating subjects throughout the world will pay dividends over the years. Your correspondents are learning how to find the stories that we listeners never thought would interest us. The subtleties and richness remind us that no matter how foreign the person or subject, we will recognise ourselves and understand why we need to take interest. Bulgaria on a Cliff Edge was wonderfully told, a woman saying she was offering a sandwich and biscuit so she will not be forgotten is so poignant. With English becoming more prominent, I think the worlds younger generations will come to appreciate the BBC's curiosity and compassion, I wish my country, the US would invest in it's future the way you are. That goes for many of the other podcasts that you have to offer. thank you, Phil Englander
Favourite podcast by far. I've learned so much, you almost feel like you're there with the narrator.


By Jba314
Congratulations to the creators and contributors of this podcast. Thank you for for your passion and professionalism that make stories like the recent two-part piece on Pakistan riveting and informative. Keep up the great work.
I just listened to "The Web Sheik and the Muslim Mums". It gave me an enlightening perspective on the life of a Muslim in the U.K. (And I'm sure many other places). I wish more American people could hear this, and I plan to tell a few.
I love this podcast. As a person who loves to hear stories from all over and from different walks of life, this podcast supplements that need/desire greatly. Whether it's gay life in Poland or the relatively ancient Irish art of keening, there's something different with every podcast (with occasional subtle humor in it too).
Outstanding information on the religion of the Muslim population in the Middle East. From an American viewpoint, this is journalism at the peak of greatness. Thank you BBC for producing such insightful documentaries with such superb journalists. The best of the best.
The anti-America bias that is so prevalent at the BBC is all over this podcast about the American south. The interviews are all with people specifically chosen to highlight a negative stereotype and is therefore anything but a genuine reflection of live here. You can go to any city and find people on the fringes of society. Where are the interviews with the people who are working hard and doing well, who by far are the biggest demographic here. These pre-conceived views are full of confirmation bias and therefore anything but a true picture. I think the smug presenters know that and are just jealous.
Wish we had similar journalism from our main stream media, only Frontline from PBS is it comparable to this great podcast. Thank you BBC
I enjoy many documentaries I'm such a history buff and to listen to some of them about things I had no idea off! I'm pleased BBC
This is a great way to enlighten yourself on stories and experiences from around the world! I plan to travel in the near future but, in the meantime, BBC allows me to travel around the world through these compelling stories. I have learned a lot from these episodes and I am eager to learn more in the future. I give this podcast a solid five stars.
Love listening to the BBC stories covering issues, ideas and history that the American news channels wouldn't bother with. My only issue is the recording volume is far too low and must turn the sound up in order to hear while in my car.
The interview with Ms. Ebtekar was amazing ; I enjoyed so much that ..
I love all of these stories, thanks so much for this podcast.
This is a great way to challenge your imagination. You are drawn in and tasked with creating your own visuals as you listen to the narrator. Great broad selection of topics as well.
Why? Because it's deeper and without worry of offending. Still appropriate with respect and so much insight. With no worries.
Normally the bbc makes shows that have some content. This was bad from the start
Totally one-sided. There are more people who understand that the name as being a symbol of showing nothing as you say in this horrible podcast. What you say at the end is totally misconstrued--how dare you Englishman come over here and bash the sport of football and even mention the pay of cheerleaders. You people aren't even allowed to wear team colors into your pubs over there.
I enjoy the ESPN Outside The Lines podcast because of its news-forward approach to sports issues and personalities. However, I wanted to add something else to break my grip on the endless noiise and dribble that is most of TV today. Stumbled onto the BBC podcast and started listening to Greyhound 100. Wow. Could not stop ;listening and will subscribe. This is quality. No talking heads, no nonsense. I tip my hat to the BBC. I wish more American news outlets, local and national, followed the same track.
This is the best podcast series I've ever listened to. I love the variety of topics they choose to cover. Some of them can be hit or miss, but I enjoy most of them. I like long-form journalism... stories that take their time and are in-depth. This is a suitable audio verision that, and is great for listening during your commute. It's even good enough to listen to while relaxing in a comfortable chair at home. The reporters are very skilled in recording background noise and other sounds to bring an atmosphere to the programs. With a lack of visual input, this is very important. When listening I feel like I'm right there with the presenter. I was listening to one podcast where the reporter was at a cafe, and he or his crew took great care in recording the noise going on in that cafe, such as the machine noises, cups clanking, chatter, etc. It really helped me imagine the scene in my head.
Great reporters and a good mix of topics.


By Xcvgbn
This podcast entertains and informs about topics that I never knew could be interesting! A great way to learn about the fascinating things going on in the world!