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The content of the podcast is great, the guys know their stuff, they stay on topic, etc.. But, I can't take the sound of them gulping into the mic . . . you can hear every sniff, gulp, mouth gurgle, throat gurgle, etc. . . I can gut a deer no problem . . but I can't listen to them gulping beer, it's digusting. C'mon guys!
I like the friendly banter they have but it usually ends up with them contradict themselves. Also they throw out words but sometimes it's not relevant to the beer they are drinking which makes me question some things. I can put all that aside but PLEASE stop swallowing next to the mic OR edit out the gulping noises. I get it, this is a beer drinking podcast so you're going to drink beer but it's disgusting listening to you swallow. I can only listen for 5-10 minutes per episode until the gulping annoys me enough to change to a different podcast.
The show is totally entertaining. I am and have been addicted for a few years.
Filled with dead air and keyboard tapping. Making-up words while trying to describe taste and smell constantly. I've listened to brand new podcasts that are more professional. No preparation for episodes beyond going to the grocery store. Really disappointing.


By Kmkolar
I couldn't even get through 1 episode it was so boring.
Jeff and Greg really know good beer and how to talk about it. They ramble a bit at times, but even that is usually worth listening to. I also owe them one for turning me onto the best all around beer glasses on the planet.
I can tolerate only so much of Greg. Jeff is a much more likable host and is easier to listen to. OK to listen to if you want to hear about flavor profiles and aromas.
I’ve listened to this show, for long stretches, off-and-on for many years. Two guys from my hometown that are very good at describing what they taste and experience, whether you understand their (sometimes offbeat) references or not. Their palate has evolved over the years, as has mine, as the craft beer world moves into new areas. They don’t taste the same as each other which gives them good chances to describe the beers. Between the two of them, you will experience the same as one or the other every episode. They also do a good job of describing brewing terminology, helping raise the level of the listeners’ knowledge. My one suggestion is that they do more research on the beers they end up reviewing before they hit “record". I understand that you don’t want too much information that might sway their taste before they crack open a brew. I am constantly annoyed at the lack of background on beers. How hard could it be to gather up as much info on a sheet for each beer so they can talk with some authority about them? It seems they might have fallen into a rut of complacency around the show and aren’t trying to make it a little better every time. Constant ignorance of details like ABV, breweries, etc. Or they could just hit “pause” and look something up, instead of fumbling around on a computer and wasting time. Don’t get me wrong. I do listen to this show a lot which might be why I’ve picked on some smaller details that might only irk me when I listen. I do like really some of the recent shows where they review beers with brewers and other beer writers. A couple questions for the brewers but also get to hear how they taste and describe beer. Excellent change of pace and I hope they can rope a couple more folks for that type of show in the future.
I've been a listener for a few months now.. And I have to say it's a very informative podcast. Jeff and Greg do a great job explaining the different beer they are trying. Would recommend to beer geeks anytime!
Great show for beer lovers. The hosts really show their own love of craft beers through their conversations, reviews, and interactions with their listeners.
I really enjoy your show and have for a couple of years.
Excellent podcast. I look forward to listening to each one.
Two guys who genuinely love the subject they talk about. I tend to agree more with Jeff's opinions about beer than Greg's. But that doesn't mean he not knowledgeable, it's just a matter of taste.
I'm a fairly recent listener of Craft Beer Radio having just come across their show a few months ago. I've been pleased to have 10 years worth of past shows to listen to. CBR manages to combine the interesting topic of craft beers with knowledge and entertaining commentary. Greg and Jeff make for a solid duo, and I look forward to many more 'casts in the future. Cheers, guys!
Just discovered this podcast. Very informative and interesting. Look forward to learning and listening more!
I love the way they describe everything from pouring, to the taste. So happy they like talking about good beer!
Greg and Jeff have a great show for so many reasons. They religiously keep it on topic and save tangents for the post show. Their vocabulary is exemplary. They take their time with the beers and walk you through exactly what they're smelling and tasting. I learn something new every time I hear an episode. Listen to a more traditional "new brew" beer tasting podcast on a Thursday and you'll quickly see the beauty that is Craft Beer Radio. If you like to hear "pros" talk about beer, I can't recommend this podcast enough.
The last word in craft beer!
The only beer podcast I have stuck with over the long run. CBR is really just two guys tasting beers, but it comes across as much better than other beer-focused podcasts. Many give me the impression the hosts believe they're much more cool and much more clever than they are. Some beer shows are too chummy, some are too technical. But CBR is just right. In each episode, Jeff and Greg do a great job of walking listeners through a handful of beers. Even casual listeners may learn a thing or two!
I like and trust Jeff and Greg's beer opinions and insight. Their expansive beer vocabulary and love of libations makes listening fun.
I am a beer fan, so I was excited to stumble across this podcast with good reviews. Within the first minute of the show one of the guys just starting complaining about an IPA he opened that may have been over-carbonated or agitated. He wouldn't shut up about it, and it was just such an unpleasant, negative way to open up a show. I had to shut it off because I couldn't stand his cynical tone.
Wish they would would like hoppy beers but good.
Refreshingly candid and entertaining commentary on beers and beer styles. I look forward to each episode.
I really enjoy most of the shows. I just started listening about last June and I didn't like the interview shows so much, something felt wrong with the chemistry. Other than that, I like hearing the differing opinions on various beers. To address the previous poster, who complained about self-contradiction and rambling: 1) Unless this is a secretly paying gig, I think that tight editing of a show this length is a bit much to ask. I would rather have more somewhat-unfocused shows than fewer and shorter tight shows. Plus, they're really drinking; think about it. 2) Tasting different things in any agricultural product is natural. I would be shocked if I had the same experience with a decent bottle of wine from first pour to draining the bottom of the bottle. Flavors open up; oxidation occurs; any sediment generally accumulates on the bottom. All of those affect flavor, even moreso in a carbonated beverage that is going to be emitting a lot more aroma while it's really bubbling versus later when it is going flat. I plan to keep listening, at least until I hear something really nice said about Samuel Smith. It may be a matter of taste, but my favorite beer in the world is SS Oatmeal Stout.
These guys just ramblie on about god knows what. I have never heard 2 people contradict themselves so many times in one sitting. They are all over the place and have little to keep you interested in what they are doing. Seriously, who cares how other people perceive the tast of certain beers? You really want to listen to this? Especially these 2 guys, I swear they just make stuff up or come up with a list of weird words they just try to shove into each beer review. Not worth your time or hard drive space.
I love this podcast. Greg and Jeff have fantastic chemistry and a mutual passion for craft beer. Their beer reviews are articulate and thoughtful and basically make me thirsty. They also make me look at appreciating beer differently. If you are looking for a podcast about the love of craft beer featuring two knowledgable hosts, then this is the one for you! I have been listening to the back catalog of episodes and trying to catch up. I just wish I could sample a third of the beers that come their way.
The name says it all, if you like craft beer entertaining way to get insight into new brews
Jeff and Greg are really great to listen to - they are knowledgeable about beers and have a real knack for describing the flavors that they are tasting. They also seem to genuinely like each other, and that makes it easy to listen to them banter back and forth. The only complaint I might have is that, due to their popularity, they are able to get access to and review beers that most of their listeners only hear about. It would be great to have them review a beer or two each podcast that are more generally available in wider distribution so that we can taste along with them.
If you like to drink beer, this is your show. A great program about beer. Don't miss an episode. And the pre and post shows are good as well.
When I walk into a liquor store, I almost always have to try a new beer, even if I'm there to buy something I already know and like. I have already enjoyed some of the stellar beers that have been reviewed on the podcast. I feel like I've learned a lot about beer terminology and how beer is reviewed.
This podcast is great for learning about different beers you may have never tried, can't find but always wanted to, or to see how other people critique your favorite beer. Greg and Jeff go far more in depth in their reviews than most beer podcasts that I listen to (most podcasts I've found review beers with a simple "It's good,'s good,'s good too, next..."). Fun for beer snobs and beer geeks alike.
Jeff & Greg provide about an hour of insightfull honest beer reviews each week. I have listened since episode #4 and make sure to catch each and every one. If your a seasoned drinker or just taking your first sip you should find this podcast very helpful.
These guys have developed a good program on beer styles that is generally objective except in one regard: clearly they are a bit too hard on mainstream American lagers and seem to ignore the fact that while it may be the least complex beer in terms of flavor, they are hard to make (take it from me a homebrewer) and very much appreciated the world over. I think they could tighten up their format and provide the same reviews in a more crisp podcast that was a bit shorter.
Jeff and Greg knock the ball out of the park. This show is fun listening. Nice job!
Great show, Jeff and Greg are truly entertaining.
Jeff and Greg do a great job with this podcasts. I look forward to more shows.
Great podcast to educate the beginner to new craft beers but is not "beer for dummies" at all. Give it a try.
Great informational show about craft beer. Two pretty normal guys who make tasting beer accessible for newbies without insulting experienced drinkers. Greg & Jeff encourage audience participation and really work hard at keeping the show fresh. They are also consistent about releasing new shows, rarely missing a week.
I've listed to about 8 shows in a row and I'm addicted. I appreciate how this show can be enjoyed by novice with only a toe into the ocean of craft beer. I'm learning a ton and I'm definitely hooked!
If your looking for a humorous, beer centric podcast look no farther. Well produced, intellegent beer reviews, a fantastic way to get into the many styles of beer and generally expand your beer knowladge. A podcast not to be missed. And for extra fun check out the extras feed.
Very entertaining and informative. It's great hearing the opinions of those that are excited about such an obscure subject.
Jeff and Greg love good beer, and it shows. They take care to describe styles well and examine the flavors and characteristics that make each one unique. This show is a great education opportunity for those who think beer needs to be pale, weak, and boring.