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I always look here first to find out about the latest movies coming out of Europe. Also good coverage of independents and, of course, the block busters. Only complaint is that it's become a bit rambly since they moved to 5 Live; however, it fits with the general eccentricity of the show. The substitute reviewers are also fantastic. Robbie Collin is a special favorite--I had to order The Ghoul from the UK after I heard his review.
This is one of most favorite shows. However, iTunes has done something awful to the archives which caused several of the shows to be truncated in the middle of the show and some actually have content that is from a different episode than what is supposed to be there. For those damaged shows I just go to my kindle and use the awesome app I have there to play the correct content. Apple has really let us down.
These guys are so negative! These guys are the perfect example of why so many people hate critics! They have lost there LOVE of movies! They consider it a chore now! They refuse to find anything good in a film and just become cruel about it! There is enough hate in the world right now! I don’t need to hear a rich white man scream about a film and how he waisted his life watching it! While literally getting upset! Life could be so much worse but let’s focus on how horrible it is to write movie reviews and talk to actors! Don’t listen to these guys unless you want your blood pressure to go up!
exceptional and always makes me laugh. Mark and Simon's chemistry is second to none.
Hello to Jason.
This podcast has been a companion on days off as I've padded around my apartment or running errands around town. I've even found myself thinking about it at work once the headphones are off and Mark and Simon are no longer present. I love their slight Sherlock/Watson relationship, their genuine affection for one another, and the enthusiasm for films. Mark never stoops to malicious attack against a film (unless the directors name rhymes with Lichael Ray) I originally started listening for my favorite actors interviews, but eventually fell in love with the hosts of this show.
Secret confession: I would not call myself a huge movie fan. I'm pretty particular about films. Yet this is still my favorite podcast. That's how good it is!
I like the banter, but I cringe when they interview a guest. They usually have a nice conversation, then they usually speak well about the person after the interview ends. However, 9 out of 10 times, Kermode proceeds to rip apart the movie they were promoting. It's awful!! The worst was when Tom Hiddleston visited the studio. Mark played the bass with him and then afterwards shredded the movie Tom was promoting. It was embarrassing.


Been a fan for a long time. Very witty banter. Great for films too.
One of the hosts is very annoying. Occassionally they have a good 4 star show, but most are 2 stars. I can't believe some of the movie talent they're able to inverview, you wouldn't think anyone would give them the time of day.
I love this podcast! Takes a bit to get into and you have to get used to very fast English accents but once in you will be saying "Hello to Jason Isaacs" and much more. Wish I could watch the show in the USA but cannot get the app for it here. Brilliant, hilarious, addictive.
Amazing! Faithful devotee of the church of Wittertainment.
Goofy, but still remarkably insightful. Please don't ever stop doing this podcast. It is a true treasure!
If you aren't already a fan of this show, you have no idea what you're missing out on. It is THE best film review show ever. And I'm not even exaggerating. Seriously, try it out; you won't be disappointed.
This is my all time favorite podcast. If you love film, intelligent banter, occasional silliness and frequent hilarity, sign up now.
The smart, funny, charming banter of these two reviewers makes me happy every weekend.
This podcast was recommended by Glen Weldon on NPR's Pop Culture Happy Hour podcast back in March. Since then, I've listened to ALL 286 episodes. I only wish that there were 286 more to listen to. Mark and Simon have introduced me to all sorts of movies that I would never have considered before hearing their reviews...and I'm not even kidding. This podcast is dead amaze and totes emoji. And, of course, hello to Jason Isaacs. Seriously, everybody should give this podcast a try. Your life will be richer and a lot more fun
I've been listening for years, honestly. But this show has devolved into something that feels more like a chore to listen to than something entertaining. This show is almost litterally 75% listener emails, 20% interview, and 05% movie reviews. How can they call this a film review podcast when almost the entire show is just one guy reading out printouts of emails? I want to hear Mark's opinion of movies, not total strangers. I really like Mark and I value his opinion on film, but I can't subscribe to this show any more. It's no longer about movies. I think what I'll do is find Mark's video stream and watch that for film reviews.
6 ****** if I could


By marshel
Once you hear these 2 hillarious bickering brits you'll be sold.
This is my favorite podcast, hands down. The banter between Simon & Mark is hilarious. The reviews are candid and I usually agree with what Mark says. Best of all, I have discovered a whole new world of movies which I would never have seen if not for this podcast; my Netflix queue has gotten much, much longer. If you love movies and middle-aged men bickering, this will provide hours of entertainment!
No spoiler issues for me
I started listening to these amazing men about a month ago when I searched up "Helena Bonham Carter" for maybe the 8th time. I saw that she was being interviewed here, got it & FELL IN LOVE! I am more of a fan of Simon because Mark is just a bit too hating. Sorry. I now listen to them non-stop for laughs and interviews and the occasional agreement with a movie review. I tried e-mailing them & texting them but nothing. I wish for them to read what I sent them. Maybe next time. KEEP GOING SIMON "FOZZIE" MAYO & MARK "QUAFF" KERMODE!
This is by far the best movie review podcast out there....period. Even if you dont agree with what is being said, it is always entertaining.
I leave for work every Friday before this downloads, so I have all day long to look forward to listening to this podcast Saturday morning during my dog walk to choose which movie I want to see that weekend. Smart, funny, and spot-on with their reviews. I love Mark's reviews and I especially love his rants, and I have played the best rants for my family to enjoy. My two boys are 14 and 12 and we have a blast distinguishing the difference between "rubbish" and "pants." I am a colonial commoner and this podcast is the best weekly movie podcast out there.
Hands down the best film review program of all time. Nothing else even comes close in quality and humor. Down with 3D, and hello Jason Isaacs!
The only podcast i listen to.
A pleasure to listen to every week.
Simon and Mark are a pure joy to listen to...very witertaining! Not too stuffy for 2 british bloaks...
This podcast is always a highlight of my week. Like hanging out with two hilarious, well informed, cineliterate, ranty, flappy-handed friends and a pub full of like minded souls. Brilliant.


Hello to Jason Isaacs!


By Tossie
The best film podcast.
Always entertaining and informative.... Love it
It's Kermodelicious!
The last episode, Sept 2 episode, was cut off mid-sentence. The duration listed in tunes is 1.32.:23. The downloaded version ended at 1.30.17
I am a long time and loyal fan of Wittertainment. It just gets better with every week (as long as it isn't half term and the replacement reviewers are in)
Messrs. Mayo and Kermode release an amazing show filled with wit and a genuine love of film. I can't recommend it highly enough.
I listen to a lot of podcasts, but this is the one I enjoy the most and always make it a point to listen to whenever it comes out! Mark's reviews are always well thought-out and argued--and I learn a lot from these reviews and interviews, but I certainly don't always agree with everything Mark says. I like Simon's levelheadedness and ability to reign in the rants, but really enjoy the bantering when he and Mark disagree.
Kermode and Mayo have one of the most entertaing, that is, wittertaining, film podcasts around. The rapport between these two is marvelous, Kermode's film knowledge is vast, and his opinions are always direct and articulate. In recent months, they've featured some interviews with directors and actors, and these interviews are wonderful as well. And oh, did I mention the podcast is hilarious? One of the highlights of my week. Take a listen!
The most entertaining film podcast out there. Kermode knows his stuff and has a good crap detector. Helps if you are an anglophile.
it is a puerile exercise seemingly aimed at our inner 14 year old and one has visions of the participants wearing just william type hats and bemoaning life's injustices. There is lots of whining and whinging coupled with set up situations to allow even more whining and whinging, some of which may be intended to be amusing, but to whom? Sometimes the whole is amusing, sometimes cringe worthy. One excellent feature is the friendly connection to people in the business who are treated as if they are human. On the other hand they suggest watch Terry Gilliam's movie twice because he was just on the program and it is a bad movie etc etc. I always listen but sometimes disconnect early.
This is a very good podcast. Mark Kermode may sometime come across as a petulant personality, but most times he has his eye on the ball. American listeners beware, because this duo use proper grammar, unlike what you are used to in the states.
Mark Kermode is an exceptional film critic who is able to get his POV across in a witty and amusing manner. His hates and rants are legendary as is his banter with Simon mayo. The podcast may be an acquired taste however, once you're there, Friday will never be the same again. I love Ebert and read others but ultimately it's Mark Kermode who I really listen to - with mayo and RELISH. Rob PS - Hello to Jason Isaacs
While I don't always agree with Kermode's opinions, I am always amused. I wouldn't miss it. His podcast is one of the highlights of my week. Steve E.
Whether you agree with Dr. Kermode or not, he's always entertaining, opinionated and seldom in doubt! This is an absolute "must subscribe" podcast if you love movies, good humor and can appreciate the ocasional rant from the good doctor!
This is far and away my favorite 20-30 minutes on my iPod every week. Join Mark Kermode and Simon Mayo for a funny, irreverent, and insighful review of the week in cinema. You'll laugh, you'll cry, they'll become a part of you.
I don't always agree with Dr. Kermode, but he's won my heart, anyway. Hello, Jason Isaacs!
I listened to one and I'm hooked. Very fast paced and fun. So far Mark's reviews are right on the mark for me, and even the ones I'm not totally sold on are presented thoughfully. I was missing the free Ebert & Roeper, but no longer. I've found my new movie review home.