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Thanks Leo! Big into tech but love listening to the various issues, helps me sharpen my skills
Leo used to be awesome, but his ridiculous covid fear has made all shows he is on to become mostly unlistenable. We get it, you’re terrified, but that is no reason to purposefully overstate the risk for all but a minute portion of the population and drive irrational fear on every single show he appears on. It’s ever worse when he has his “travel guru” on - thank God for the skip ahead button when he comes on.
As a small business owner that becomes more and more dependent on technology, I have learned to manage and troubleshoot countless things from this show! Leo is a skilled communicator that always shows compassion and empathy to his callers. Those are rare qualities in tech culture. And the rare hint of political bias is laughable compared to the ugly vitriolic language of most programs. Leo covers tech news and sadly that often involves nation states comprising each other’s data. It would be a disservice not to cover hacking stories! Technology surrounds our lives, it’s like water...
simply the best
Talks less and less about tech. It’s more about politics
LL should keep his politics to himself We don't care that he likes Biden.


Needs more ducks
Digital style -green duck guy
Keep to the tech stay away from politics
I started watching Leo on screensavers and recently found him on Twit TV and listen to his podcast. He is really knowledgable on tech and knows how to handle his chat callers questions.
I have been listening for a while. So glad I listen to the recorded podcast and not live as there is a lot of nonsense in this show. Leo rambles on sometimes on non-tech topics, like politics, or needs to fill time so he gives the same answer many times, just stating an answer differently in order to fill the time. Occasionally Leo does provide some meaning info on personal tech issues, but you have to hunt and find it sometimes. A lot of Baby Boomers and non-tech types who have no idea how to use tech call in and many questions answered are very basic and reoccur on the show. He has regular guests that talk about Audio (which basically is listening to the guest expert laugh through the whole segment, limited value), a Travel Tech guy (frequently ends up just being travel tips or talking about Leo’s last trip), a Photo guy (which I don’t listen to as I have no interest in the topic and limited tech is discussed) and a Car tech guy (which is usually good). Leo also has a thin skin. He doesn’t take criticism well and will hang up on folks at times and can get condescending. So why do I listen? Well, I usually listen while working around the house because there may be nugget of information I can use. And I will say I do learn something sometimes. However, you have to listen to a lot of rambling or basic advice to get the nuggets.


By bogot
He’s the best. Been a listener since the late 80’s
I’ve listened to Leo for years, back to the Screen Savers day, I only write this because of the negative reviews, really becuz of an advertisement? And the others! Just losers, I don’t agree with Leo on a lot, having been a Computer Science student myself, but Leo is so patience with his callers, he will talk with his callers while off the air, I don’t know many radio host that will do that, to many of them have a ego bigger than their head to do that, but Leo does! He is a special host, respectful, honest and very cordial, Leo is the Best.
Since I was 13 it’s now been 8 years that I’ve been listening. Throughout them I would listen to Leo while I worked. I remember a time when sky lake was just getting announced. I’ve only used this podcast app for Leo and his shows and has made working enjoyable.
Leaving a review because of the recent negative reviews. They seem a bit silly to me. Just some very specific personal opinions IMO. Issue with an advertiser? Don’t buy their stuff! Leo handles the manscape adds with shyness and tact and in this business it is not so easy to pay the bills. Being so sensitive that you down rate Leo’s very excellent service to the community just because you can’t handle an aspect of anatomy is a bit silly. Perhaps you might find a good church/faith podcast to spend your time on. Apple hate? No way... you are clearly not listening well. Leo is largely platform agnostic. He has been a fan of Apple for decades, but is not afraid to call them out when they make poor decisions. We can’t always like every aspect of every product, and Leo is very balanced in calling out what even great designs do poorly. Global warming is established science. Why should Leo on his own show allow proselytizing less-than-factual comments that merely lead to the dumbing down of an increasingly ill informed right wing leaning blind populace? Perhaps you might consider one of the MANY right wing podcasts to listen to and to continue pursue your journey in ignorance. Sheesh! The Tech Guy is one of the last great spaces to receive balanced factual information,, and fully disclosed intelligent editorial opinions. hell... where else can you get free tech help from such a calm, accepting helper who readily helps people at ALL LEVELS of experience with kindness and concern. If you have not yet subscribed, I cannot imagine why you wouldn’t give this amazing free resource a try. - A Lifelong fan of the tech guy


By dkaff
I've istened to Leo for years, and have always looked forward to his weekend shows and podcasts. I am pretty disappointed though, in that he has started to advertise "Manscape" products. I used to feel comfortable playing the show throughout the house, but with the addition of this new advertiser, cannot do so anymore. I don't listen to the Tech Guy to hear about shaving pubic hair. Ridiculous!
Best tech podcast out there. Leo is not only incredibly tech Davy but also a great conversationalist!

I’m so sick of every example is about Apple and how much he hate them. Trust me we’re all sick of hearing it STOP. There are people millions that love Apple products an none of your nasty comments will change that idol
I use to enjoy his show but Leo Hatred for Apple is ridiculous and I’m sick of hearing it. It’s nine stop he use Apple in every example to say something negative and praise whatever Android and Google are doing . Can you please stop.
Leo is the man! Great advice and very professional. Thanks for making this available on iTunes. Been following Leo since Tech TV days... Update: I love Sam the car guy for this year! Learned a lot from listening to him. Thank you Leo!
Rich Demuro is TERRIBLE and gives very bad advice! Most of the time he’s either wrong or misunderstands the question or ignores the question and gives advice on what he thinks is more important. Make Scott Wilkinson the substitute again! Scott is great!!!
Tired of hearing about what Leo drives and his next vacation. Tech is inherently interesting. Leo turns it into the Laporte story, self-serving and egomania. He demeans Kim Schaffer. The Tech Guy is to technology as Inside Edition is to news. The slide into mediocrity is picking up speed.
Leo hung up on a caller that basically didn’t follow Leo’s beliefs on climate change and or global warming. He told him he was wrong. I found that to be very intolerant of someone else or their views. Perhaps it could have been handled differently rather than to try to silence someone. Perhaps they could have debated if he wanted to or he could simply say, “I disagree, so how else can I help you?”
Leo is a “must listen” for anyone interested in technology!


No one explains better and with more concern and passion than Leo.
Always enjoy listening to this podcast and learn so much about tech. I listen to it religiously every week.
Leo's head is in the sand when it comes to health and privacy issues around Tech. He plays down possible health issues with RF, EMF exposure and seems to be clueless when it comes to the mass data collection that is going on by government and private industry. There are definitely still some gems to be found in his podcast when he's talking in areas he's expert at.
It’s the same old formulaic tech call-in show: bumbling senior citizen phones in with an esoteric question. Host fumbles around for an answer, wishing he could just google it. Nobody learns a darn thing. Time for a commercial break! Repeat.
Leo has the great ability to brake down technical subjects so my mom and das understand them.. This is a pod cast of his Saturday and Sunday syndicated radio show. If you have friends who are technically challenged see if Leo is on one of the local stations and ask tem to listen. Also I steel Leo's explanations and this helps me enplane what's going on to my family and coworker's.
I enjoy Leo, he makes tech fun
Most of the time spent on photography or travel. Where is the computer advice and problem solving?
Enjoying the insight on tech news etc.
I am a regular listener of this podcast, which also airs on many major networks such as KFI AM 640, and streams online on YouTube and a few other places. Leo Laporte usually begins the show with some current event/technology conversation and those are usually quite informative. After the first break, calls begin to come in and the best part about this is the variety that is not normally possible in a regular show type. Leo does a great job of explaining tech, but there’s also a chat room where many people weigh in, making this a very valuable source of information. Covering smartphones, smart watches, virtual/augmented reality, software and apps, ethics, and many other tech related items means it gets to the everyday issues but with just the right amount of geekiness for expert users. If it’s brand new, chances are it’s a topic of the show. If you want to follow tech, this is a great place to start, and the rest of Leo’s network TWiT is a great place to follow many other topics of interest. Highly recommend this podcast!
I listen to most of the podcast from this network they always provide great content but there are ppl like Rushifier who just here to troll by giving one star to this network
You guys are the best. I listen to your shows on Monday whilst working and they always cheer me up. I usually get a good laugh from Brian and Jason. You are the best tech podcast since the old Maximum PC No BS podcasts from back in 2007-2008. Keep it up!
It has become more a the great information we got used to? Still listen just not as often...
I’ve been listening to this podcast for a few years and wanted to say that I really enjoy how Leo presents the contact and assists users everyday with their technology issues. I’m a techy too so can relate!!!!!
1) Got me into computers at a young age 2) studied engineering in college as result 3) moved to city cause of acquaintance from college 4) met my wife in said town 5) I owe it to Leo
Leo Laporte is always energetic and entertaining! So much information on the technology that effects all of our lifes!
The go to podcast for tech info. Leo is great. Very patient and genuinely cares.
Hello, I love the show. 👍 I listen to the recorded shows. I have been using the IPAD app to listen and have been using the Play for 10, 15, 30 min so Leo could talk and help me relax 👏😊. I just upgraded my IPad to ver 11 and the play option for 5, 10, 15, etc is missing. Now I have to get up walk across the room and open the iPad and turn off. 😩
Great recommendations for computers, cameras, programs. Etc. must listen every week
It is mostly banter, self-promotion, and ads. No real compelling content or questions.
I liked Leo and his whole network of podcasts but have slowly stopped listening to his shows as he continues to talk politics. It is ok to have an opinion but when you are a tech journalist who comes off as smug and degrading to half the country it will eventually catch up to you. (Especially when you apparently know very little about the political topics you speak of). Too bad.
Thanks for all the great advice
Great content but I never end up finishing any of them unless I have plenty of windshield time.
Leo really has a knack for helping the callers. Sure, some questions are pretty basic but some aren't and his breadth of knowledge is impressive. He's never condescending no matter what the subject. I also always enjoy his monologues on current issues.