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I was looking for a new anime podcast and I tried getting into this one but i just came away feeling very annoyed by it. It felt like they spent half an hour talking about random stuff that had nothing to do with anime and went off on too many tangents. It was difficult to keep track of the conversation and I just felt like they were very unorganized and not very professional. I love anime podcasts but these hosts need to learn how to stay on topic.
This is one of the oldest and the best anime podcast in the world.
This podcast is informative and entertaining. The OG crew gives opinions and reviews for anime and movies while also being objective about it.
I love this podcast, especially when Bernhard contributes! Seriously, though, unlike a lot of other Anime podcasts, the OG Crew tend to actually do their research, and Matt Pyson is the funniest person I know personally.
This Is currently my favorite podcast. The show is fun and you learn about all kinds of things. It's not all about anime, but it's called otakugeneration, that means it's about all things nerdy. I recomend this too anyone who wants to keep up with all the current anime while being entertained.
If your morning commute radio duo only talked about anime, video hames, and kickass, it would be otaku generation. A great (but long!) show to casually listen to. These guys enjoy their podcast immensely, and you will find the fun infectious.
Otakugeneration. I've listened to this podcast almost from its moment of inception and all I have to say is that it is entertaining, informative and an all around good show with high production values. Sometimes the show can get dragged on however it's still entertaning no matter how much it does seem to drag on. From Jefferson's constant stuttering and random leaps of thought to his sometimes aggravating voice to Bryce's strange fanboism for games and animes from days of yore and Alan's dry and sometimes perculiar humor to the calm almost sensual voice of Matt Pyson this show is fantastic podcast that I look forward to every week. The show is always filled with tons of entertainment and good information about animes, mangas, American cartoons, and the occasional ****girl. It's one helluva show.
This Podcast renewed my faith in good anime and the not so good but this one is very well done and a good listen to anyone into anime and video games
Have listen to this Podcast for years and IT might not be as great as it use to, but it still going strong after all these years
Otaku generation is one of the funniest podcasts you will ever listen to. Don't believe me? Fine. I dare you to download show #162 and try to listen to the show without falling out of your chair laughing. With interesting topics, exciting guest, and great manga reviews. This is a great show for any anime lover.
This show is a awesome show that is key for any american otaku! Anime, movies manga, funny stuff, and music in a portable podcast format! You must listen, the guys are extremely entertaining, informative and they arnt stressed about pc stuff! Reccommend
Unfortunately the humor wasn't to my liking and I felt like I was listening to a radio version of "Drag-on Ball Z". Good stuff when it's there but way too much "fluff" in between. The good content can probably be squeezed to about an hour's worth. Whether a listener will like OG will probably depend on his/her tolerance for the "fluff".
Great podcast. When I first found this show I thought each episode was way too long to be all that engaging, but I was pleasantly surprised. You keep me interested almost the whole time. :P I must say I have a hard time keeping which voice belongs to who straight in my mind, but I guess that's not all that important and more my problem than yours. This podcast also came in handy when I wrote my ethnography for English class on otaku culture last month. Thank you. Backed them up all the way from the beginning and (about 7 months later) I'm almost caught up and ready to listen to them as they come out. great job, can't wait to hear more.
This podcast is awesome, and I am not interesting. I have no friends, but once a week when the podcast comes out I kind of feel like I do because the round table discussion of the podcast is involving and makes you feel like a wallflower while friends discuss things. Semi regular segments bring a professional level to the podcast, including news, reviews and break music.
I've been listening to this little podcast here for about a year or so now, just lurking, finally I thought I would help out by leaving a nice review. The show usually goes about 1 hour and 30 minutes to 2 hours, they have a nice broad range of topics usually. News, Reviews of games and anime, and sometimes talk about cons. It's a nice range of voices (my favorite view-point being Bryce). All-in-all this show is something that should be given a chance by anyone who digs anime or games.
This podcast is definitely worth your time to invest in. The regular contributers are both amusing and informative, the show is well organized and (yes this one's to give Alan an extra nod) very well produced. A few months ago I began listening to the podcast and I have been hooked ever since. It's main focus is about anime culture, but it also discusses other fandoms such as videogames and technology, bringing them all together in a nice bundle. At around 2 hours, the show is a great way to pass the day on a long ride or running it in the background at work. Recommended! -(Roommate #2)
Even though this show has the Japanese word for Fanboy(not exact translation) this show also touches on shows and movies, as well as video games, that I am currently interested, such as Doctor Who(though most of the show does focus mainly on Anime). The comedy never gets old and the segments that contributors put in are hilarious. I have to say though after I first listened to the show I have been skipping over the middle part of the show which is filled with music and additional material so that I could get to back to their main topics. I am currently giving the show a Four but I dont doubt that in the future that this show will become a solid Five. Heres to hope for coverage of the Doctor Who specials when they air.
Not only is it hilarious but very informative. Every week the OG crew bring you news, con dates, reviews, release dates, and any useful (or weird) information about japanese (and american, with Kyle's cartoon corner) cartoons and comics you may need. A must listen for any anime lover.
I've been listening to the OG Crew since the low double-digits (episode-wise) and they've become a staple part of me week. The show is always entertaining, regardless of the topic, and it never seems to get stale. Keep up the good work guys!
I've been listening to OtakuGeneration for a while now and have become a big fan. Its freeform discussions of anime, video games, gadgets, cartoon shows, movies, and more are thoroughly engrossing. The main personalities of the show provide a good balance of news, reviews, previews, and jokes. Add to that the occasional industry guest and you have yourself a recipe for success. An especially entertaining aspect of the show is how accessable the cast is. If you write in an email (or phone call) they will read your feedback, and give it a couple of minutes of discussion just about every time. Not only that, you can watch the show live as it is recorded on their video feed and talk to them in a live chatroom, providing realtime feedback just like a normal radio show. One additional thing worth noting is the excellent production quality of the show. While in the end it is the personalities and content that makes a show, the extra polish and effort that goes into recording and editing OtakuGeneration just makes it a joy to listen to. If you're at all interested in anime, video games, or just about anything nerdy, don't let this gem of a show pass you by!
This show was my first podcast and it's still going. It not only talks about anime, but videogames, tv shows, and internet culture. Good show for any type of otaku in this generation!!
If you're into anime, this is the podcast you should listen to. It's a laidback and casual conversation about anime, manga, and Japanese video games. But at the same time, there's a profesional polish to the show. It's like having a fun conversation with your witty, knowledgeable, anime-nerd friends. Alan Chaess, Bryce, Dan the "Fan", and Jefferson always keep the conversation flowing. There's news, Kyle's Cartoon Corner, anime, manga, and video game reviews, and anime con reviews. Every now and then, they'll get amusingly off topic; but never too off topic. I can't recomend this podcast enough!
In the early days of podcasting (mid-2005), a lot of Anime-related podcasts were seriously lacking in quality and done in an amateruish way. Upon reading the October 2005 issue of Newtype, this has instantly become a staple in my podcast regimen. OtakuGeneration covers Anime, Manga, Game and Gadget reviews, plus a regular cast of cooky characters, special guests and listener feedback. The podcast is rather lengthy (usually around 2 hours), so it's perfect for a commute or long bus ride.
This show's humor is funny and it's tidbits of info are actually useful. Subscribe and enjoy the madness that is "Otaku Generation"!