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I love these two. I have enjoyed for years their methods, bickering, and recipies! I just wish they still made the videos. I have not seen any new ones for a while. In any case I'm glad I have what they have done so far. Download them! You won't regret it, and you'll most likely have a good laugh while learning some!
Waz and Lenny are hysterical, this podcast is so fun to watch, and I like how they make mistakes, it makes it more real.
This is maybe the best food podcast out there! It's just professional enough to be easy to follow without all the jerky camera angles, but still quirky and fun. I love how sometimes they make mistakes, too! P.S. Love the accents, we don't hear it very often here in the US :)


By jsm7184
I love Crash Test Kitchen! I want, no, I need more Waz & Lenny! update soon!


By lil Eve
I love this podcast,and I know you will to.
Not only is this a great cooking show, but Waz and Lenny's humor, quirks, and occasional failures make it much more down to earth and believable. Keep up the good work!
I heart Waz and Lenny! Adventurous, honest and human...they rock.
well u have inspired me alot. i love 2 cook. and it comes natural to me. For example. i just made chicken alfredo.My parents said it was great. More important noone got sick lol. but great job with da podcast.
I absolutely love this video podcast! Not only do I learn about a variety of dishes, but I get to watch an adorable couple ENJOY teaching (and learning) together! I love it! I'm always getting on iTunes to see if they've made a new episode :) I love Waz & Lenny!
What else can be said... Waz and Lenny are not only the orginal video cooking podcast, they are one of the original video podcasts! I think one thing that sets them apart from so many other podcasts and cooking shows, especially the podcast versions of professional shows is this: whatever they cook doesn't always turn out (e.g., Pad Thai in two tries), and they show that as well. They're actually cooking their dinner, so sometimes they have to try again if it's not as good as they'd like. It's like having a couple you know say "Hey, come 'round tonight, and let's try something new in the kitchen."
This is at least my favoritest podcast if not favoritest cooking show! It rocks its intraduced me to some really nice a european cuisine. Being a bland american I find it interesting how their ausie cuisine differs from my pallete. I venture from the the sponge cake to the english pudding to places unknown. I Stray from toast to rarebit, my favorite so far. Man, I love their food! All i can say is good luck you two!!!! I hope you keep going to delicious new food places! A foody admire.
My friend Amana told me about this podcast. OMG -I am hooked. Love it! Waz and Lenny please make more.
As many cooking shows are quite strict and use technique that is extremely difficult, as a 12 year old, I turn to the shows that express simple yet delicious ways to concoct even the finest of quisine. This show is a bit more believable than the others, keep making the exquisite videos!
My wife and I love to cook. We're not experts, but we love to cook. We envy Lenny and Waz because they both love to cook, and have found a way to turn that love into something even more fun. We watch every episode, and most of the time, try the recipes in the show. Except Spongeblob. Even I won't eat bad cake out of the trash can.
this is a really cool podcast. the things they make are not that complicated and look so good. the only annoying thing is when they have their little fights. other wise i think this is good for anyone learning to cook or searching for some really interseting recipes.


I love to cook from home...I'm always experimenting and trying new things. I make many mistakes too. It's great to watch two ppl with similar interests as mine going thru trial and error just to make a good dinner. They are a great inspiration to all amateur cooks..
The cooking part is fine. The squabbling is annoying. I would tell him to shut the hell up already. The video and audio are kinda glitchy. On my AppleTV, the audio drops out and on the iPhone, it just stops playing anything.


By bray134
This is the most aweome podcast in the world. Its so exciting. There are only two things wrong. 1. There is a bit of cursing every once in a while 2. They only come out like every other month But I love it.
Crash Test Kitchen is my favorite podcast. I'm always excited when a new episode comes out. Only problem is the #19 episode, cheesecake with Bailey's, doesn't work when you try to download. Otherwise, wonderful...check it out!!
Watching the small nuances of this couple's show is extremely humorous and sweet. I keep coming back to this show not for the recipes, but for the couple's genuine interest in cooking and their good-natured quibbles.
This is one of my favorites...Waz and Lenny crack me up. This is well worth the download!
This is hands down the most entertaining podcast in the food category. One week they are cooking pretzels, the next rabbit. Great Show.
Waz and Lenny are great together. Your Momo is one of my favorites. I look forward to more shows from the Kitchen.
This is a great, great show. Waz and Lenny invite us into their home for some fun with cooking in a kitchen that looks like, well, a kitchen! No studio here just a couple of fun folks cooking some delightful dishes. One of my favoriate podcasts!
This is in response to a neagitve review by 'Anonymous' claiming that CTK did not come first. Crash Test Kitchen was launched at least one whole year before Ctrl Alt Chicken. Any suggestions of similarities between this other podcast and CTK only suggests that CTK has been copied. Please do not post comments with factually wrong information, particularly slanderous ones. Waz and Lenny, keep up the good work - glad to see the format hasn't changed since your spot in TIME Magazine - congratulations on being named 'Person of the Year'!
a show about two non-cooks cooking - I liked the idea the first time when it was called ctrl+alt+chicken!!! I'm calling Waz and Lenny out!
I feel like I could hang out with these people! A cooking show with personality and good humor. It's truly as entertaining as it is educational and the episodes are just long enough so you don't get overwhelmed. Real people making fancy food in normal kitchens while being themselves...who would have thought? One of my favorite podcasts!
You should have a show on the Food Network! I'm addicted!
I think the thing I love about this video podcast is that I can identify so strongly them. Watching them cook is like watching me cook, mistakes and all. Waz and Lenny serve up a wide variety of dishes and they've got a real friendly fun atmosphere going. This is what real cooking is like warts and all.
The last two posdcasts will not donwload to my iPod and will not convert to an iPod format. This is only happening on your podcasts... my other podcasts work fine. I like the videos... just cannot get them!
Somehow these guys managed to put together a very witty, unpretentous, and even funny cooking vidcast. Dare I even say it is somehow addicting to watch. Really great work. More people need your guys subtle sense of humor. I think it's great. I'll keep watching!


This is horrible how it got a featured spot is beyond me!
This is super freaking awesome/ hillarious. You've got to check it out.
This is a welcome alternative to all the cooking shows on TV. Any show where a guy uses a drill to beat eggs should get your attention.
Two Aussies relocated to London bicker affectionately over food while they make their dinner, in this homegrown cooking show. If you are, or ever have been married, this'll feel very close to home. As an Englishman abroad, I'd have to say that their Steak and Ale Pie looked nothing like the authentic version, but the Leeks cooked in Guiness sounded delicious. And you gotta love a guy who wisks eggs with a power drill.
Better than any cooking show we have ever seen on TV! We love watching these London based Aussies bicker and bake and share their recipes with everyone. Even for non-cooks this is real entertainment.
I stumbled upon this wonderful podcast...and I must say not only have I learned simple, delicious recipes but they are so fun and happy...and just like all of us they make mistakes..but it's just so fun and entertaining to watch. Keep it coming Waz and Lenny!!!!
i thought that i would have to get down on these guys for making a bad podcast, but i was actually interested.... way to go