Praise Until Dawn with Pat Rutherford

Reviews For Praise Until Dawn with Pat Rutherford

Been listening to Pat and Claudia since the early nineties when i was a disc jockey for a souther gospel radio station in Fort Smith, Ar....They are amazing people with such a beautiful heart and a talent for carrying and individual into the throne room with a sacrifice of Praise and Worship... Keep up the excellent work!!!
Love the praise and worship. This is a fantastic station and really brings you into God's presence
Best station anywhere with Christ centered music! Thanks Pat and Claudia!
Thanks Pat and Claudia for the music - it's such a blessing to start my day.
Fantastic music that is great for the soul.
iTunes for making this available to listen to anytime for a relaxing,intimate time with our Lord Jesus!!!
Light Christian music for your ipod. And it's free! I'm loading up my ipod and using this for my go-to-bed music. Thanks guys!
The best Christian radio station I listen to. Keep up the good work. Dwight


This is a wonderful station to listen to for uplifting and encouraging time with the L-rd.