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Title says it all. Humble man of God preaching the word.
What a blessing to attend such a giving church :)

By SB48
Dino's ministry is great. I am always in the car and like to listen to Dino as much as possible. His servolution inspired me to do a similar project at our church. Thanks Brother Dino!
I go to HPC and the only bad thing about this is they dont update it very often.
I am a professional athlete and my job requires me to travel quite frequently. Although, i may miss all the comforts of home while on the road, I am glad that i dont have to miss church.
I was attending back when HPC was still called Trinity, I've since moved to CA and have been listening online via the website, but now with the subscriptions, its even easier to get the word from my former pastor and friend, Dino. Keep it up guys.
I LOVE that I can listen to the late nite messages that I miss during the year. Being a teacher means not being able to make it to the late nite services during the school year... now that I've found this podcast, I can listen to the sermons in my car on my way to work. It's very encouraging and helps out so much on those frustrating traffic-congested drives!! :)
okay, i'm a biased reviewer because i work at hpc, but i'm very impressed with the way dino communicates hope and healing for hurting people in a tremendously simple and very captivating way. worth the time to listen to.