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Funny to compare Sam's voice from four year's ago with him today. He's growing up before our ears!
I really miss this podcast and hope for its return. I so enjoyed the quiz questions and book reviews. R U Listening?
This is a very nicely done podcast. I enjoy hearing about the adventures of Sam and his dad. It's obvious that dad is very connected to his son and they have a great relationship. That warmth and caring spill over into their podcast. The questions that Sam comes up with are thought provoking and dad answers them with good explanations. I love the book reviews that Sam gives. In fact, I've used them to pick books to have my own kids read. Great sound quality too!! Keep up the great work!!
The SG Show is very well put together and lots of fun to listen to. It's great for people of all ages and Steve and Sam keep you entertained!


By grantlg
Sam and Steve are two of my favorite show hosts. It is great to hear how Steve nurtures his sons Sam's sence of wonder. This show is a must for parents and kids alike.


The kid is kinda wierd but it's funny as hell.