Reviews For Colonial Williamsburg History Podcasts - Image Enhanced

The drought is over! Really missed the podcast over the past few months. Keep em coming!
For those of us who cannot visit this podcast helps understand the way people lived 250 years ago. It is light but informative. keep up the good work
Fascinating information, very well done. It is so refreshing to hear historical information not involving wars and land grabbing.
Have been listening to the podcast for years and really love it!
I go to Williamsburg every year and i just love learning about Williamsburg the the topics they talk about are all really good!
this is a really interesting podcast (even if you aren't usually into history) - good length, interesting topics. And a variety of topics - whether you're interested in fashion, food, military, crime, buildings, politics - something for everyone. though i think they have delete some older ones? (my computer crashed, and when i re-downloaded, i realized some seem to be gone - there was a really interesting one with, i believe it was Jefferson & maybe Pain on religion & religious freedom.)
I just discovered this podcast channel this morning and have sampled only a few of the selections - one on Franklin, one on Washington's distilleries at Mount Vernon, a reading of The Declaration of Independence, and a segment on piracy. All were fascinating, and I love being able to cook and clean up the kitchen while learning from this wonderful resource. I will make sure to share this with the staff and students at the middle school where I am the computer technology integration specialist. Carolyn Stanley
Just fabulous!
Harmony hunter is a great host. I have been to CW many times and listening to these podcasts gives ideas on things to go see, that otherwise I may not have explored. Thanks for the podcasts and keep up the good work!
The information that the interpreters bring to this podcast is wonderful - I would look forward to it if it weren't for the host, who is completely inept as an interviewer. He wastes a good amount of the podcast expounding on his misconceptions or opinions about 18th century life, rather than allowing his guest to share their expertise. For example, when the wigmaker explained to him that women shaved their heads to accomodate wigs, he spent the remainder of the podcast prattling about how he couldn't possibly be in bed with a woman with a shaved head. If you have the patience to deal with the host, this is a "can't miss" podcast.
For a history buff like me, this stuff is super interesting. I have friends who don't like history, but when they listened to this podcast (which I had sudgested that they listen to), they all of the sudden wanted to visit Willamsburg. This podcast gives a whole new meaning to history, like Colonial Willamsburg itself.
It's a great treat to listen to this wide variety of knowledgeable people interpreting Colonial Williamsburg's history and mission. Topics range from the Revolutionary period to modern times and provide listeners with interesting and valuable information. Thank you Colonial Williamsburg and iTunes!
I live in Norfolk, VA and have been to Williamsburg many times and have always enjoyed myself. Now that I have discovered this Podcast I have been introduced to things at Colonial Williamsburg that I never imagined even thinking about or considerding while I was visiting. I am really enjoying the interviews with the the people that make Williamsburg come alive for the rest of us. I started at the first Podcast and am working my way to the most recent. Now I can't wait to visit again, and again. Thanks!
I was an interpreter with Historic Fort Wayne in Indiana for almost a decade. The Colonial Williamsburg podcast is not only a connection with our collective past but also with a treasured part of my personal history. The scope of the podcasts covers so many aspects of daily life as well as major events that shaped our history as to make it broadly informative, entertaining and yet another aspect of a complete education. Bravo for folks deeply focussed on past lifeways to embrace current technology in a valiant endeavor to share cultural wisdom that might otherwise be lost. Pleased indeed.
I live in Williamsburg, 4 years now, but only now looking forward to my first trip to Colonial Williamsburg, Being disabled, listening to these newly discovered (to me) Podcasts only make me anticipate my visit there even more. Always a History buff, this is so enjoyable to listen to and makes me just want to hear more. Also makes me want to see more of my beloved city...*I also appreciate that this is free, thanks ITunes! *
This podcast is great to listen to even if you're not going to, or you've never been to Colonial Williamsburg. It tells about all sorts of different things that happened during the Revolutionary War. And if you're going there soon, that just makes it better, because you learn about new exhibits at the muesums, and other events. Overall, it's great!
My kids and I love this series. I only wish we'd listened before our trip to the Golden Triangle earlier this year. I would highly recommend this as must-have audio before visiting the area.
Why subscribe? 1. You can count on it to be updated every week. 2. It is done in an informal conversational manner, no boring lectures. 3. It is done with a sense of humor. 4. It is so much more than history. It covers business and careers, race and class relations, fashion, architecture, furnishings, and the interviewees are experts in their fields. I look forward to it each week.
I visited Williamsburg when I was a child and I loved it. This podcast is a great way to keep history interesting for both children and adults. I truly enjoy learning from a different actor/ interpreter/ craftsperson about their specific duties and how it all goes back to creating fascinating living history.


I have not been to Williamsburg for close to 30 years, when I was a little kid. This brings back the memories and informs me as an adult into the amazing effort to create a realistic historic environment. The naration and interviews are informative and professional. Thank you.
I feel so attached to Colonial Williamsburg. I LOVE IT.
These informative, interesting, and undeniably nerdy podcasts are perfect for 18th century history buffs. Full of fascinating minutia that educates while it entertains. The richness of the colonial period is brought to life by the people who know it best- curators, historic interpreters, and scholars at one of the best-funded historical institutions in the world.