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Good mix of topics and occasional guests.
With interesting topics and good dicussions, but sometime mags voice can be a little much for my ears though I like what he says even if his voice is sometimes a little much.
What a great podcast to keep up with role-playing and gaming news. Mags, Mark and Carol have great chemistry with each other. I love the most recent episode (AGC 182) when the reminisce about how they where introduced to Dungeons and Dragons, brings back memories. Great job gang!
The hosts are well spoken and interesting. They cover everything from tabletop war games to indie RPGs. Also, unlike some other news casts…they actually play the games……RPG Buffet for the win! -Dan (IF you are a podcaster, AND, you ask for ratings and reviews, PLEASE support the community, and rate and review the podcasts that you listen to! –[email protected]
Great cast overall. I have listened to several episodes that are of particular interest to me. I really like the cast. On your last cast about Mistborn, a few things, not to be degrading or anything like that, you mentioned the setting was steam punk like, the first trilogy is not steam punk but more dark fantasy. The next installment of the Mistborn series and world tends to be steampunk-esque, more so like Old wild west setting when the wild west is on its way out. This is just meant to be helpful not derogatory or anything like that. Keep up the great work on the cast. Also, I am a demo guy for Crafty Games, you mentioned wanting to get a game to test on Buffet, give me message and maybe we can work our schedules out to get that happening.
I'm definitely a fan of the show, and I've been listening since not long after they started. AGC is one of the first gaming podcasts I started listening to, and it's still on the list of podcasts I try to keep up with. They have a good variety of topics and a mix of news, opinions and interviews, all held together by the dynamic the hosts have developed over time. If you're only going to listen to a few gaming podcasts, this should be one of them.
Fantastic gaming podcast. Great chemistry with people that love gaming. After listening to AGC, my energy and motivation for gaming increases. Of all the gaming podcasts I subscribe to, AGC is the one I always listen too.
Want to find out why the RPG hobby is dying? Listen to this show: The hosts are remorselessly self-indulgent, gushing over the latest PDF pass-the-story-stick 'interactive experience' while bending over backwards to insult/dislike 'commercial' games. I put up with it for as long as I could, but it eventually got to be too much to handle...
The topics are the run of the mill for an rpg podcast. Hosts Mark and Mags are ok, but Carol ruins the podcast for me by laughing after she makes any statement. Their show on the state of gaming was nice mainly becuase Carol was not on the show.
I am actually listening to Mags and Mark talk about the State of the Gaming episode as I write this. I have been listening faithfully to All Games Considered since early in the Summer of 2009. I find the crew's enthusiasm for the hobby to be infectious. I also find thier insights to be helpful as I try to find my way through all the options presenting themselves to gamers on limited budgets. I listen to a lot of gaming podcasts and this is one that I always look forward to.
Great show and cast, I love hearing what they have to say about games I love and being introduced to new ones. The reawakened the sleeping gamer in me!
Some people may like this, but I found it bland. I like gaming and am new to podcasts. This one just doesn't do it for me.
Wonderful show, very informative and funny. I love the RPG Buffet and Games You May Never Have Heard Of segments in addition to the regular Gaming for Cheap Bastards. Carol, Chris, and Mark are a treat to listen to, and they obviously have a great deal of knowledge they share very well.
Mark, Chris, and Carol have a nice dynamic and provide a vigorous array of viewpoints on role-playing games, rpg news, and other topics related to geek-friendly tabletop gaming.
The gang at AGC puts on a great show. It's entertaining and helpful for all your gaming needs. One of my favorites and I listen to alot of gaming podcasts.
Please come back soon! I'm all out of gaming podcasts to listen to and yours is one of my favorites. I enjoy your game reviews and they have helped me with some of my game purchases. I also like listening to Chris and Carol pick at each other, it's very funny.
All Games Considered is a biweekly podcast that covers a wide spectrum of games, probably one the widest out there. The hosts have a great dynamic between them and their enthusiasm comes across very well in the podcast, and they have consistent regular features such as "Games You May Never Have Heard Of" by contributer Ben Belestra. With RPG's, board games, card games, in-depth shows, and survey shows, there's something for everyone.
This is the best gaming podcast I've heard, and I've listened to a bunch of them. It's professionally done, with interesting, well-informed opinions.