Sabbath School Study Hour

Reviews For Sabbath School Study Hour

Way better bible study than any group at my SDA church. Doug is the best.
I appreciate your simple and uncompromising way of presenting the Truth. Keep the good work. Laguna, CA
It is amazing fact how you are allowing yourselves for God to use you to bring such a endless hope to people living in every part of the world. I thank God for the wonderful work you are doing. Frank Wajule, Atlanta GA
Amazingly good! Keep it up with the good work Pr Doug and associates. This ministry has been a blessing for me, I have learn so much! Thanks and God bless you all!!!!
God is good
There is no doubt that your Ministry is a Heaven inspired one, I praise the Lord for your hard work in making these studies available to everyone. Thank you indeed E. D. Baquero WW Ga
Thanks Pastor Doug and the team at Saccentral for the great lessons-God bless you all this coming New Year!
Thank you for bringing this quaterly lessons In podcast. I enjoy them & they are great as you dont always have to be in front if the tv to watch. Now with this podcast, lessons ate in the go- like most of us. Please keep them coming and thank you for doing your part in spreading the gospel so we can do ours. Be blessed & may He keep strengthen this ministry. In Jesus name, amen.
Great sermons a fantastic pastor , if you crave deeper knowledge search itunes for " walter j veith" total onslaught , picks up from here and will blow you away as secrets are exposed and truth is laid out
Just refreshing to study the word with Pastor Dough, love the insights shared to help make the connection. May God bless you and your Sabbath school team.
I am so enlightened by these lessons. I listen to them in the morning on the train. It is a great compliment to the Sabbath School Quarterly.
I have learned in watching these presentations that it's easy to understand the Bible if you let the Bible explain itself. I have enjoyed these so much. Keep up the good work!!!
I always listen to this podcast before sabbath. Doug has great insight and presents the lesson in a down-to-earth simplicity. Also I love the music!!
I have recently found your Sabath School lesson study and now you've been gone for a few weeks and I want to know why. Please come back.


By CeciG
I am amazed at how the sermons keep me interested from beginning to end. Pastor Batchelor brings the Bible to life and has such an extensive amount of background information to go along with the Bible story that it keeps me wanting more. Everything is grounded in Bible truths. What a refreshing way to approach the Bible. Thank you!