Daily in the Word

Reviews For Daily in the Word

Sermons you can trust are truth of God’s Word.
Pastor Chappell can lead you into the best relationship of your life. He explains how to get to heaven and how to walk on this earth in a deep growing relationship with the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ.
Very good teaching. I love to listen and be encouraged in Christ on the way to work. I only wish that part two of each teaching wasn't so much review of part one. Please keep these coming.
I definitely recommend that you subscribe to this or one of Pastor Chappell’s other podcasts.
This podcast is a breath of fresh air among so many modern "teachers" who are erring from the faith through the emerging church movement. Dr. Paul Chappell is a strong preacher and these messages will make a difference in your life!
I’m excited about this podcast! My walk is simply on higher ground when I listen to Pastor Paul Chappell! Thank you for the imparted knowledge and exhortations to grow and walk with the Lord Jesus Christ!
There is nothing more encouraging to me than a daily devotional from God's Word! This podcast has helped me be renewed in my spiritual walk with God. Thanks for this podcast, I am looking forward to tomorrow's post.
This podcast is a great way to spend part of your day. I have found myself encouraged and blessed to listen to these podcasts. Pastor Chappell rightly divides the Bible to deliver spectacular truth in an understanding way.
Daily in the Word is an amazing podcast. I look forward to each lesson and am encouraged every time. The Bible truth and insight is extremely helpful. I always find some thing that can help me with living each day the way the Lord would want me to.
These messages encourage and strengthen my Christian walk. Thank you Pastor Paul Chappell for making these available!
I love bro chapples preaching. It always touches my heart. I thank God for a man who stands by the faith and gives the truth wether we like it or not, and the podcasts make it very convenient. Great stuff.
This is a great use of space on my ipod. I downloaded them and listen to them on long trips. Thank you Pastor Chappell
It is great to hear sound Bible preaching and not have to wonder if the doctrine is correct. Dr. Chappell is a humble, yet bold preaher of the Gospel. His preaching and his church is a great example of what a New Testament church should look like today. I would recomend this to anyone with the slightest desire to grow spiritually. Keep it up Bro. Chappell
A friend referred me to his podcasts. They are the first things I listen to. It was great to find the multimedia (audio and video) on lancasterbaptist.org as well. This is very good Bible-based preaching and teaching.
not my thing - but to each their own.
I listen to the podcast as often as possible. Dr. Paul Chappell is a great preacher
Sound Biblical teaching from Dr. Chappell is applicable and edifying. This short podcast gives you something you can take with you for a ongoing expository study that doesn't require much time out of your day. Doing a great work for the Lord, Bro. Chappell! Highly recommended.
hey this is a great podcast if u are looking to be seriously challenged and get into the word of God and grow stronger in christ. I have learned tons i recomend this podcast to every1 Keep up the good work Dr. Paul Chappell