Smelly Monkeys

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Gareth and his twin boys, Simon, and Trevor are great fun to listen to in their weekly(just about) podcast. Simon's animal report and Trevor's sports report usually bring up a lot of laughs, as do all of the little things that happen in the background. It's a great show for kids and families or just someone who just wants something fun and interesting to listen to. Each show is about 20 minutes long, which is long enough to get a little bit of everthing mixed in but short enough where no one part drags on. So, if you've got an extra twenty minutes in your day, take some time and find out what Smelly Monkeys is all about and you won't be disappointed.
I've been listening to the Smelly Monkeys for about 8 months and they never fail to put a smile on my face. Gareth is exceptional at keeping the podcast moving and handling his two sons. Trevor's knowledge of sports never ceases to amaze me. Simon talks about animals at a level equal to none. I enjoy the spontaneity and non sequiturs. These three guys have a talent for entertainment. They've got great music, great rapport, and a fantastic sense of humor. I look forward to their shows every week. I highly recommend this podcast. Subscribe to it today!
All three Smelly Monkeys (Gareth, Trevor, & Simon), are exceptionally funny. While their podcast is orderly and sometimes informative, they are great in delivering the laughs, information, and silliness. Their regular reports on sports, music, animals, and technology are just right for young minds. My family looks forward to their regular podcasts for a half hour of monkeying around!
The Smelly Monkeys are a hoot, and if you don't agree, then you're just no fun!