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Awesome!no cussing my mom hates cussing! I am a cat 🐈 lover I have 4 cats 🐈🐱🐱🐱🐱🐱🐈🐈🐈🐈🐈#pussywhipped wow my cats 🐈 names tazzy,gabby,sunny,and freedom hope


By vocacat
I am a compelete cat lover and find this fun and cool
Terrible podcast. It feels like this guy has no real knowledge of felines and is merely reading cat articles. 👎🏻👎🏻
So fun, so funny, and such a delight! The music is a treat and the stories make my day. My only regret in finding this podcast is the irregular posting of new episodes.


By 11JR
Mark, great 'cast, full of delight and entertainment. Love the music, you have a way for brininging out the humorous and joculant through your music, while at the same time allowing it to retain a sincerity and beauty that cannot be guffawed away. Keep up the marvelous task of spreading your music throughout the world bringing people the joy and laughter heralded by your bardic office. Peace, James H
I love this podcast!!! Whenever I'm listening to the music, my cats (baby and splotch) jump up on to the computer top (cats in physics, law of elongation)  There is no other pocast even remotely similar to this one, and I love it!!!! 
Marc has done it again.. Love the Irish/Celtic podcast and figure id give this one a listen to.. I have 2 kittys.. Freeway (who is planted on my lap,, purring and digging her claw into my leg begging for attention) and Dusty.. the recluse.. no doubt in my closet on a shirt that had fallen off the hanger all snug as a bug until my kids go to bed and she can have mommy all to herself and play queen of the mountian with Freeway if need be. I love my cats and their antics and can definatley relate to this podcast. Tips and information about caring for kitty is informative too.. Marc.. you have done it again. muahh.. keep em comming!!
This is the only podcast that makes me laugh out loud (a real belly laugh), much to the chagrin of my coworkers - but who cares - this is great stuff! The music is awesome, too. Incredibly creative and well done!!!
This show is packed with amusing anecdotes and cat care tips. Lots of fun.
i enjoy listening to these stories while having a nice warm cup of tea. these stories are very interesting and make me want to play with my cat "Bosco". I believe that even my cat likes listening to these funny tales and adventures!! i know this because when ever i listen to the updates Bosco always comes and jumps up to the computer to listen in on your podcast. I recomend tis podcast to anyone who enjoys cats and other critters!!! P.S. that was all B/S LMAO, ROFL ROFL ROFL
This stuff is like the hawtest of hawt! Pussywhipped?
Hi my name is Chris Leavy and i find that Marc Gunn is very talented and intriuging as he talks about his daily storys with these furry animals. I enjoy playing World of Warcraft daily while listening to these great updates. Way to go Marc Gunn (lol) Christopher