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Pray Station makes it easy to pray along with audio when health issues make difficult to set aside time to read & recite Lauds & Vespers amidst other scheduled obligations. Personally, I’d prefer if the prayer leader would slow the pace such that I could allow the prayers and psalms to sink more deeply into my mind & heart. Even so, I’m grateful for your podcast. Thank you!
Great job. For those who have different preferences with reading speed, use your device to speed up or slow down the playing speed.
I have been using these podcasts for many years and I'm so thankful that Jeff Vista has been so dedicated to them. His delivery is clear and straightforward and thereby does not distract from the readings and prayers. I have sampled other Liturgy of the Hours productions and this one is the best by far. Thank you, Jeff, and everyone who makes this possible. God bless you.
When life is busy, or I forget my Magnificat/breviary, or I have three kids up at 6am before my feet hit the floor and I am making breakfast instead of praying, I can rely on Playstation Portable to be there to help me “fill in the blanks” of my prayer life. I use PSP to better live out my vocation as a wife and mother. Being able to unite my soul to the Lord, praise Him, thank Him, ask Him for help, all while doing the things a mom of little children need to do during the times I am unable to be alone in the quiet? That is an amazing gift from PSP. I am so grateful, and my family doesn’t know how grateful they are to have me be a calm, more loving, peaceful person. It is making my life better. It sounds like an exaggeration, but it is not. Thank you for your podcast.
Thank you for you commit in sharing your prayers all these years! Thank you for all you do. AND NEVER GO AWAY!!!
I can't always pray every hour of the day, but PSP allows me to make the most of every hour.
I have listened to several versions of the Liturgy of the Hours, and this is my favorite. The narrator's voice is wonderful. My prayer life and relationship with Christ has deepened because of this podcast. Highly recommended.
There are other more flashy LofH out there, but in its simplicity, this is beautifully done. Highly recommended.


By Knodell
Enjoy. I miss not being able to pause after a psalm to reflect a minute before continuing. Once the hr. begins there is no pause until it ends. No more various speeds either. I enjoyed the previous features.
I've been using this podcast for years now. I pray along with it every day. It makes my commutes a spiritual act. It makes praying the Liturgy of the Hour really easy and accessible. Praying along daily is a good habit to get into.
The presenter of this podcast is to be commended for their dedication to a quality product over the years.
Convenient to use, well organized, and read in a holy manner.


Very great
Thank you for producing this podcast! I am glad it is available when it I can't use the books.
I really appreciate this podcast. It has become an important part of my day, and helps me stay focused on God. Thank you so much for taking the time to do this for all of us.
I greatly appreciate Jeff's apostolate of carefully and meaningfully reading the Liturgy of the hours. God bless you!
First, I'm not a catholic -- I was raised a protestant, and still consider myself one. That being said, I think this podcast is incredible. I walk to and from work and this podcast helps me get in the right frame of mind as I'm going to and coming from the office. If there was a liturgy of the hours of the protestant church, and used the same format as this, I'd be listening to it --- though I have to overlook/ignore some small bits and pieces of the prayers every now and then due to my protestant beliefs, the vast majority is truly outstanding and I'm very grateful for this ministry. I hope the format used for this podcast continues for years to come - just a priest praying without any other bells and whistles. God bless!
It is a blessing to have the Liturgy of the Hours on my IPOD and have the opportunity to follow along in my prayer book. It is a reminder everyday all Catholics are praying together as one. My only constructive criticism of this podcasts is the narrator at times is praying too quickly. I wish he would pray more slowly so we can reflect a bit on the words. A little instrumental music would be great to like the divine office podcasts. Peace!
But...... TO THE READER : PLEASE SLOW DOWN !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
I really appreciate this podcast. My only complaint is that the prayers are said way too fast. If I want to recite a passage I remember out loud I cannot because it is being spoken way too quickly for me! It is really hard to adequately ponder on what one is praying when one is being rushed through the prayer.
Thanks, SQPN!
I was excited when I read the reviews, but disappointed in the podcast itself. The tone is montone and the speaker rushes thru the passages. Why not take a moment to highlight the passages that will be prayed so we can follow along in our bibles? I kept feeling as though the reader was rushing to complete the podcast. Too bad; this sounded like a great opportunity to get people really involved in prayer and perhaps more importantly to learn to pray on their own
Thank you for this wonderful way to experience the Liturgy of the Hours. I had heard it was hard to follow in the actual book, so Jeff gives the prayers to us in a way that lets us concentrate on the word of God.
I love this podcast. I use it every morning and sometimes the evening one when life isn't hectic. Jeff does an incredible job! Thank you for providing us with this every day of the year! I love your voice. God Bless you.
Hi, I just wanted to say this is an awesome podcast. Instead of wasting God given time to listen to junk we call music today listening to this serves me better and is so much better. I pray you guys continue to do this very important work of God. Stay blessed
Thank you so much for taking the trouble to provide this for all of us. I deeply appreciate your effort. If I were to change anything, I would ask for a little less hurried presentation and a little more expression. It is a blessing for me to have this podcast.
I have incorporated this podcast into my daily liturgical prayer for over a year. I'm overdue in thanking you Jeff for a wonderful ministry and a very positive podcast. Now, no matter where I am, I can pray with the Church. Thank you & be assured of my prayer for your intentions.
I always felt that I had been praying the hours wrong, confused. Now I have through this podcast learned the proper methods. If I do get lost I can pause the cast and find where I should be. Thanks for your efforts.
Excellent resourse for those of us looking to deepen our relationship with God.
I wanted to learn. Jeff was how I was taught. Now, when my iPod isn't nearby, I'm praying it on my own. Thanks Jeff!!
I rarely have the time to do the Liturgy of the Hours before I leave for work in the morning. This Podcast let's me start my day with this great devotion.
I begin my daily devotion with listening to Pray Station Portable every day. Liturgy of the Hours and reading my Missal is the foundation of my daily devotion.
I recently entered the Deacon Formation Program to become a Catholic Deacon. My sister owned a copy of the Shorter Christian Prayer Book and gave it to me. I started praying it in September but I didn’t have the 2007 White Guide Supplement. For those who first try praying the Liturgy of the Hours for the first time without a guide is almost impossible. But my listening to Jeff Pray the Hours each day I was able to get the hang of it. His Podcast made it possible to pray it even when I wasn’t able to listen to this Podcast. I notice that some time Jeff prays it slow enough that you can pray along with him, sometimes he seems more rushed. I don’t want to critical I would like to pray along with Jeff when he does it. It is a great service you are offering. Thanks again!
A great way to start and end the day!!
What a great way to begin and end every day! This helps me go out to start my day with a good feeling and end it with prayerful thanksgiving for the gift of another day on earth.
Thanks!!! This is great, please keep it up.
I love this podcast. I listen to it in my car on my iPod as I'm driving around my kids, and in the evening off of my laptop once everyone is asleep. Combined with the daily Bible reading, it is an easy but conscious way to bring my faith into my everyday life. Regardless of whether or not you are Catholic, the prayers are helpful and inspiring. Wonderful!
This is a terrific addition to the digital age. Instead of flipping through the book of Christian Prayer alone, or in a quiet group of nuns (back in high school), I've been able to learn where to find prayers, how they are changed for holy days, etc. The book has taken on new life, and I love the chance to incorporate a nice, manageable, ritualistic 10 minutes of prayer into my life. Someone else said it well: 10 minutes of prayer, boundless rewardss!
I start every morning with Praystation & the Daily Breakfast. I have a 2 1/2 hr train ride Monday thru Friday and I can always depend on the programs from SQPN! Thanks Jeff & Fr. Roderick! You are in my prayers, please keep me in yours.
I pray with this podcast first thing in the morning and last thing at night. It helps set my day in motion and then helps me let go of the day and sleep. I can't recommend it enough.
I wish that Jeff Vista, the narrator of the podcast, had a bit more inflection in his voice as he leads us through the liturgy of the hours. I find his voice to be a bit motonous and it sometimes leads my mind astray since it's not engaging me fully. However, I do like the podcast. It's given me a new way to enable me to pray the Liturgy of the Hours at home or on the subway.
Jeff is doing a great job, for all of us, and to praise the lord. This is a must listen podcast for all Catholics
This is a wonderful way to help incorporate the Liturgy of the Hours into our daily lives. I listen to Morning Prayer everyday while on the way to work. Before I found this SQPN podcast, I struggled to make the time everyday to open up my Breviary in the mornings. As regular laymen that has to work 60 hours a week to support my young family, I appreciate this wonderful gift. Thank you Jeff and Fr. Roderick! DD
Jeff Great job with this Podcast.I am a third order Discaled Carmelite,and also a rotation shift worker and have a hard time having my office at hand ,Pray Station portable really helps me with my Prayers. Thanks and Gods Blessings to you Rich


By Boaet
I love it. No flipping around in a book trying to find the right page. This has been a great experance. How about adding night prayer?
The English language does not contain the words I need to describe how valuable and precious this podcast is for me. As an up and coming Seminarian, I am so grateful that this podcast exists. I am able to pray with it daily, and maintain a prayer life that doesn't restrict me to a quiet room. On my iPod, I can listen to this anywhere and never miss a beat while traveling. Thank you so much for this, and I hope that you are able to keep this going strong. God Bless!
Thank for this, Jeff! I can not even begin to tell you how this has brought me closer to God. May he richly bless you & everyone who uses this Podcast!
Thank you for a quality podcast. I pray the Divine Office with it daily. Please keep it up.
I only wish I had more time to listen to all of Father R's PodCast. This is my first time listening to Praystation. Blessing and Thank you for helping me pray daily. Listen to Praystation if you need a little daily inspiration and guidance. I will keep Father R and Fellow Pod Listerns in my prayer.