The 100 Word Stories Podcast

Reviews For The 100 Word Stories Podcast

I love this podcast. It's witty, sarcastic, and the stories can be rather thoughtful. They are very well written.
Fun. Short. Fun. Did I mention fun? Great podcast idea and very entertaining.
Think writing was a b**ch before? Try doing it with a 100 word limit. Laurence and friends lay it out daily with clever new fiction that never lasts more then a minute or two. Worth it for the weekly challenges alone.
Of course, I don't know any other podcast of this kind but be that as it may try it and you'll like it.
I know, it's my podcast, but I think it's fair to review another author and contributor, right? Well, Elisson's podcasts are the perfect intro of music, potted down for interesting and twisted tales, and then the final outtro back into the music. A rapid-fire delight for the ears, like some Ziegfeld comedian on the stage or in the bar pulling a fast one as the orchestra tunes up. The rest do not use musical accompaniment or sound effects, unlike the well-produced Seanachai podcast. Simplicity is the key to this podcast's survival. Andrew Ian Dodge's delivery may be stilted at times, but the tales are always creepy and leave you wondering what will come next in the serial progression. Tomer Israeli is just downright disturbing and mad. A sick and secret delight each and every time he manages to churn one out. Finally, the Weekly Challenges bring together all kinds of authors - silly, sick, sweet, sappy... and my old college pal Planet Z ends up mocking my style by showing me up with an even better version of my own way of looking at the world. If not for my own stories, listen for the others. They are what makes the podcast what it is.