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Be careful listening to this while driving, as you may find yourself laughing so hard you can't see the traffic. I listen to this (among other's by Guy) on my drive to and from work, and it makes the drive go much faster. An excellent podcast with two g-men talking about all kinds of things. Sometimes, there is even good information! :-)
You guys are awesome, from RI, work in Boston. Very fun, interesting, informative and casual. Indiana was the dogs name. I spend my time between use guys and #dork. Good luck with your ventures.
Guy and Gaz have some good hidden gems and keep it light. Just listen, they are an essential podcast.
I love listening to this podcast guys really seem to enjoy each others company and have fun. This is one of the more enjoyable podcast.
In Episode '635' I almost chocked to death wiht laughter when my morning coffee went down the wrong hole when Guy misspelled Xylophone. The podcast was, is supposed to be about Macs and all things Apple, but this two larrikins can knock any topic out of the park with gut busting humour. They should be picked up by a network and syndicated.
This is the only podcast I'm subscribed to, so I'm not comparing it to anything. Guy and Gaz know what they are talking about and are entertaining as well. Keep up the good work.
I love the show. They include reviews, discuss Apple in general, and make me laugh a lot. I can pretty much guarantee that you won’t hear too many other podcasters make the sound of a 56kb modem. This show is a lot of fun, you should listen.
Could be edited down by 80% and would be more enjoyable. Content is less MAC and more rambling. Ok at night to put you to sleep. sorry guys.
This is by far the tastiest podcast out there. Take a bite, you won't be disappointed!
This show is funny! I'm not a big techie, so this is very helpful. There is a lot of fun and learning! I am now a new subscriber
Guy and Gaz are totally random and hilarious. They don't overwhelm you with overplayed Mac or iOS news. Very unique show. Thank you guys! @PowerBook540
This podcast helps you to learn about technology, as well as laugh at 2 crazy people that should, in all honesty, never been allowed to do a podcast! They are constantly confusing the listener, but not as much as they confuse each other. Overall the MyMac Podcast is a very interesting podcast that will leave you with a smile on your face.
Hilarious Apple idolatry fun for the whole family!
The right blend of funny, crazyness, discombobulation, and, oh yah... Mac stuff. Guy and Gaz make an awesome team, and their podcast passion is evident in every episode. Keep up the great work guys... your show is always a pleasure to hear.
Guy & Gaz present tech news, views and tips in a manner that is insightful and delightfully wacky. They do all of this without the distraction of the thought process.
I went searching for new Mac (Apple) podcasts, and found this one instead. ;-) Awesome podcast, I love these guys. I hope there are many more to come.
Sort of a cross between Mac World and your favorite morning drive radio show. Lots of great info here.
This is just so much fun to listen to. Constantly goes off topic, but that is all part of the wonderful charm of this show. Definitely one of my favorite podcasts. :D
The most entertaining train wreck you could ever listen to. I don't miss a single episode.
Awesome show in between laughter! jk
Guy kaj Gaz estas ĉiam plezuro por aŭskulti, samtempe informativo kaj amuzita. Ĝi estas sufiĉe agrabla afero por atingi la malalta-suben en la Mac sceno sen devi elteni ok minutoj longaj Ford anoncoj. Ankaŭ, mi devas vere rekomendas ilin por konsekvence limigi siajn epizodoj al humana longa (kelkaj Mac podcasters vidis havi multajn problemojn kun tio!). Amasa "Dank 'al la G-Men por teni min kompanio dum mia nightshifts por la lasta 400 semajnoj!
I have listen to it & it was very interesting
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This was my 1st listen to MyMac podcast, Feb 20, 2013. I had met Guy at Macworld this year and he got me interested in the podcast. I will be listening to more of MyMac podcast. It's entertaining while educational and just the right length. Thanks Guy and Gaz for putting out a great podcast. I learned quite a bit from it and will continue listening. You guys are quite funny.


By tomdar2
Since Ping isn't around anymore: >Like<
I usually get info from the show that i already knew previously but thats because i like to "geek" like that with my mac so you have to respect these guys. i like to listen to the show anyway. these guys are very entertaining and funny as hell. keep up the good work….
THE G-MEN ROCK! I look forward to this podcast every week!
They are really one of the best Mac podcasts out there. I love their sense of humor and the information about Apple products. It can be a little geeky sometimes, but that's okay. I love that this podcast is fun and relatable even to Mac newbies like myself. They have become one of my favorite podcasts. I feel like Guy and Gaz are good friends now.
I really enjoy Guy and Gaz. The show is great, but when I heard how terribly desperate they are for iTunes reviews, I had to write one. Here it is and it didn't hurt at all. Keep up the good work and thanks for everything.
Guy & Gaz (Not sure who Chad is on other reviews) are funny & interesting - Sure they "waste" some time on useless stuff but that is part of the fun of the show - Listen every week and often learn things of value - Now if only I can win a major prize on their big upcoming 400th podcast!
I have up until 3-4 months ago I was a casual listener to this podcast (once every month or so). In the past the show was alright it presented Apple information but it had no flair. Since Guy & Gaz have taken over the hosting responsibilities this Podcast (for me) is a weekly must listen too. This podcast is 2 Mac Geeks talking about Apple and letting us listen in on their conversation. These 2 gentlemen get along splendidly and love to cut up which adds to the podcasts charm. Great Hosts, Great Stories, Great Information and just an all around Great Time. They are a bit erratic at times but it is a great listen. Give it a try, I believe that you will find Guy and Gaz to be a great addition to your weekly podcast listening habit. Ask them about their double your $$$ back guarantee. Thanks for reading.
This podcast has been going for a few years, since Gaz and Guy took over it has improved considerably ( Sorry Tim). Perhaps the fact that I am a Brit living in NYC, and hearing a fellow Brit has something to do with it. Its nice to listen to other people having problems with their machines and how they fix them. Always something new you can learn. If you want a high tech podcast discussing the speed configurations of a Hard Drive compared to a Cheetah, then go elsewhere. If you want to be entertained by 2 nice chaps, talking about macs in a language we can all understand then this is the place for you. Keep up the good work. Richard
There is no information or structure to the show! It might as well be to guys on the phone talking! Where was the Mac part of the show! This is like watered down late night tv! STEP IT UP GUYS!
Guy and Gaz are an unusually duo of podcasters who made a fresh, funny, quick and crazy podcast about Apple and many other things. Really, it is 100% recommendable if you like Apple podcast… and also if you don't like it but you like to ear have a good time. GREAT G-MEN ¡¡ Stand by to stand by ….
This is a very informative,and entertaining Podcast! It's excellent,timely,and relays a great deal of information out to us, while entertaining us at the same time. Highly recommended to all Mac-users or Mac-lovers!
These two are nuts, they just make jokes, laugh, and manage to do a podcast in the process. But really, it's an entertaining show, by two very approachable, nice, easy going guys who are not on the track of bashing all things not Apple. And also, they rarely go over an hour, which is nice, compared to other podcast that go on and on. Also, if you like Soundboard effects, this podcast is for you.
This show is great. It feels like a fun conversation between friends, I feel like this is what I would talk about with my buddies. It is great to hear podcasters truly enjoying their show and cracking each other up in the process. I often find myself laughing out loud while listening.
When I finish listening each week, that's exactly what I say. It's a real pleasure to listen to 2 nice 'gentlemen" talk about my favorite subject, all things Apple. However they are not the typical fan boys. They love Apple products but will also express their opinions about what Apple has gotten wrong. The GMen speak from experience. If they screw something up, and I guarantee you they're experts at that, they will tell you all about how to get out of the mess they've made. Give them a listen and I know you're agree that their show is a wonderful waste of time.


By elmcgee
this is my favorite Mac podcast. It is the most honest and real of the bunch. The hosts are fun and there opinions and reviews always feel genuine and not forced or overblow for shock value. The hosts let others talk without constant interruptions or trying to funny all the time at the expense of others. These guys do it right.
As an englishman living in Florida, this is a great blend of english and american humor and information. I always enjoy listening to the guys interpretation of the week technology news. So stand by to stand by they will be back next week!!! Cheers Cannonmonkey
I would like to start by saying that I have been a avid listener now for almost a year and it has been entertaining to say the least. No offense to any other Mac podcast out there but this show is the only one I can listen to in the car without fearing falling asleep at the wheel. Keep up the wonderful work fellas.
Great show. I was at a loss for a web editor. I think SandVox might be something I look into now. I like hearing the boys interview guests. Especially developers. They always have good questions and give the Devs time to be themselves. Which goes a long way to selling their goods. Microsoft buys Skype, Well can it get any worse? After hearing my feedback played on the air, I'm going to have to change my nick name to Drunk McShane. Thanks guys, Keep up the good work. Steve McShane, The drunkard formally known as @AyeMcShane
Great Mix of Apple Product News and Entertainment. Top notch. Keep up the good work G-Men!
The hosts, Guy and Gaz, really know what they are talking about, and the show is a good mix of news, product reviews, commentary, and talks with listeners, but what sets it apart for me is a really goofy sense of humor (or humour in the case of Gaz).
Just enough Tech. Just enough Guests. Just enough News. Just enough Extraneous Info. Just enough Laughter. CalMiKy
My most favorite Saturday Grocery Shopping podcast! (And Guy knows why ;) ) Andreas
I get a kick listening to these two guys on my way to work or on the trip back home. They're always entertaining and bring on the news and views of what's happening around the Mac community. Guy and Gaz thank you for all the work and time you put into the show each week. Jerry O
New to the podcast and i really enjoyed it allot. Keep up the good work!
Guy and Gaz are really down to earth and talk about all things Macintosh/Apple in an easy to follow and entertaining manner. I like their humor, too! Keep up the great work, G-Men!