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Back to School blues feels more like syllabus shock on top of culture shock these days. Listen to the Proverbs talks if you need to find grounding for kids who are overwhelmed and finding it hard to seek out wisdom in the mines God's providing. Taking Proverbs 1-3 in small chunks, repeating them and enjoying the energy, has been like following a silver vein in a sometimes flooded mine.
I thank God for using Chris to speak truth to our congregation. we can test his words to scripture and see his heart and message are from The Lord. God is truly getting glory here. May more come to know Him in a real way!
I recently was born again by the grace of God and Chris has inspired me to live in Jesus in more ways than I can count. Chris quotes Piper, Grudem, Luther and many more but more importantly it is soundly grounded in God's word. His approach is with utmost humbleness and truly God has given through his grace such an immense talent of preaching the Gospel. Not only does he tackle hard biblical truths but he helps you to gain broader understanding of the great meta-narrative of the Bible. Thank you Chris you are truly doing God's work!
Dude, this guy is incredible! His messages are hilarious but with more meaning and profound truth in them than I have ever heard in other sermons. This guy has a rare God-given talent, that he is using to his absolutely full extent! LISTEN TO HIM! Go Hodge! And Go Jesus!
I think you should really listen to this Awesome, Amazing, Funny, Nice, Outreaching, LOVING, and just totally SWEET guy!! He really knows God!! and loves Him with all his heart!! I have heard everyone of his sermons and they are all great!!!!!! So Listen to Pastor Chris preach God's Word!! I really recommend it!