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I listen to alot of podcast on comics and there are very few I keep forever on my Ipod,but this is one that stays with me allways.I really like the breaks of music in between the talking,makes it A relaxing listen!!!Thanks Lene for A enertaining podcast!
I Read Comics is a poscast of comic books and comic book related things hosted by Lene Taylor. The stuff she covers is a good balance between underground and mainstream comics so there's really something for everyone in every episode. It helps that Taylor is an excellent reviewer; all her arguments are reasonable and well thoughtout; Taylor is cool, intelligent and sophisticated and still manages to curse up a storm from time to time. Her passion for comics is evident and it's obvious she cares deeply about the medium. If there's anything to criticize it's very minor. Her interviews tend to be of poor quality. Not its content - she has excellent conversations with people = it's her recording equipment that's not really very good and it can be a strain to listen to an interview sometimes. Another is that there's no set schedule and there's really no telling when she'll release a new episode. Sometimes it's a couple a month, sometimes it's one a month and sometimes more than a month goes by without an episode. But that's just a back-handed complicated because I Read Comics is one of the best comics podcasts around.
Ms. Taylor has interesting insights, and she provides them with honesty and wit. I especially like her just-after-the-movie reviews with her friend Logan.
Not a valuable podcast. Comics reviewed in a dry and patronizing style. Not Recomended
This comics podcast is so different than other comics podcasts. Lene will tell us exactly how she feels about comics with out fear, even if she hates a comic. I love that. Some podcast I've listen to are afraid to say an artist or comic is bad, not Lene.
This is an interesting podcast with thoughtful opinions and high production values! This is usually the first one I look for.
She has her an interesting and intelligent point of view and is passionate in her opinions, Great reviews of standards like Kingdom Come, and Watchmen, plus very good at bringing up indy stuff i would not have heard about. Mostly i think she's great. My one critique is: it would be nice if she reviewed some more current things. Otherwise, Great Podcast!
Well thought out, highly articulate and refreshingly frank reviews of a wide cross-section of comics and comics-releated material.
This is a very interesting podcast. Thoughtful and articulate reviews of movies, comics and some great music mixed in. And a really smart feminist pov. It's what podcasting was made for.
There is a common thread over the few of these podcasts that I've listened to, and that is that Taylor does not seem to support the industry she bases this show on. Her review of a segment of DC's recent Crisis series was peevish because she hadn't read any of the preceding books and was having trouble picking up the thread. I would quote directly or specify which show where this lapse occured, but it would mean listening to more of her empty content. Does this lazy brand of critique irritate you? Well, get used to it, it's par for her course.
i really wanted to like this podcast, but i just don't think it's great. while i like finding out about a lot of independent books i wouldn't hear about, the criticism just doesn't seem to be that sharp. when she doesn't like something, she seems to just bash it, rather than critique what specifically turns her off. there are other, much better alternatives out there for comic fans.
I discovered I Read Comics just a few weeks ago, and it has quickly become my favorite comics podcast. Like the very funny guys at Comic Pants, Lene Taylor alternates between themed episodes and review/rant episodes, but all of them are smart and funny, with lots of suggestions for comics and cartoons (she likes cartoons) to check out, and interesting insights into comics we've all read. Unlike the guys at Comic Pants, she brings an enthusiastically feminist reading to comics, inviting the listener to think about how women, and men, are written and drawn in comics. Highly recommended!
Lene's take on comics is an ongoing discovery about all the good and bad things one encounters in this medium. Too often the opinions given in comics come from the comics-nistas with unaccessible blogs and podcasts for the outside reader. Not only is "I Read Comics" a valuable listen but is entertaining and I look forward to each episode.
Mostly, she enhances my reading list with great recommendations of books I might not have picked up or chosen. So far, I have agreed with her reviews. You can also count on her to speak her mind about stereo-typing, formula writing, and gender roles in comics. I can only hope that her discussions will improve and enhance the stuff that is being produced these days. Very entertaining podcast.
Warning this contains 1/4 - 1/2 extreme gay talk (male on male action). I am a guy and straight, at times the "gt" does bother me. But I like the intuitive insite that is given out.
Well produced and constant, but the opinions expressed are often poorly thought out and attacking. I found myself disagreeing with most every review. I'm sure that there's many out there that appreciate it, but just not for me.
Lene Taylor's podcast is one of the very few comic podcasts i await with anticipation. Full of heart, every episode just makes you want more and more. Ms.Taylor is smart and articulate, her points of views on comics are very refreshing and shes funny as well. Her voice is something new to the podcasting world, i completly recomend this podcast!
Not to be missed. Sure, she's a "girl" but who cares? She's smart and has terrific things to say (even though they may not be the most current books being talked about...who cares about that either?) and she puts all of the guys to shame with her insights. Bow down, geeks!
A great selection of reviews, comics chat and more than a fair amount of wit this is one of the best comic book related podcasts available! Well worth a listen for mature listeners.