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Generally easy to understand. Not boring. Fun. Chris is great.
I was really surprised how little reviews this podcast has. Really quality and entertaining information of a huge variety of scientific topics. The Naked Scientists is one of my favorite science podcasts!
It’s obvious that the Naked Scientists team put extraordinary effort in covering topics and finding guests that are authentic and truly care about being a positive force in this world - the insights that they bring to bear is still mind-blowing Every. Single. Time. No matter the subject, you’re guaranteed to gain something from every episode - can’t recommend this show enough 🙌
Very informative and fun to listen too!
I head a fully incorrect statement regarding carbon content it takes to raise cattle. 80 head of cattle can be raised by two people and 6 horses on land not suitable for crops. I know this because my grandfather did it. Natural grasses from peatland was used for the winter feed, harvested with horse drawn equipment means no tillage and this is done in a region with only a fraction of a centimetre of topsoil. Summer grazing of natural growing grass is used. The local wildlife in competition with cattle are bears as they also eat clover and a few other plants but eat the odd calf so that may be fair and with mull-deer but the deer also consume shrubs that cattle don’t eat. However this was an era of 2.some billion roughly. Problem is factory farming today. Meat protein is undervalued monetarily because it’s over produced to feed 7.6 billion hungry people. If my grandfather was to produce the same amount of nutrients and calories with plants the deforestation would be massive and the carbon content would be massive as well. If a person wants to lesson their carbon footprint, don’t have children it’s the top of the list of what’s in your control and have 100% success. Animal protein can be a carbon fixing process but not on the volume currently being used. Today’s practices have become the problem and today’s overpopulation of humanoids is the problem. The deforestation required to produce plant matter insect free to feed 7.6 billion people is still the problem no matter how it’s sliced. Shipping and concentrating essential nutrients for proper health with a vegan or vegetarian diet is just as problematic due to the growing population. We have become an unsustainable population for our current strategies.
The Naked Scientists podcast team has been sharing approachable and relatable science topics with the world for over a decade! They have truly set the bar for science podcasts. Each episode has a theme (even if that them is Q&A) but they always cover other timely or interesting tidbits. This means each episode has many different facets and is worth listening to, even if the major topic is not your cuppa tea. I started listening a couple of years ago, starting with episodes from about five years back. Great road trip podcast; listen when cleaning the house, waiting for an appointment, on a plane or completing some other mundane task on which you do not need to concentrate.
One of two podcasts where I always know the content will be great. But then it's not fair, because people with British accents always sound smarter. The length (a bit under 60 minutes) is just right for me. Analysis is objective and the right depth. It's great.
It's been 12 years that I've been listening to this podcast, so I suppose I should write a review. This was one of the first podcasts I subscribed to in 2006. I always come out feeling like I learned something, which is more than what I can say for most podcasts I listen to.
For many people today, science has become chic - but for many people, modern advances in various scientific fields is not something everyone can easily grasp while reading journals or peer research. Enter the Naked Scientists. Each episode features the panel of experts who break down the latest news, trends and theories, as well as provides answers for listener-submitted questions ... all presented in plain English for the regular folk to understand. And it’s all presented with a lighthearted sense of humor and wit. And for some of us outside of the UK, listening to people with British accents tends to have a calming effect, I’m guilty of it.
I've been listening to this podcast for a year now and just got around to reviewing it. It is my go to podcast when I feel like learning something new. This guy knows so much. W
Learning so much science on this podcast. Very engaging and educational!
I'm a chemistry PhD graduate stufent and I'm thoroughly impressed by the balance between telling a scientific story accurately through the eyes of researchers and making sure the story is relatively staightforward to understant!
Love the way you make Science accessible to the general public! I'm a faithful subscriber. Keep up the good work!
Great podcast about science news, with a great cast of presenters and show variety (news, questions from listeners, news from science fairs, etc). The refinements to the show-new music, etc are great. I always long for the next episode. Good web site, too. Thanks guys!
Like the show, good stuff.
I love that kids are so involved in this show, and it is presented at a level that adults can appreciate without a bunch of kid "antics"...
Jock science
funny and informative..
I love the podcast as it has lots of very interesting stories that I wouldn't normally get. I used to only listen to Science Friday but now its good to have more sources of science in my life! Makes me sound super smart in conversations :)
Just what I was looking for - thank you!
No other podcast that I’ve found covers the full breadth of science news, along with in-depth conversations about the latest discoveries. I have friends who are actual scientists, and I am often more informed than they are about what’s going on in the science world thanks to Dr. Smith and the Naked Scientists team. I especially love the contributions of all of the female scientists on the show. Dr. Helen Scales is always a delight to listen to. Her passion for her field and joy of talking about science comes through in every episode she is a part of.
Dr. Chris Smith and the other Naked Scientists give me my weekly dose of science in fields that I don't follow. The story/science selection is very good and the show's staff are excellent reporters. The way they report on the stories keeps the show from getting dry, without trying to be funny.
I like the scope and quality of this program. It provides for user input, covers basic and advanced topics and helpful advice. Dr Chris Smith does other programs, too, and I'd listen to anything he works on. Thanks to him as well as everyone who works on this show.


By sgerbic
Love the accents! Wonderful show, I need to go back to the beginning and start listening from then.
love these podcasts!!!
And then there was ONE. . . This appears to be the last Naked [fill in the Science] podcast. That's a shame. everyone one of them strove to bring you up[ to date discoveries and thoughtful recent commentary. But the most generic is by no means the least. They cover everything from Antarctic drilling, to archaeology, to behavioral science, to population studies, to genetic research and more beyond. Worth a serious listen.
Want proof? Listen to this podcast.
During the school year I do a lot of traveling. This is one of the handful of podcasts I LOVE listening to as I drive back and forth to school. Thanks SO much for making these available!!!
I've been listening to these podcasts for years, usually while I am hiking. Each one is informative and fascinating. What a wonderful way to inform the non-scientist about the phenomenal discoveries all around us. I love each of your host's unassuming manner, wit, and intellect. Usually when I return from my daily hike, I have been so absorbed, that I don't even realize I was exercising. Lots of times I wish I could recall everything discussed, but that is not possible. However, when a related conversation comes up with family or friends, I find that it all comes back to me. Thanks so much for helping me to be more informed. This is far and away my favorite podcast.
Great show for science lovers.
I enjoy the current science news and the kitchen science
I cannot say enough good things about this podcast! I'm hooked. Listen and you will be hooked too!!!
This is by far the best science show podcast peroid. The big difference, and what makes this show so good, is that the staff are highly educated scientists themselves, with the abillity and tallent to ask relevant and probing questions. Judge for yourself. Listen to a couple of shows of the Naked Scientist say compared to Science Friday. It's the difference between Chess and Checkers. The range of topics discussed and the level of discourse is fantastic.
Great podcast. I've been listening since 2006 and I still enjoy everything they post. Science is eternally relevant!
Got into this through the "Naked Astronomy " podcast (also brilliant) and am having the pleasure of going back through all the previous ones and there isn't a bad one!! Several different topics in each episode covered in detail but not overly technical. The guys who do this are light hearted but obviously very educated and erudite...subscribe!!!
One of the best science Podcast. This and Astronomy Cast are my most favorite shows. Full spectrum coverage for almost all subjects of science, and the English accents are quite charming too.
This podcast is interesting and the people on it even more so. Love to meet these guys one day.
Every once in a while you stumble on a gem that is so much more valuable than it may first appear - well the cast of Naked Scientist is even more than that very simple, inadequate analogy. They were wonderful from first exposure. Introducing science in the buff... I'm at a loss for for superlatives, so I'll just say thanks.
So good. I can listen to 3 or more in a row and not get bored. Its amazing how they talk about multiple topics in a show. That Is why I love it so much. It always holds my interest. Gotta love the accents!
That covers it.
I listen to the "enhanced" edition of this podcast. It's extremely intersting and presented in an entertaining way. Great job Dr. Chris & team!
Simply one of the best science podcasts out there. Full of humor and knowlegeable hosts.
I subscribed originally to listen with my kids. And while my kids loved to listen, I find I love to listen to the show even more. Great information, technical but explained in an easy to understand way. Love it love it love it
This was the first podcast that I subscribed to years ago and it is still the very best of them all. Funny, wiity, and extremely informative.
very good science podcast. If you're American just the accents are enough to entertain.
Love it!!