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Balancing enthusiasm with caution, Sam and Jim walk any aspiring screenwriter through a frank and often disheartening preview of the years between "I'd like to be a writer" and any modicum of actual success. In spite of the often-disheartening subject matter, the podcast is brimming with humor, the occasional triumph, and multiple years worth of fantastic advice, warnings, and, in the end, encouragement to the prospective author.
I may be a bit biased, because I'm sort of an aspiring screenwriter myself. I don't think people with no desire towards screenwriting will be as entertained by this podcast. But if you are, you probably will have a ball listening to these guys provide great insight into this much-overshadowed world. Since they've both written sitcoms themselves, they each have a sharp, witty sense of humor and I always find myself cracking up when listening to their podcasts. I'm sure there are people out there who feel that writing a screenplay is easy as 1-2-3. Sam and Jim prove that it's not. There were certain episodes where they mentioned certain elements of screenwriting that made a light bulb shine brightly in my head. For example, one of them said the key to writing a character is "What would you find about this person if you were to meet him/her at a party?" Another "Eureka!" moment was when they said your screenplay should have a certain style to it, rather just writing stage directions like "He walks to end of the room." The style of the screenplay should fit the tone of the film.
In doing some research for a play, I stumbled across Sam and Jim's podcast. I would recommend it writers and non-writers alike. It's funny, informative, and offers a great inside look at Hollywood. Very enjoyable!
This is a great podcast. Not only is it useful for writers who want to work in Hollywood, it's useful for writers who are starting out in short fiction and novels. There are truths here that apply to all writers and while the details may be a bit different, it's just as relevant.
Guys, this podcast is demoralizing...but it's exactly what we need. Thanks for telling us the way things are. You've got a loyal listener in me.
Two many tell the fantasy side of a career in Hollywood. Sam and Jim tell the real story of their careers in Hollywood. Anyone thinking of working in Hollywood should listen to this, especially someone thinking about doing scripts. This is not a lecture series, but you will learn useful things. I have enjoyed the ride so far and even after hearing all the disappointments, I am still excited about building my career in Hollywood. It is great to hear straight from two dream chasers as they reach for the stars, but keep a foot on the ground of reality. Keep up the great work.
I'm so glad to had stumbled across this podcast. It's a great resource for screenwriters who want to know what it's like to take that next step and go to hollywood.
they tell it like it is. and it ain't all peaches and cream. it's Really good if you're interested in what it's really like to break into the industry. And as a plus they are really down to earth, but smart and savy guys. the only criticism I have is that they publish the podcasts sporadically. So if you get hooked, you might have to wait for a bit for your next fix.
Start with the backstory episodes and let the suspense build. I've made it to episode 16, and this story is better than most on TV now. These guys are brutally honest, funny, and sharp. Their advice is relevant for all of the arts. Any creative person can relate to this trip they're taking, and bless their families for being so supportive. This is my favorite podcast.
If you're interested in smart, creative people who might actually know what they're talking about, this is the podcast for you. Not to mention the attraction of watching the lives of two up and coming screenwriters come into their own before your very ears. You won't believe it's free.
Sam and Jim - thanks for a terrific podcast! Informative and funny - rooting for you guys! Jim back away from the mic when you laugh or I'm coming down there. And you don't want me to come down there. :)
Sam and Jim offer a very earnest view of their experience, what it takes to be a writer, and the whole Hollywood process. Okay, so they can be a little dorky. But that is exactly part of the appeal: two humble yet smart Midwestern guys struggle through their calling and actually manage to sell scripts in Tinseltown. Along the way, they tell their story and offer advice, bulls&#t-free. Entertaining even for those who do not aspire to be writers, but love to hear about the ins-and-outs of the entertainment industry.
Quality in every way but I would love to here a new episode at least once a month.
Sam and Jim are personable, informative and easy to listen to. Oh, and the intro they use with the woman saying, "Oh, you're the writer.... Do you know any directors?" - FUH-NEE.
Not only do these guys "get it" but they are entertaining as well. Jim and Sam (cuz I'm nothing if not a grain-go-againster) openly and honestly share their personal journey into and through the shark and guppy infested waters of Hollywood. Their take is fresh, their podcast professionally done, and they will entertain everyone - aspiring writers, pro writers, and non-writers.
I first listened to this podcast on a fluke. I live in LA, but I'm not in "the industry" nor do I have any aspirations to become a part of it. I keep listening to it for two reasons: 1) Sam and Jim are witty and interesting, and 2) they're the only people I've ever heard talk about what it's REALLY like to live in Los Angeles. I'm keeping my fingers crossed that their show makes it so we can finally see what they've been talking about all these months. But, if it doesn't maybe their next project can be a series based on their podcast.
I found this podcast from an interview they did on "Screenwriters Podcast"! In this podcast you will learn everything there is to learn about the "experience of screenwriting". It's like having a backstage pass to, not only the creative process of screenwriting, but also the business aspect as well! Please don't miss out! Subscribe now, and follow the trail to Hollywood with them!