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I have been working on your song "All of Me" on the piano and I've only been playing piano 2 years. After 3 months I can now play it, and it feels even better than listening to it! Thank you so much for your inspiring work. All of me definitely requires All of yourself =)
I absolutely love listening to this guy's music. I find myself relaxing and thinking of the good things in life. I look forward to hearing much more from him!
As a music major, this music inspires me and reminds me why I love what I do, and how music is here to enrich our lives! When Life isn't going the way we want or when things are falling apart, your music lifts our spirits and reminds us that "We can do this". Thank you.
first heard love story meets viva la vida ??msp?? anyways cold chills.....watched it on you tube about 10 times...just now found this site........I Really love the music...........so relaxing and tingling at same time very very impressed
Jon schmidt is so successful and has inspired thousands. His music makes your mind race or your mind calmly reflect. He's brillant and is a genius
Blessings to you for offering your beautiful piano music in podcast. My iPod thanks you and so do I !!!
I love your music! It's very peaceful yet moving and inspiring... Heavenly... Thank you so, sooo much! God bless you!
Perfect...piano with emotion...few can do this properly. You will go far JS!
After 15 years with my employer I was seperated from employment. I listened to your creation and it gave me inner peace in my time of need. Thank you so very much.
Inspiring and uplifting, thanks for such beautiful gift. Tabatha (MX)
Jon's music is absolutely beautiful - it lightly touches the heart and fully penetrates the soul! Be sure to read his i-comments following the song description in the podcast menu. Jon, thanks so much for sharing these wonderful podcasts!


By marirho
..is not enough to describe what emotions Schmidt puts out in every note he plays. Great work!
This is truly brilliant, enriching, gently powerful piano. We are more because we have experienced it. Thankyou.
I just got 15 ipods for my sixth grade music class and we have listened to all of your performances! You make my kids want to practice!
This music inspires me like none other! It's nice to finally have some music that makes the world feel right!!!
It is refreshing to see a musician that is willing to share their talent simply to uplift others. Thanks, Jon
Jon Schmidt music, every week, for free!?!? Between this and "This American Life" my iPod is worth well more than the money I paid for it. Thanks, Jon, for your music. Inspiring!


By Brittny
I love Jon Schmidt's music. I'm SO excited about this podcast. His music is so enjoyable to listen to. It fills my heart and makes my soul sing. Thank you!!
This podcast is the best one that I have seen in a while, It pulls out all the stops on all the other podcasts, daring to go where no podcast has gone before. Jon used to be my neighbor and I envy anyone else who gets to meet him personally like I have. I hope that you will take this chance to enjoy some new music and learn what new music is all about. :)
With all of the garbage the world broadcasts, Jon clears through the much & mire and provides an uplifting morsel of heaven to nourish the soul. Keep it coming!
These tunes are really sounding nice.
You are a great pianist! Keep up this amazing podcast, you're brightening people's days and lives. :-) Thank you!
Jon is... well he's hard to describe. HE ROCKS. There I Did it. I described Jon. I just can't wait for more of his podcasts. YOU ROCK JON.