The Trance Lab with Lord Bass

Reviews For The Trance Lab with Lord Bass

This was the best podcast or radio broadcast of Trance Electronica, EVER. I mis it & wish there was even a paid subscription version of it. Gamalight doesn't show up in iTunes either. PLEASE! come back, or train someone else to do what you did. Try Deeper Shades of House model if you have to.
I've been an avid listener for 6+ years now and I'm still not tired of it. LordBass is excellent and always has new or unique gems to play. He never runs out of new ways to keep the show interesting like the two guest DJ's he has been inviting every month or so to join him. Again, if you like electronic music this podcast has the perfect balance of new/old/cutting-edge music. Enjoy :-)
Seriously, great show man. Love listening in and goofing off in the studio with you.
Lord Bass has done more to broaden my musical horizons than any other DJ, period. The Trance Lab is impossible to pigeonhole into a single genre/style, and it's never boring. A must for any lover of electronic music.
LB offers a massive selection of great electronic music, new and old for his listeners.
A true gem. You'll be waiting for the delivery of the next podcast each week. Lord Bass plays new and old from virtually all sub-genres of electronica. He also runs down the happenings in the northeastern American electronica music scene. Sure to become your favorite two pod hours of the week.
Don't let the name 'trance' fool you... The Trance Lab is a great mix of all styles of music.
I enjoy every minute of this, this is awesome. I love to see you guys on Podcast. Thanks
LB - You Rock :) Long Live WUNH